Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Life Lately: December Edition

December has been a fun and busy month. Here are some of the happenings of December so far:

 At the beginning of December, we decided to make sure and get our trip to Temple Square in, so we didn't miss it. Good thing we did too!! It was a fun but cold night!!
 December was also full of little girls with cute Christmas nails,(beware Sam, your son will probably have painted nails on occasion) decorating our house, and ice cream cones bigger than our faces. 
 We've also had lots of mommy-Madalyn bonding time, which will make the transition to baby number three hard on her. She is certainly a mommy's girl and I love every minute of it. However, this mamas girl also has a bad habit of chewing up her food and then spitting it out when she realizes she is done with it. So gross. Especially when its her pb sandwiches. (gag!) I've also taken lots of warm baths this month. They help my back feel better, but getting out of them is a bit of a comedy act. December was also full of Holiday crafts from Abby's preschool. This reindeer hat was one of my favorites.

 December has been the month of the girls having fun together. They mostly play nicely with their toys and it makes me so happy. Also, how gorgeous is Abby in this picture? She just HAD to put on her lipstick before bed. We have also had a lot of lazy mornings in which Abby made her own bed downstairs, and these two girls cuddling together during nap time makes my heart happy!!
 December has been a month of feeling huge and pregnant, and my sweet Abby taking care of me by putting a blanket on me and letting me cuddle her bear. What a sweetheart!! Its also been a lot of skipped naps making it so sweetheart number two can't handle it anymore and falls asleep on me while at Grandma and Grandpas. Also, December brought me my mom and sisters annual shopping day. That hat saved the day multiple times, and eating at Red Robin was fun for all!!
 One day while Abby was in preschool, I had a doctors appointment and brought Madalyn with me. It was an unusually long appointment, and Madalyn was a little angel the whole time!! (of course, one kid is always easier than two.) December also has brought more snow than I've seen in a few years. Though I'm not a fan of driving in it, we sure have loved having it. Abby was so excited to build this snowman with a huge carrot nose and goldfish eyes. I'm also a super lazy cook these days, so one night we ate at the food court and rewarded the girls good eating/behavior with a carousal ride, which they both were so sad when it ended. Abby also had the best time holding her newest baby girl cousin Raegan. She is one beautiful baby!! Since August, we have had two new baby boy cousins on my side and a boy and girl cousin on Sams side. So many new babies!!! (we are next!!)
 Again, December has had some slow mornings, but this new picture is one of my most favorites of my girls. Also, a lot of races have taken place downstairs and the girls FINALLY got to sit on Santas lap!
 This month has also brought some forced family pictures. I had to get one of all of us in our red clothes the Sunday before Christmas!! Its also brought the naughty out of my girls as they ripped open a new package of gum while I was showering and ate 8 pieces!! I also had to include this super creepy and hilarious picture of Abby, because it seriously had me ugly laughing one night after a particularly trying day. And its been these sisters avoiding nap time like the plague but being cute about it. 
And lastly, this month has been a little 2 year old whose life was over at Harmons one night. Its been new makeup from Aunt Ashley which made for one happy 4 year old, and its been more naughtiness on Christmas Eve. Apparently, Abby got bored while pooping and her little sister helped. 

Yes, December was a good month. A good last month as a family of 4. Stay tuned for Christmas and our 2015 in review!! (and before we know it, a baby update!)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

37 weeks and 5 days

Man alive, this pregnancy has been rough, both physically and emotionally. With Abby and Maddie, I was of course ready to have a baby, but this time around I am flat out done!! I've been done for months now and I am so, so happy that there is a huge light at the end of the tunnel!!!

I'm looking forward to so much once this baby comes. Here is a list of a few of the major things I can't wait to do!!!

1) Eat. Eat like a normal person. I hate food, as I have complained about quite a bit (sorry about that!) But its bad. Even food I do manage to eat I still don't really enjoy. And, I honestly can't wait to get back to eating healthy. That's just not happening as much as i'd like these days. I'm looking forward to salads for lunch again and cooking a healthy meal that I will actually enjoy!!

2) No more heartburn. A common complaint of the pregnant woman.

3) Being able to hug Sam again really tight without a hard belly getting in the way. I love to hug that man and It will be wonderful to be able to really really hug him again!!

4) Rolling over in bed without causing a mini earthquake as I do so. Also along those lines, being able to get out of bed without struggle, getting off the floor with ease, and not needing a crane to get out of the bathtub.

5) Running. I cannot wait to run again!! I'm so excited to get back to it!! And along those lines, being able to workout harder again.

6) Not gagging at the slightest thing. Anywhere from wind in my face to changing a diaper makes me gag. And every time I do gag, I have to sit and wait to see if I'm going to puke, because every. single. time I feel stuff wanting to come up. Gross.

7) Sleeping better. I know, I know. With a newborn I wont be sleeping much at all, but when i do sleep, I feel it will be more soundly and if nothing else, more comfortably.

8) Snuggling with my girls more comfortably. Lately they have been such snugglers, especially Madalyn. I can't wait til I don't have a big hard belly in the way!!!

9) Clothes/garments not rolling below/above my belly anymore. I  hate things under my stomach. I hate things above my stomach. I hate an exposed stomach.

10) Being able to wear my ring once more!! Yahoo!!

Well, there you have it. My super complainy list of things I can't wait to have happen once this baby makes its exit out of the womb. 2 more weeks. I can hang in there for 2 more weeks...right? Either way, I know our little Andrew Samuel will be totally worth it all.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Pregnancy Update: Less than 4 weeks left!!!

Week: 36 weeks and 4 days!!

Size of Baby: Big and only getting bigger. Seriously, I feel so HUGE!!! Haha. My tummy is definitely in the way all the time. Please bless Andy doesn't make it to 9 lbs plus this time around...

Movement: Through the day he seems pretty quiet. I am obviously more busy so I don't notice as much, but as soon as i sit down for the night he goes crazy. Its starting to hurt sometimes, but I still love it. Except when he jumps on my bladder. I accidentally pee enough as it is. He doesn't have to do that to me too!!

What I've been eating: I've been trying so hard to eat healthy, but its just not working most the time. Food is nasty, unless its mint M&M's, Oreos, Cocoa Dino Bites, and anything holiday. Last night we had a pot roast for dinner and it was actually good though, so that was a Christmas miracle. 4 more weeks and then I can enjoy food again. Yay!

How I've been feeling: Eh. Last week was hard. I was nauseous and achy and sad. But this weekend and today have been good!!

Best Moment of the Week: When Sam brought me home pretzel bites Friday night after work, and yesterday was the best Sunday before Christmas ever!! Church was wonderful and filled with the spirit, naps were a perfect length of time, dinner tasted amazing, and playing Mario/relaxing was wonderful!!

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas this week and the birth of my son. Obviously. Good vibes that he will come a week (or more!!) early please!!! ;)

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was one of the best weekends we have had in such a long time. I thought it was going to be a bummer week. Sams second job at Litzas is really busy around the holidays, so he was scheduled to work Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, so I really thought it was going to be a bummer. But besides working late on Monday, he was off every other day by 8 and he didn't have to go in til about 5 or 6, so it wasn't too bad after all!

Wednesday we didn't do much. Sam got off work from his day job at 1, and when he got home we all took naps until he had to leave again. Lame yes, but also quite necessary. That night when he got home, we all enjoyed some family movie time. It really was fantastic.

Thursday, my mom sister and I did our normal Thanksgiving swim. It felt so nice for my big pregnant self to float around and stretch in the water for a bit. After the swim, I came home and got busy making some things for dinner, and then we ended up at my moms for a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving dinner. A few of my aunts and uncles were there, as well as my cousin Tifanee, so it was so much fun!! Also, let me note here that I had 3 pieces of pie and I am not ashamed. That night we were all dead and ended up sleeping fantastically that night.

Friday we lazed around a bit and then we hit the stores to try and get some Black Friday deals. I ended up finding a griddle for $15, we found the Santa Clause and The Grinch, and got a few Christmas toys for the girls. Sam went to work and us girls lazed around til he got home. Once he was home, we watched The Grinch and then fell asleep to the Santa Clause.

Saturday, I woke up sick, so we literally did nothing all day long. I didn't mind one bit. The girls had fun int he snow for a bit, and Sam worked for maybe an hour that night and guess what we did once he was home? Yep, we watched movies.

Sunday I stayed home from church sick and binge watched Greys Anatomy (stupid stupid show) and Sam took both girls to church with him. It was a nice 3 hours to myself resting. After long afternoon naps and some meetings for Sam, we headed on over to his dads for some soup. We planned to stay home, but we both agreed getting dinner made for us was a good deal. Plus, we don't see that side nearly as much now that everyone lives out of state, so it was nice to visit for a bit.

I know the weekend may have seemed mundane to most, but it truly was a fantastic, much needed restful weekend spent with those I love the most. And boy do I love them. I still can't believe sometimes that this is my real life. That I married the man of my dreams who I met when we were just 15, and we have two of the most adorable wonderful girls in the world and are adding a 3rd one to the mix in just 6 more weeks. I truly am blessed!!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Our St. George get away

My family owns a time share condo in St. George, and we are able to go down about once a year. So when the opportunity came up months ago for a short vacation last month, we were definitely in. The closer it got, I wondered if we should go as money is tight (thanks to poor sick Madalyn and the hospital bills this summer) but we decided we really needed a vacation and this was pretty much the cheapest one to go on. Also, it would be just us and my parents, which yes it would have been fun with the whole family there, but we got the whole basement of the condo to ourselves, which was really nice, especially considering we all already had a hard enough time sleeping down there.

So on Wednesday the 21st after Sam got home from work, we loaded the car and headed down. The trip down was terrible at first. Abby is terrified of the dark lately and started crying that she wanted to go home as we were right outside Provo, even being distracted with a movie. She did this on and off for a while, and seeing as Madalyn loves to copy Abby, she started it up too. Finally I remembered about some glow sticks Grandma Nonie gave us that I was saving specifically for the dark trip, and that calmed them down both immediately. The rest of the drive down went pretty smoothly, only having to stop in Beaver for a potty/run break. We got to the condo about 10:30 or 11, but our wired kids were up sooo late. Abby and I fell asleep about 1, but Sam and Madalyn were up til about 2.

The next day, we decided to keep it pretty chill, seeing as our kids were exhausted. We had breakfast at Blackbear Diner. After blackbear, we went back to the condo and put the girls down for a nap. Madalyn wouldn't go nicely so I rocked her, and it was the best!! After some resting, my mom and I ran to get some groceries (that was the worst. 2 hours gone!) After shopping we had some dinner, and then went to our own parts of the condo for the night (except the times abby and maddie were up bugging my mom and dad!)

Friday morning we decided to head to Zion National Park; my favorite place! We all drove in our car so my dad could use his perks of being old and get us in for free. We drove through the tunnels, had a fun picnic lunch, and then took the shuttle up to the River Walk for our hike of the day. My girls were troopers on the way up...slow troopers who just wanted to explore, but hey, that is being a kid right?? It took us 45 minutes to walk the mile to the Narrows. Once there, the girls threw rocks in the water for a bit and we headed down. Sam had Madalyn on his back and my dad carried a very gabby Abby on his shoulders who told him all about the water cycle. According to her, the water goes into the mud at night to sleep, and then wakes up in the morning to keep flowing. It only took us about 20-25 minutes to hike down. After that we were all exhausted so we decided to head back to St. George, grabbing some pizza on the way there. That night we watched movies. It was another later night, and we didn't sleep well once again.

Because of our lack of sleep, we decided to forgo our plans to go to Snow Canyon and just hang around St. George. After a very late start to our morning, we ate our lunch and headed to the park. Abby was acting kind of blah, but I chalked it up to her being exhausted...until about 45 minutes into playing she ran up to where I was sitting and the poor thing threw up. So, we ended our day out and went back for naps and my sweet parents went and got her some sprite and saltines. After her nap she seemed to be doing a lot better, but threw up at the dinner table again that night. We then cuddled the rest of the night and went to bed early...ish. (compared to the other days anyway.)

The next morning, Sunday, it was time to pack up and go home. That was the best nights sleep we all got, and Abby was thrilled she didn't throw up in the middle of the night. We slowly packed up our things and left about 2 to head home. The trip home wasn't terrible. We stopped in Fillmore to get our wiggles out at the Maverick park and then drove the rest of the way home, Madalyn was super unhappy and just wanted out. But we made it home by about 6:30 and the girls were so happy to get out of their seats. Abby was so happy to be home that she hugged the house. I am not really sure what was up with her the trip (besides not feeling well, which is never fun to be sick outside the home) but she weirdly was anxious to get home the whole time. At one point she was saying how much she missed our basement and her bed (and my bed.) Sunday night she threw up one more time, but thankfully we were home and we all slept amazing in our own beds.

It was a very nice get away though, despite the few hangups. I'm so glad we were able to have a cheap get away that we all needed to have very much!! Thanks mom and dad for having us tagalongs!! 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Because I need a little Christmas this year.

Every year when the Holidays start, I am very adamant about waiting for all things Christmas until Thanksgiving Day. That is, until this year. I started listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies last week, and I couldn't be happier.

You see, 2015 has been one of the hardest years to date. Lice, a broken arm, flues, a hospital stay, a very, very hard pregnancy, more Madalyn sick scares, and financial struggles. It seems like something went wrong on all the fun holidays this year and we had to miss out. I know, sounds like 1st world boo hoo problems. But its enough to wear on a person.

I guess I'm also wanting to start celebrating now in case something else happens and we miss Christmas. At least we had a full 2 months celebrating right? And, I haven't been in the happiest state of mind lately, with a dark cloud always hanging over my head, and Christmas music and movies bring me happiness and excitement, so why the heck not, right?

So, with the season approaching, Christmas means the end of the year, a fresh year that will hopefully be better, and a brand new baby to boot.  So to all you anti-Christmas celebrators til after Thanksgiving, I say to you this year, Bah-humbug. Or something like that. 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 3rd Trimester Baby!!

Week: 30 Weeks!!! Yahoo!!! This pregnancy has been by far my hardest and to think I only have 10 MORE WEEKS LEFT is reason to celebrate. So that's where my nap will come in this afternoon. :)

Size of Baby: A Butternut squash, or about 17 in, and 3.1lbs.

Movement: Kid be cray cray. He is getting so strong. I don't remember being as surprised by some of his movements as I was with my girls. However, he is also already proving to be a stinker (in Tappana fashion) by stopping as soon as I try to get the girls or Sam to look at my belly going crazy or feeling it. Little punk.

What I've been eating: My friend Stacy made a scrumptious Tomato Basil soup at the Halloween party we went to Saturday night and I literally couldn't get enough soup + grilled cheese sandwiches. Holy crap. So good. Also, Tuesday I just HAD to have a meatball sub from Subway. Two very heartburn causing meals, but worth it. Other than that, I still despise food, especially if I have to make it. My poor husband and kids. Abby rejoices when we go to eat out because she knows she doesn't have to eat moms crap food. Anyone else turn into an awful cook while pregnant? Mind you, I'm not that awesome anyway, but when I'm pregnant its even worse, probably because I dry heave the whole time. In 10 weeks, I'm giving myself the week after Andy is born to seriously just oink anything and everything!!!

How I've been feeling: Same old same old. Not fantastic, and heartburn all the time. All. The. Time. I can't wait until I feel 100% good. Man, come on these next 10 weeks. Hurry!!!

Best Moment of the week: Honestly, this week has been really, really hard. Not my favorite. The kids haven't been adjusting to the time change well or something and we have been having a hard time with not wanting to go to bed and not listening. Also, Maddie was sick this past weekend, which figures it would happen on a weekend I've been looking forward to for months, but she just has not been well and has not eaten. Like, I can count on one hand the things she ate Tuesday, and that is how she started out before she went to the hospital. So, there have been lots of tears on my part. Well yesterdat, she ate a whole banana and drank all her instant breakfast for breakfast and for lunch I decided to let the kids have Wendys. Madalyn ate almost all of her nuggets and most her fries. And then as we were watching a movie she ate 2 string cheeses, a sandwich, a banana, and some waffle. I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but seeing her eat, when just this past weekend she was refusing EVERYTHING calmed my worried heart so much! I am so relieved and some of the stress is gone. Now I feel like I can better handle all the other changes the girls are all the sudden putting me through!

What I'm looking forward to: I can't wait til Thanksgiving, even though I'm not dying of excitement over the food this year. (boo) but I love, love, love the Holiday so much!!! But I'm also looking forward to Christmas time. Which, despite my rules of waiting until Thanksgiving for all my Christmas needs, I find myself hoping I hear a Christmas song on the radio and I even snuck watched 12 Dates of Christmas as I cleaned the house earlier this week. Don't judge. I'm pregnant and I have all the feels. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 25 Weeks

This is the best picture I got of the bump this weekend; a pre-workout video taken by abby with my head cut off. :)
Week: 25 down, 15 more to go. And boy, am I counting those days.

Size of Baby: A Rutabaga, according to my What To Expect app. I realize with baby number 3, I mostly know what to expect, but I love getting the updates every week to see how baby boy is growing. Its such a wonderful miracle!! Plus, it counts down the weeks for me.

And his name shall be: We have decided to name him Andrew Samuel Tappana, despite Abbys recommendations to name him otherwise.

Movements: He is going cray cray sometimes. He likes to wiggle at night a lot, which doesn't bode well for when he is born. He is getting stronger and stronger everyday though and I'm loving it.

What I've Been Eating: Honestly, I still have such a hard time consuming food. Its just so hard to eat. I have the hardest time with all meats, so making dinner is a joke. This week I've liked my dads French Toast, Jamba Juices, Bagels for all meals, and those chicken cordon blue individual wrapped things...because somehow I can trick myself into thinking they aren't actually meat...which might be true.

How I've been feeling: Eh. Not fabulous, thanks to my lack of food. I've been extra tired lately and feel like my arms and legs are made out of led. I called my midwife and she told me I need to eat a protein and a carb every 2 to 3 hours, drink water so I pee 2 to 3 times an hour, and make sure I get 8 hours of sleep. She said the baby is probably growing like a weed right now and with 3rd and 4th pregnancies they are just harder. If I don't start feeling a bit more energetic in a few days, then I will get my iron tested early. (My appointment is the 19th and they would check it then anyway. I will probably just wait,)

Best moment of the week: Last Thursday (10/1) my ward threw me a baby shower, which is such a blessing and I'm so grateful to them. I got so many cute boy things that were much needed, seeing as everything we own is pink, and it just made me happy they thought of me, even though its my third kid. I am so blessed to be in the ward I am in!!

What I'm looking forward to: Cooler fall weather and Halloween!!This year I am so, so anxious for the holidays. I mean, I am other years too, but this year I just want them here to 1) keep my mind from thinking about January too much and 2) to go ahead and make time more quickly. I'm so excited that its finally Halloween time!!

Can't wait to meet you little Andy. In the meantime, please let me eat like a normal person. :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Life Lately

 Life lately has been a fun coloring session in the living room. Usually my girls (especially Madalyn) color for like 5 minutes and get bored. This one lasted a good 45 minutes. Life has been sweet Madalyn hugs, a stinker Madalyn crawling around on the table, and an adorable Abby who somehow got paint perfectly on her nose and cheeks, claiming it "just happened."
Life lately has been bed time reading shenanigans, among the messy floor of Abbys room. Its been Abby having to put makeup on along with me on Sunday mornings. (she is such a girl). Its been Abby...I mean Rapunzel, in her wedding dress and veil on the day I married her and Flynn (you should hear her play. She does an adorable boy voice for Flynn....also don't mind the mess. I was sorting laundry) and its been laying down with her baby Emily to try and get her to sleep. 
 Life lately has been Abby's first day of preschool, and Madalyn wanting to be in the picture too. Its been a sad Madalyn when she realized she couldn't go to preschool with her favorite sister. Its been Madalyn enjoying the time just her and I and Sesame Street at my parents, and its been my adorable girls snuggled up in our bed watching movies.
 Life lately has been Madalyn showing off her flying skills. Its been a protective big sister comforting a scared Madalyn from the Thunder. Its been a stinker of a 2 year old finding my mascara and applying it with perfection, and its been my two girls hanging out, one of which dressed herself. 
 Life lately has been Abby wearing my boots around the house. Its been an upset Madalyn when Abby didn't let her in the bathroom while she pooped. Its been playing basket games on my bed (I promise it does eventually get made...sometimes) and the day in the life of Madalyn, who is easy to get dressed vs. Abby, who doddles all. morning. long. 
Lastly, life has been catching two naughty girls playing in the dirt after I told them not to. Its been a necklace Abby made with some findings at a yard sale (we took off this necklace shortly after due to it being too tight...oops). Life has been a wonderful date night to the adult session of conference...AKA the only session I got something out of, and it was glorious,  and its been a beautiful walk to Stake Conference the next morning with my two cuties all dressed up. Let it be noted, my girls were so, so good for two hours at Stake conference. Surprisingly so. Abby did keep saying she was bored, and still talks about how long and boring it was, and we had to constantly bribe Madalyn with fruit snacks and Hi-chews, and so it was hard to listen. But we survived. And even though we can't listen like we once used to, it felt good being there and showing the girls how important it is. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend

I have to admit, this summer has been kinda the pits. We have had some fun, but with Madalyn starting out the summer (Memorial Day weekend exactly) being sick for a month and then spending time in the hospital, and me being pregnant sick the whole time as well, its just been the pits.

I'm feeling mostly better these days, and Madalyn is way better, so we decided to have an end of summer celebration this weekend, because heaven knows I'm over the summer and ready for full on fall, and this is the first year I've been like this. I'm totally one to hang on to summer as long as I can. Well, summer 2015, you were rough. Fall, I bet you will be better.

Friday we started out right. Sam got off work at 2, so shortly after he got home we got in our suits and headed over to Oquirrh Park Fitness Center for some swimming. My kids have come a long way with water this summer, mostly Madalyn. At the beginning she HATED even the thought of getting in her suit, never mind actually getting wet. On Friday she was a fishy along with Abby. It was so much fun!! We will definitely have to keep hitting the indoor pools this winter to keep it up! My sister and her family met us there so it was even more fun!! After swimming we went to Wingers together, and I actually ate my chicken!! Wow! I hate chicken when I'm pregnant, but Wingers wings are always yummy. That night after the kids were in bed, Sam and I cuddled up and watched Girl Meets World. :)

Saturday after a banana muffin breakfast, in which my cute 4 year old helper helped me make, we headed to Lehi and hit the outlets there. Sam got some killer deals on work clothes, and I made out with a $12 (originally $40) bra and $8 (originally $28) sunglasses. Not bad. Not bad at all. We took a break and ate our picnic lunch in our car, and then finished at Carters getting Abby some comfy pants, Madalyn a shirt, and baby boy a cute elephant binkie clip.

Sunday church was nice. Sam and I both got released from our callings as young mens president and primary second councilor a few weeks ago, and got called to team teach the youth Sunday school class. It actually is a lot of fun, mostly because I get to be with him!! AND I get to go to Relief Society (haven't been able to in 4 years) AND Sam gets to come home after church AND STAY HOME!! If you can't tell, I am ecstatic. After our long 2 hour naps, we met my family at Copperton Park for a BBQ and I FINALLY got to meet baby Wyatt. My girls were both so excited, but it was Madalyn who melted my heart with how sweet she was with him. That little girl is going to be such a cute big sister!!

Monday, Sam and I got up and speed cleaned our house, and then headed to Park City/Heber with my family once again. The outlets actually weren't as big of a success as Saturday, as Old Navy doesn't have a maternity section there. Yeah. I was mad. I just need some jeans!! But my girls got cute dresses and I can't wait for them to wear them. After a bit of shopping, we headed to Heber and ate at Granny's. Once again, it was pregnant Caitlin approved. I ate most my burger, which is unheard of, and enjoyed every last bite of my Raspberry shake! It was really good. We ate at a park and then just finished off the day watching the kids play at the park while the adults visited and baby boy kicked in glee from my Cherry Dr. Pepper.

The girls were really tired and hungry at this point
It was such a much-needed fun weekend, and I am sad its over. I always get sad when long fun weekends come to an end, but as my dad says: "Such is life in this fallen sphere." And now that September is here, its time for festivals, fairs, caramel apples, and cool weather!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Pregnancy Update: Half-way done!!

Week: 20!! Its about time I decided to do a bump-update blog. I've been meaning to for like a month, but i just haven't. For shame!! I'd like to say 'wow! I'm already half-way' but to be honest, this pregnancy has been a long one so far. I thought the third pregnancy was supposed to fly by?

Size of baby: a Mango. Still sounds so tiny for how HUGE i already feel!

Gender: BOY! So, so crazy to me. I swear I wouldn't be able to make a boy, mostly because I make such perfect girls. Its what I'm good at. I don't know how to be a mom without dress-ups and princesses. Guess I will find out really soon.

Movements: I'm feeling them more and more. I am surprised by how long it took me to finally feel him. But according to the ultra sound last week, he is going crazy!! With Abby i had an anterior placenta so they said I wouldn't feel her as much for longer, but they didn't say anything about this one. Perhaps I'm just so busy with the two girls I don't take the time to notice as much. I'm feeling him enough though that I know he is alive and well.

What I've been eating: Not too terribly much. I still have such a hard time with food. Usually i eat something once, and I'm done with it forever. I was craving broccoli cheddar soup last week really bad, so I gave in. It was divine. I've had a fair share of tomatoes thanks to kind neighbors, and I've finally been able to eat a little bit of chocolate. Oh, and I had spicy cheetoes last week for probably the first time this pregnancy. they were so good, but I later woke up from my nap and my chest was on fire with heartburn.

How I've been feeling: Compared to the first 16 weeks of this pregnancy, I'm feeling fantastic. but I still feel more awful than I want to a couple days a week and my energy level is super low. My house is just a mess because I just run out of steam despite taking a nap still everyday, and heartburn is more frequent. I also have a constant pain in my left side (its nothing though). Haha. However, I haven't thrown up in over a month and for that I am happy. (boy oh boy I sound like the worst type of pregnant gal!)

What I've been doing: I'm trying to get back into a routine. I'd love to get out of bed earlier to get my workout done or to clean something without kids. But so far that hasn't happened. But I have been working out more this pregnancy than my last two, and I'm just trying to soak up the last few months of being a momma to the two girls.

Best moment of the week: Getting our gender ultra-sound last week!! As complainy and miserable I am this time around, the fact that I have a healthy baby is such a blessing. I've been so blessed to be able to 1) get pregnant right a way 3 times (even with this surprise this last time) and 2) never have had anything serious wrong with our babies. Knowing everything is ok with baby boy makes me feel so happy and blessed!!

What I'm looking forward to: swimming this coming weekend as a family, Labor Day next week, and abby starting preschool next week!!

How the girls are doing: Madalyn is still pretty clueless...or maybe just in denial she is about to be kicked out of youngest child. But she does obsess over seeing babies which makes me hopeful that, even though she is a huge mommy's girl, she won't be too jealous when brother gets here. (although last week I was babysitting my niece who is 3 weeks older than her and every time I would hold Daphne, Madalyn would get really mad and run off crying.) Abby is so excited!! She was disappointed for a minute when we told her she was having a brother instead of a sister, but sine then she has been happy and has his name picked out. It was going to be Alex Marie for a bit there and she was going to call him Ali. Now its Max. Actually its Andrew Alex Max Tappana, but she will just call him Max for short. Silly girl.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Madalyn Marie- Two Years Old

Last week, August 18th, Madalyn turned the big number 2! Unfortunately for her, the day ended up being kind of lame. Once again, I felt like crap, (but I think I had more of a bug then being prego sick. Who knows these days though) so sadly we kept the day low key. I was planning on having people over that night for cake and ice cream, but cleaning my house and making the cake sounded a bit like a joke, so we invited a few people to Leatherbys instead. I think it was just perfect. Madalyn loved licking the fry sauce off her fries and enjoyed her vanilla ice cream all to herself. She was a little hesitant of everyone singing to her, but made sure and grabbed my hand and looked around at everyone just in case they tried anything tricky. That night she opened her presents: a baby doll and a little car she absolutely loves, and then went to bed happy and satisfied with the days events.

Madalyn has quite the personality. She is one of the goofiest little girls I know. She is always doing silly things and making the silliest faces. More often then not she will come up to us and lick our arms as if she were a little puppy. She loves to copy everything her big sister does because she adores her so much. I will often find the two snuggled up watching a show or just being goofy and playing games.

Madalyn is starting to talk more and more. She will excitedly point out/say the names all the Disney Princesses, she asks us to do little things like "jump me" and she is starting to sing along to parts of our music. Speaking of the princesses, she is obsessed. Nothing would make her happier than taking her to Disneyland to see them in person.

She is certainly a little stinker as well. We will often find her climbing on things she shouldn't, like the top of the table or standing up in her chair. When we catch her, she just freezes with a goofy grin on her face, looking sideways as if that will get her out of trouble. And...usually it does. Because its just so darn cute!!

She is still the pickiest eater I know, and I'm just at a loss on what to do with her. When she doesn't automatically push her plate away from her at dinner saying "uh-uh" and actually tries a bite, even if its just one bite, its a moment to rejoice. Speaking of saying "uh-uh" she knows what she wants and what she doesn't want. At night sometimes I will show her clips on my phone, usually of Disney songs, and as soon as she gets bored, she lets me know by saying "uh-uh" and trying to swipe the clip away. She also let Sam and I know she no longer likes her glow bug. For weeks when I would turn it on and walk out of her room, I would see her little finger push it again so it would stop the glow and music. On Sunday night she took it to a new level and just handed it to Sam. I guess it must just be a baby  toy and she is so grown up at the age of 2.

Other things she loves to do: go on walks, as long as she can sit in the front of the stroller, slide down slides, jump on tramps, in her crib, or on mommy and daddy's bed, play with the tablet, peanut butter sandwiches, her daddy, putting on dress-ups only to get mad she can't get them off 2 seconds later, bubbles and bubble baths, her sisters toys, her binky (yep, still going strong with that. I blame being pregnant and not wanting to miss out on sleep), singing Wheels On The Bus and Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam, babies, driving with her window open and letting the wind blow in her hair, and reading books, mostly if they are princess books. Did I mention just how much she loves princesses?

Madalyn is such a beautiful little girl full of life and happiness. We just can't get enough of her and her little ways. Mommy and daddy love you to the moon and back! Never forget that!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Life Lately: Staycation Edition

Last week was such a fun, exhausting (especially for this prego) week!! But totally worth everything!! Brigham and Kari came from Washington, and Tim and Ashley are here from Tennessee so we partied it up practically allllll week. The only downside is I was mostly husbandless due to Sams lame work schedule. But boy I appreciate his hard work!

On Monday, I didn't take any pictures and we didn't do too much except meet at Dan and Nonies house that night to hang out and plan the rest of the week of fun!!

Tuesday we headed to town, ate at Moochies and then headed to This Is The Place Heritage Park.

Here is the crew at Moochies (minus the adults except Brigham) and then at the park. Abby made a ring made out of a nail, made into a necklace, (I forgot the name of the ring. Thanks prego brain!) and Madalyn is trying to brush wool.
Here are the kids panning for gold and riding the train. Abby was the naughty one that stuck her feet in the river when I'm pretty sure you weren't supposed to. But really, I wanted to do it too and at 4 years old of course its a temptation. What wasn't cool was when she didn't listen to me when I said to stop.
Again on the train, Madalyn fell asleep in her favorite uncles arms. Seriously, she LOVED Brigham!! I didn't get many pictures of the little ones, but Maddie and Ruby loved playing near this drinking fountain. We also rode a little train and let me tell you, it was super uncomfortable for me, but so fun with all the adorable kids. And Abby got a dream come true when she was able to ride "Bella" twice!!

On Wednesday, Sam got off work at noon and the 6 of us adults met at Macaroni Grill at 3 for a late lunch/early dinner. It was so fun and I love hanging out with everyone!  Tim and Ashley and Brigham and Kari were heading to the temple but we weren't able to go seeing as Sam couldn't get his expired recommend signed before then. Total bummer, but we didn't know about the temple til it was too late, so he tried but it just didn't work out. So they all went and Sam and I had our own little date. Since he works two jobs and we don't get much time together, it was still nice even though we didn't do anything super fun.

Thursday we met at the Childrens Museum of Natural Curiosity. Ashley got me in for FREE! Which was amazing!
I didn't take very good/many pictures here, but it was so cool and so fun. The kids loved feeding the fish and petting the lizard. The bigger ones went off by themselves and climbed around while the little ones and moms went to the baby place and chatted.

Friday night we met Sue at a park and had dinner, and then got rained out and hung out at her house. Again, I didn't get pictures, but it was nice letting the kids play.

Saturday Sam ALMOST had the night off, until the girl that was covering for him offered him $150 to work for her so Sam took her up on that. I was so disappointed because it was the last time the 6 of us could hang out for who knows how long, but money is needed. We decided to go to Chilis for dinner and then head up to Silver Lake and walk around. It was so fun, but boy I missed Sam like cray cray. (Pout input: so many fun things this summer have been ruined by either sickness or Sam having to work, so having this much looked forward to fun night ruined really made me sad, but really I am so thankful for a hard working husband!)
 At Chilis, Madalyn actually ate which made this mama happy. At the lake, Madalyn decided to take a tumble off the side into a small puddle of water. It scared me half to death and the pregnancy hormones kicked in and I seriously couldn't stop crying. Totes made a fool out of my self gag crying, but hey at least we were with family. Abby, Ammon, and Jack got distracted with a rock, and the cute kids loved posing for pictures.
Abby was really attached to Ammon this trip, and I still don't think she realizes he won't be here to play this week. It was so much fun seeing all the kids playing together. And seriously, they loved getting their pictures taken.

It was such a fun week. I'm so sad Brigham and Kari had to leave and that in 2 weeks Tim and Ashley will be leaving. I really am so thankful I married into such a fun, close, family. Can't wait until our next reunion!! 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

She is Number Four

Last week our little girl turned the Big 4! Seriously? How is it possible that its already been 4 years since she made me a mommy? It came way to fast. I want time to slow down, but 4 year old Abby is one of my favorite Abbys so far. She has a little less tude than when she was 3. Oh yes, its still there. She can be sassy and snotty, but then 10 minutes later she is the sweetest little girl in the world. 

On her birthday, at times she would be mopey and randomly say how she didn't want to be 4. I thought that was odd seeing as all she talked about for the past 6 months was her birthday, what she wanted for it, and how she was going to be four. That evening she finally came up to me, snuggled up, and said "But you don't want me to be four." Insert knife in heart! I would often say to her in a joking manner "don't turn 4. Stay 3 and little forever!" And I guess she really honestly thought I didn't want a 4 year old. Hahaha. Poor sweet little girl. I assured her that mommy was just teasing and I love 4 year old Abby and I'm so glad she is finally 4. That cheered her up for the rest of the night.

Abby is a one of a kind girl. Once she meets someone, she will be your best friend. She is very social. She loves being around kids AND adults the same. She will gab your ear off for hours if you'll let her. Often we will have people stop by and as soon as they sit down, she is bombarding them with questions and showing them her toys and what they do. She has her daddy's outgoing personality and that makes me so, so happy. At the dentist yesterday she was winning the hearts of all the adults over. 

Abby is most certainly a girly-girl. She loves all things princess. She loves dressing up for church and if we are ever late, it could be because she has to stand in front of her vanity making sure her lipstick, (some old stuff of mine she found) is perfect. And really, that girl can put on lipstick almost perfectly. She also would make me paint her nails everyday if I could/would. She loves her hair "straight" which means just brushed nice and air dried. 

Some of Abby's favorite things to do include: riding her horse Bella, playing with her magic clip princess dolls, make "videos" of herself either by looking at the frontwards camera on our computer or talking to herself in the mirror. She loves singing and dancing to Pitch Perfect, watching YouTube clips,  and asking "why" questions. "Why are our faces on our heads?" "Why does poop come from bum bums and not waginas?" "Daddy, why isn't my baby sister coming out of mommy?" And they go on and on and on. Hahaha. 

She loves her little sister and helps me take such good care of her. On the other hand, she fights like crazy with her. Obviously. She is still obsessed with ears and its usually the first thing she points out on babies. "look how cute and little her ears are!" She frequently still annoys the crap out of poor Madalyn by grabbing hers. She is also VERY obsessed with babies and can't wait to be a big sister again. Even if it is a boy, she finally admitted she would like him. "But I still want a little sister." 

And lastly, she loves to say prayers at night. The night of her birthday, this was her prayer: "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for my birthday. Please bless Maddies birthday will come soon and that she will have a good birthday and bless my glitzy globes and bless my color changer and bless my Doc McStuffins set."

She is the sweetest 4 year old I know!! Abby, Mommy and Daddy love you so much!! Never ever forget!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Oh Baby!

Well, the secret is out. We are welcoming a new baby January 2016, and we are thrilled!!

Well, most of us are anyway! :)

Poor Madalyn. She must know she is about to be a middle child!

In all seriousness though, she is starting to really notice babies. She doesn't understand I have one in my tummy, but any time she sees one, she gets really super excited and yells "baby!" I think she is going to love her little brother or sister to the moon!

Abby is thrilled. She blew our secret to so many people before we were telling everyone our news. She always asks questions about the baby, and is so concerned for me when I throw up. My violent puking has scared Madalyn a few times (ps, can you even imagine June when we were both throwing up?) and Abby has made sure and comforted her and letting her know its just because I have a baby in me. Its so sweet. Also, this baby is another girl according to Abby, and don't tell her otherwise. She has prayed that it is a girl multiple times. "And please bless the baby growing in mommy is a girl and not a boy."

Sam and I were surprised the baby came when it did, a few months earlier than planned, but we are excited/nervous to have a third. Being outnumbered is going to be an adjustment for sure though!!

I just can't wait to see how my girls react to a new baby and I know they will be the best "helpers" ever!!