Monday, February 9, 2015


One of my favorite blogs to stalk is this one. And, I really like the 'currently' post she does quite often. I have missed blogging so much and want to get back into it, so i've decided to start doing this as part of my blogging. Its a nice way to update without being so long winded...i hope. So here goes. 
Even with a cast, my Madalyn is one happy baby!!
Loving: The way my girls are really starting to play with each other. Well...mostly how Abby drags around Madalyn and playing pretend and Madalyn just goes along with it. Like this morning, she was walking around with her in a "busy street" hoding her hand so Maddie didn't get hit. It melts my mama heart. 

Reading/watching: Sam and I are watching Alias together, and I frequently watch Friends as I am cleaning. I am also slowly trying to make it through Dr. Who (still) and catching up on Supernatural and Once Upon a Time, and staying up with Parks and Rec and Hart of Dixie. (thats a lot of shows!) I am reading The Giver.

Trying to: Get myself more organized. I have a business I am running, kids to take care of, a house to keep clean, a husband to love, and me time. I need a scheduler!

Excited for: Sams little brothers wedding this weekend in Idaho!! I love weddings and I love love and I love getaways. All of these just happen to be this weekend! We need a little vacation!!

What are you all doing currently?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Thankful Heart

I've been back to being a stay at home mom now for 2 and a half weeks. To say I am in heaven would be an understatement.

Before I got my job at Zions, I was kinda down in the dumps about being home. (It didn't help I was still fighting a little bit of depression) But then I started working outside the home and I realized what a gift it was to be home with my girls. I realize it was only 4 hours a day, but it kinda made the whole day busy and stressful. Near the end my girls were suffering. Sam and I fasted and prayed and the next day, he foud a new job, applied, and the day after that had it. I know it was an answer to our prayers.

Now that I am home again I am trying to live my days to the fullest, because being home with my girls is a gift, and I want to enjoy every minute. Thank you Sam, for sacrificing so much for our little family and being willing to do it. You are the best husband in the world. Love you forever!!