Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the Fifth Month

Months: My adorable, fun, smiley, loving baby girl is 5 months! 5! <insert cliche "I can't believe she is already 5 months! Stop growing! here>

Weight: At her last doctors appointment, she was 15.9lbs I believe. So quite the little chunker.

How she is sleeping: She is doing better. The little booger likes to be cuddled. She will be out, I'll put her in her bed, and she wakes up a few minutes later. She is out of our room finally though, so I really think that helps. The past few nights she has slept til about 5, and then she will sleep in after that til about 9, but only if she is in our bed being cuddled the majority of the time. :/

What Madalyn Loves: Maddi is totally a mommy's girl. She just can't get enough of her mama. I love it. Yesterday after I got done feeding her, she reached up and touched my face with her little tiny hand and just smiled her biggest smile, and gave me a giggle. There is nothing quite like knowing a child loves you as much as you love her.

What Madalyn Hates: Not being cuddled, and she despises tummy time.

What we are working on: Maddi still has yet to roll over...due to the fact she hates tummy time, but I think we are close. She is also pretty close to being able to sit up. And, we are working on having her sleep better in her own crib vs. mommy's arms in the morning hours after eating.

What's new this month: I wasn't going to start Maddi on cereal til 6 months, but at her last appointment, her doctor said to start trying since she is a chunk. He said it would help her sleep better at night, keeping her more full and it has. We started her on oatmeal and she is doing better and better at it. Last night we added sweet potatoes for the first time and she seemed to be ok with it. She also cut her first tooth on January 12, and is working on another one.

What we are looking forward to: Going to St. George with my family in February, and also taking a trip to Vegas to meet her boyfriend Porter.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Life's Little Letters

Dear January, 
I hate you. But thanks for at least having nice clear breathable air this week. 

Dear School,
I think this semester will be a very good one.

Dear Exercise,
It's so nice to be doing you again more frequently. You sure make me feel good!

Dear Chocolate,
Stop tempting me so that exercise can work it's magic on my body.

Dear Coke,
Refer to Chocolates letter

Dear Abby,
We got you a big girl bed for a reason. PLEASE stop coming in mommy and daddys room at 3am to sleep on ours.

Dear Abby,
On an unrelated note, how did I get such a cool 2 year old?

Dear Maddi,
Your smile makes everything better always.

Dear perfect at home dream job that is going to make me rich,
When are you going to find me?

Dear Friday,
I am so, so, so glad you are here.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Life Lately

 Life lately has been chilling with one triplet-cousin Charlotte. It's been playing dressup and looking like Maleficent. Life has been enjoying some much needed cousin time with Emmy and Jack, who Abby has missed dearly. And, life has been hiding in a box where I can't find her.  
 Life lately has been Abby falling asleep with her sunglasses on and night. Because she is cool. It's been ringing in the new year with just us two at a friends house. Life has been cute Madalyn and her folded arms, and life has been Abby, in her wig, talking to herself in my mirror. "So, how was your Christmas?" she asked herself. 
 Life lately has been my two gorgeous girls snuggling up together. It's been sick day tea parties in our livingroom. Life has been Abby pooping in the potty! and it has been Abby "helping" me put Madalyns diaper on. 
And, life has been hanging out downtown, and just not being able to stay awake. Life has been Abby playing in the dinosaur play place at City Creek, while Maddi and I waited. Also, its been Maddi spitting up, and completely missing herself while it all landed on me.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Farewell 2013

New Years Eve was one of the most fun ones we've had in a while. We met with some friends in our ward and played games, then went to our other friends house and rang in the new year with them, WITHOUT our kids. My parents offered to take Abby and Maddi and we couldn't say no to that offer.

2013 was a fantastic year. It seems like the odd years are good to us. 2009 we got married, 2011 Abby joined our family and 2013 we got little Madalyn. I am blessed beyond measure with my little family.

Here is a little rundown of what happened with us in 2013:

I rang in the new year sick as a dog
I started back at school doing online courses through USU

Sam took me on the best Vday date ever. Ice skating and Joe Morley's. Just what the pregnant girl needed. 
Sam turned 27

We found out that Madalyn was a girl. Maybe. (70/30)

Nothing too exciting, except I was officially half way through my pregnancy.
We officially found out we were having a baby girl
We took a much needed vacation to St. George.
And we celebrated 4 years of blissful marriage

I went on maternity leave from my work, and it was the best thing ever.

I turned 27
Abby turned 2
My two nieces were born on the same day, 5 hours apart!
We said goodbye to Tim and Ashley, as they moved to Kentucky for medical school.

Our sweet Madalyn was born, as previously mentioned
Sam started back at SLCC 3 days later

Sams sister Courtney got married in Midway. It was beautiful.
We then said goodbye to Brigham and Kari, who moved to Washington for Brighams job.

We celebrated Halloween as a family of Bees and Beekeepers
I officially quit my job at the Temple
I said goodbye to my Gallbladder
Thanksgiving was delicious as ever at my sisters house

Sam and I both finished school for the semester
We spent a much needed Holiday eating our faces off and celebrating with movies and parties.
2013, you were a fantastic year. 2014, I hope you treat me good too. I really want this to be my year. I know I know, that line is so stupid, but I've set some goals that I really want to keep, and I think it just might be the year I do.

Bring it!