Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Baby Update: Better Late Than Never

Months: Maddi turned 3 months last Monday, the 18th. The day I had my surgery. So, I wanted to write this blog way sooner, but I've been sorta busy recovering AND our laptop broke (like a day after we finally got our internet back after a week of that not working) so I would have had to sit in the messy spare bedroom to do this. ANYWAY moving on. 

Weight: At her last appointment, she weighed 13.5 pounds. I'm sure she is about 14 now. Cute little chub of mine. 

How she is sleeping: Well, that has kinda flip flopped since the last update. Now, Maddi sleeps great in the day, and ok at night. She has been waking up again to eat, but she does fall immediately asleep again. Really, it's her sister that is keeping me up most nights.

How she is eating: Obviously, this girl loves her food, and she loves being nursed vs. bottle feeding. The day I had my surgery, she had to have bottles, and that last one she had to have about killed her. As soon as she could nurse again she was a happy little babe. And here's the fun fact: I actually love nursing this time. With Abby I was so worried about nursing in public or around people that I didn't enjoy it at all. With Madalyn, I love the bonding time. Especially when she stops eating to give me one of her cute chubby-cheeked smiles.

What Maddi Loves: She LOVES being changed. Seriously, she can be fussy and as soon as we lay her on that changing table to change her diaper, her clothes, whatever, she is all full of smiles. She is also starting to notice toys. We have this toy, it's called a winkle, (horrible name I know) and she just loves to grab that thing and stuff it in her face. She also loves her big sister and is starting to give her huge smiles, which melts my heart. I can't wait until they do cute sister stuff together. Oh and she loves her baths!

What Maddi can do: Girl can hold her head up like a champ. She can now sit in her bumbo, which we love, as well as her swing and other bouncy type toy.  

How Mommy is doing: I have to say, only a week and a half after my surgery I am doing pretty well. I still have a little bit of pain, but recovery has been quicker than I anticipated, and I hope to be working out soon again. Those first 4 days were the hardest and most painful, but with the help of family and friends, things worked out. I seriously have the best people in my life!

What we're working on: Rolling over, and getting her out of our room. Abby was out of our room at about 6 weeks, but seeing as Abby and Maddi share a room, we haven't quite made the transition yet. Soon though. I think we will all sleep better. 

What we are looking forward to: THANKSGIVING TOMORROW! Swimming in the morning (even though I am technically not supposed to until Friday. What's one day right?) and then eating our faces off in the afternoon, followed by our traditional watching of The Santa Clause that night. We are also looking forward to being done with school and enjoying the Christmas season as a family with zero obligations!! Yay!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Farewell Gallbladder. You Haven't Been Playing Very Nice.

So, Monday I am having surgery. Not a bad surgery, just getting my gallbladder ripped out of my stomach. nbd. But seriously, I am pretty nervous. All these what-ifs are going through my head, and when I found out I have to fill out a basic Will, well that just didn't help. Plus, starting midnight Sunday night, I have to stop eating and drinking. That is almost worse than getting cut into. Ok jk it's not. But really. I hate being hungry. And I'm also not really getting cut into, just poked in 4 places and my gallbladder will be sucked right out. A Laparoscopic surgery they call it.

There are some pluses about having this surgery though, that I am hanging onto for when I feel nervous. They are as follows.

  • I get at least a few hours of uninterrupted sleep, thanks to the anesthesia. Lately my girls, particularly Abby, have been keeping me up all hours of the night. And last night, I had to go into work for my first time in 5 months (and my last time. woot woot!) so today, as I am feeling extremely tired and not being the best mom in the world as we watch episode after episode of Sesame Street and Curious George. With this surgery, I get to sleep. And it will be the whole day basically!! 
  • Sam will be missing work for at least 2 days. So, not only will mommy duties turn into daddy duties, but I am quite certain I will be doted upon to the max. I think I will build my throne of blankets and pillows on the couch in front of the TV and ring a bell anytime I need something. Oh...and I am excited to hang out with him too. 
  • I get to catch up on my shows. Supernatural, Hart of Dixie, Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, Parenthood, How I Met Your Mother and Parks and Rec to name a few. 
  • I get to finish my book too, if I have time between my busy schedule of watching my shows. 
  • I don't have to make dinner. At least for a few days. I don't hate making dinner as much as I once did. In fact, I am getting pretty good at cooking. It only took 4 and a half years of marriage. But to have a few days off of dinner duty will be nice.  
All joking aside, I just want to get this thing over with and get into recovery mode. I feel like I am finally almost back to my pre-pregnancy fitness level, and this is annoyingly setting me back again. So with an amazing husband to take care of us three girls and the help of other family members, I hope my recovery is a swift one! Wish me luck, and prayers are welcome!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Life Lately According To My Phone

 Life lately has been an exhausted mommy cuddling her two babies. It's been adorable Madalyn smiles, and Abbigale wanting to help cook breakfast.
 Life has been making a tremendous amount of cookie dough and totally blowing my healthy eating. It's been Abby trying out the outhouse at Desert Star. Life has been Abby loving her new "curly hair" as she calls it that we found in our Halloween box, while Maddi hates it. 
 Life has been early mornings cuddling in bed, and getting my girls back to sleep together. It's been Abby, once again with her curly hair, playing with Maddi. Life has been our cute Jack-O-Lanterns, and it's been having the cutest little bee's I ever did see. 
 Life lately has been Abby balancing on our new rug while at Lowes. It's been Madalyn falling fast asleep in my arms. Life has been Abby naming her doll Aurora (after our friends baby) and Maddi being jealous that she wasn't playing with the doll as well. And life has been my obsession with my girls while Abby actually played nicely. 
 Life lately has been visiting the doctor for Maddi's two month appointment, and Abby wanting it to be her turn next.(Maddi took her shots like a champ!) And it's been, once again, getting my girls to sleep at the same time and loving their cute sleepy faces. 
And, life lately has been a super fun date night at Desert Star with my siblings, (missed you Jared and Emily) and loving my handsome husbands beard. Life has been Abby hiding in the shower when it came time to bath her and get her out, and it's been Grammy in heaven as she cuddles my two babes. 

I love my life.

Sunday, November 3, 2013


This year, I wasn't too excited for Halloween. Sam was going to be SUPER DUPER busy at work, and then we had about an hour after he got home to take Abby to get candy before he had to go to school to take a test, and then study for another class. I wasn't thrilled. However, it ended up not being that bad. Sure, I would have loved longer with my husband, but honestly, what I had with him was really fun.

After the girls woke up from their naps, I packed them up and headed to town to show off them at Sams and my moms work. Unfortunately, I planned kinda bad and thanks to a baby that had to be nursed before we could leave, we didn't have very much time there. But it was nice to be able to pick up Sam from work and we went straight from there to get some dinner at Arbys. Which I love, but always feel super chubby after. Thanks curly fries.

After dinner, we quickly went home and got in our costumes and headed to our wards Trunk or Treat.

The Saturday before Halloween, we decided that morning to get costumes. We had no idea what we wanted to be, but then I found two bee costumes at Kid to Kid and boom, our costume theme was born. For getting it all together with such short notice, I think our costumes came together nicely. (side note: a guy in our ward is an actual beekeeper and would have let us borrow his beekeeper suits. Bummer.)

We were only at our Trunk or Treat for about a half hour and then Sam had to leave to school, but Abby made bank on her candy, and I think she was in heaven. While Sam was in school, I hung out at my moms and helped give out candy (and helped eat it too.) while Abby showed off and Maddi enjoyed being cuddled by Grammy.

When we all came in for the night, we took our annual Halloween pumpkin picture.


I love to see how our family has changed these past three years, and especially happy that cute little Madalyn is a part of it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and spooky Halloween. I am sooo looking forward to Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Liberty Park and a Halloween Party

Last weekend was a really good one. First off, I love Fridays more than any day of the week. Sam gets to come home straight from work, and since I don't leave to go to work anymore, we can let down from work and school and homework, even if its just for the night and relax. I picked up Sam from work, we ate some taco's and then visited our friends Krissy and Greg, who just had a sweet baby girl. It was a nice night.

Saturday is when it got really great. We had a lazy morning while Sam went to basketball. When he got home we packed up and went to Liberty park. I ran (3.2 miles what what) while he played with Abby on the toys and Maddi snoozed away. It was so beautiful there. We had a busy day trying to get last minute costumes, but taking time to play in the fall weather at that beautiful park was totally worth it.
I love these two more than anything in the world!

Oh and don't worry, Madalyn was there too. Sam thought she was sleeping the whole time, but really she snuck out of her car seat and found this leaf that was almost as big as her. The effort wore her out and she soon fell back to sleep.
 Sunday we had our annual Bingham family Halloween party. My other sister in law Emily threw it at her house in Tooele. It was a lot of fun!! She had really fun games for the kids, an art project for the babies, and a really fun get to know you type adult game. Even though we are family, there is still things to get to know each other from I found out. It was really nice, even though I failed miserably at taking pictures. I did get one of my cool nephew. He was Doctor Who. I've never watched the show, but he looks pretty good to me. 
Also, Emily took this gem of Sam and I. I think it's hilarious if I do say so myself. The funny thing is, it would have been probably a really sweet picture of us if I didn't ruin it with this gem of a face. Classic Caitlin right there.
I really love Halloween and October. Thanks Emily for throwing such a great party! Up next: Halloween!