Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 24th

Thank you, Utah, for having an extra holiday in July. This years Pioneer Day was one of my favorites to date. We usually go camping over this glorious holiday, but for some reason this year we didn't book our campsite early enough and by the time we got around to it, there were none to be had. So, we decided to make the best of it and have some fun anyway.

That morning, after my 3 mile run, we dropped our kids off at Grandpa Dan's and Grandma Nonie's and headed to Ruth's Diner with Tim and Ashley. Sam and I had never been there, and Tim and Ash wanted to get one last breakfast there before heading back to Kenyucky, so we headed up sans kids for a really fun breakfast. The atmosphere was awesome. We sat outside in the shade and it was the perfect temperature and the food was amazing!! So glad we were able to go and have adult conversations without getting after a kid for not eating or getting out of their chair and running around.

When we got home, we dragged our tired kids to the bowling alley with my family. Its been years since we all bowled together, so it was a fun change. We played two games, and I remembered how awful I am at bowling. My daughter, my 3 year old daughter, had a higher score than me. In fact, all the kids did. (yeah they had bumpers but still...) My own mother, who I thought was the only other bowler that was worse than me,  beat me. By quite a bit. (118 to my 50) However, the second game my sister was the one who came in dead last, with a 47. So, at least there is that.

After bowling, we headed home for some naps. We were all so tired!! After nice long(ish) naps, we headed back to my parents for some delicious burgers and dutch oven potatoes. Unfortunately, Sam had to leave to do flags for scouts, and was gone a while, but it was still fun.
I love this picture of my baby! We need to sent it to RSL. She can be their new poster baby.

Abby and Maddies relationship in a nutshell
After dinner, we played outside waiting for it to get dark enough to watch a movie outside. While we waited, music was played and the girls were going crazy singing along. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to get the video from youtube to here. Its not showing up under my videos, so that's pretty frustrating.

The movie was the topper on the cake. My brother in law was able to get his hands on a projector and we set up a sheet and watched Despicable Me 2. Hands down, the best idea ever!
Shadow kids
After such a fun day, my kids slept like champs. And quite frankly, so did Sam and I.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Three Years Old

I have been trying to write this blog for a few days now, but I have been struggling trying to find the words to describe Abby. She is one special little girl, and I have been at a loss as to how to fully write down her personality at three years old. She is one of a kind, my sweet Abbigale Mae is. I can't imagine life without her.
Newborn, 1, 2, and 3 years. My my, how time flies.

At three years old:
  • Abby loves her little sister like crazy! Her face lights up and she talks in the cutest high-pitched voice when she sees her.
  • She loves her TV shows. Curious George is probably her favorite. Frozen is her favorite movie.
  • She has a stutter, and sometimes it is pretty bad where she seems a little embarrassed about it, but we are working on getting it taken care of.
  • She is 100% girl. She loves dress ups, high heals, dresses, makeup, jewelry, her wig/long hair, and getting her fingernails painted. 
  • She loves to make an entrance in a room. When she walks in, she will stand right in front of you with this look on her face that says "I'm here, pay me a compliment," until you do.
  • She loves to sing, and she is not afraid of crowds of people hearing.
  • She loves to read books. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of her favorites, and hearing her 'read' it is the one of the cutest things you will ever hear.
  • She loves to cuddle to sleep at nap time, and it is one of my favorite parts of the day.
  • Everyday she says something that make me think "what the heck?"
  • She makes Madalyn laugh harder than anyone.
  • She is one of the sweetest little girls I know.
We kept her birthday low key this year. Sunday night we celebrated it with Sam's side. The day of her birthday we played as much as we could during the day, and that night we just had some of my family over for presents and cake and ice cream. She was happy with it, and I enjoyed the simplicity of it.

I love her to the moon. I am so glad she is mine forever. She is just a joy to be around. Happy 3rd birthday my sweetheart. I love you more than I can even say!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

11 Months

Sweet Madalyn is 11 months now, and let me tell you, she has never been cuter. Her personality is really coming out and I can't get enough of her. At 11 months, Madalyn:

  • Blows kisses. It is probably my most favorite thing she does.
  • She waves. She started waving earlier on, and then stopped. I am happy it has started again.
    Baby's first ponytail
  • She also is starting to point to things. Wherever we are, she will just point to things.
  • She has the cutest little grunt that makes her whole body bounce.
  • She adores her big sister and thinks she is the funniest person in the world.
  • Her smile lights up her whole face
  • She has 8 teeth, 4 on top and 4 on bottom, and I think she is trying to get more.
  • Diaper changing is now becoming an Olympic sport
  • She loves to play pat-a-cake
  • She went real swimming for the first time last week and loved it.
  • She can now pull herself up into a standing position
  • She crawls so fast that she sometimes trips over herself and will just lay there for a bit until she regains stamina
    Trying to put on her shoe
  • She gives the best hugs. She will wrap her tiny arms around our necks and squeeze as tight as her little tiny body has the strength to do
  • She dramatically throws herself down when she is upset.
    One of her dramatic fits
  • She knows how to climb on small things, like our mini trampoline or our treadmill, but then can't figure out how to get down.
  • She eats practically anything, trying pizza for the first time this week, but baby food is still her favorite
  • She is still in size 3 diapers and wears 9 and some 12 month clothing.
  • She is my favorite little baby.
Madalyn Marie, I love you so!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Staycation: The Final

I don't understand why I had to split our staycation in 3 posts, but maybe I am just wordy and boring? Haha. Probably. Anyway, the day after my birthday, I was able to go to the aquarium with my Bff8 and her cute family. Honestly, its not that great there. It was nice that it has more space than the old one, but it still doesn't have too much to look at. What was there was totally awesome, but really, not worth the money. (thanks again for paying Mel!) But what was worth it was reuniting with my BFF8, even if it was just for two hours. I think Abby had a lot of fun running around there with Landon. And bonus, Landon made it so she stayed close instead of thinking she is a big girl and running off on her own!

The rest of the day we decided to let the kids recuperate from the fun. Sam, who works for one of the best company's ever, was able to get off at 1:00 again (the whole company got off because their CEO is awesome) so we spent the afternoon catching up on sleep, and then got some sandwiches and did a bit of birthday shopping. That night we just watched a movie.

The next day, the 4th, was an extremely fun day! We headed over to my parents that afternoon for a swim party. We had fun running through water, having relay races, and playing with water balloons. After an afternoon of fun, we headed over to my in laws for a delicious BBQ and a firework show. It was so much fun, however, my kids had had it by the time the fireworks were over. Actually, they were done much sooner than that, but I wasn't about to miss out on the fun. Once they were over though, we said our goodbyes to Brigham, Kari, Lydia, and Ammon, and took off immediately.
I love my cute girls outfits we got from Old Navy

It sure was an awesome week spending it united once more with our Tappana family. I sure wish Tim and Ashley and Brigham and Kari still lived in Utah. We all have so much fun together, and I truly miss them when they are away. Hopefully, sometime soonish, we can have another fun time together. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Staycation pt. 2

The week Sam's brothers were here, Sam still had to go to work. Unfortunately, he couldn't get the time off. So on Monday, it was a pretty normal day. That night we met at a park with Sams mom Sue and the guys old Young Mens president Matt. Sam and I were pretty late getting there, so we were only there with Matt for about 10 minutes. We got pictures, talked for a bit and just let the kids play.
Pure Joy on her face

I love how handsome Sam looks in this picture. Kari pointed out that it would be a good one. 
Photo credit: Kari

Again, thanks for the picture Kari
Tuesday morning I met Ashley, Kari, and Brigham and the kids at the park for free lunch. After it got too hot to handle, we headed to Ashley's house so the kids could run through the sprinklers. However, I don't believe that Abby actually got wet. Still, the kids had fun and it was so nice to have some adult conversations during the day. That night was one of my favorites. Dan and Nonie took all the kids while Tim and Ashley, Brigham and Kari, and Sam and I all went to the temple. We decided to do initiatory, which was so wonderful. I love going to the temple with them! After the temple, we headed to Wingers for dessert and catch up time.

The next day, my birthday, was so much fun. That morning I literally did nothing. My house was trashed but it was my birthday dangit! The best part was Sam was able to get off work at noon. When he got home, we went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (it wasn't very good to me) and then we headed off to Best Buy to get my birthday present: My new iPhone! I got a smokin deal on it and I love it so much. It is the best phone I have ever had! That night, Sue came to our house to babysit all the kids while we all had time together in the mountains. We roasted hotdogs, ate s'mores, and enjoyed our second date night in a row. It was such a fun way to spend my 28th birthday. (28..when did that happen?)

Stay tuned for the final pt.3 of our staycation: time with my bff8 and the 4th of July

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Staycation pt. 1

Last week, the Tappana clan were all united once more. Brigham and Kari came and visited from Washington and Tim and Ashley are here for the summer from medical school. We decided last week to stuff in all the fun we could in that one week. It was an awesome, fun, exhausting time. And seeing as we probably can't go on an actual vacation this summer, we made the most of this little staycation.

Unfortunately, I didn't take very many pictures, because I didn't want too many pictures on my old phone, seeing as I got a new one on my birthday, but I still need to document this past week, so here it goes.

The fun for us started on June 27th: the first night of Taylorsville Dayzz. After the girls and I spent a fun day playing downtown, we came home, grilled some burgers and headed to Taylorsville Dayzz. Much to our surprise, Abby wanted to badly ride the rides. Girl can be scardy-cat when it comes to scary things, but she. was. in. heaven. HEAVEN I SAY! After we let her ride three rides, we walked around, let her play on the playground, and then went to find a spot to set up for fireworks. Madalyn was in heaven when we were waiting for fireworks and was busy exploring places on her own. Once the fireworks started, Maddie was a tiny bit scared, but both girls did great with them. They crashed on our way home and were zonked out til the late hours in the morning.
Pure joy on her face

Saturday was pretty much a repeat at Taylorsville Dayzz as Friday was, but we were able to meet up with Tim and Ashley and Brigham and Kari, plus a bunch of our friends. Oh and there was a Neil Diamond tribute band there and he rocked my socks. I seriously loved it. And the fireworks were SPECTACULAR as usual. Seriously, Taylorsville Dayzz has by far the best fireworks around these parts, and I am proud to live in this city.

Sunday, my newest beautiful niece Ruby was blessed. It was a beautiful blessing. Afterwards, we ate some lunch at Tim and Ashley's, then went home and napped. Later that evening we headed over to Dan and Nonies for a delicious Spaghetti dinner. Yeah, needless to say my diet was ruined that day. It was so fun having a family dinner with everyone there once again. Sunday dinners now with missing two families just aren't the same! The evening was spent eating way too much, talking, laughing, and relaxing. Abby was in heaven playing with her cousins and Maddie was in heaven being loved and snuggled on.
My little cheeseball. The only picture I took on Sunday, but it is a fantastic picture.

Stay tuned for part 2 (and maybe a part 3?)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Dealio of Life

 Life lately has been jam sessions with daddy. Its been forcing Abby to run through the sprinklers, and her not happy about it, and life has been being star struck at meeting Elsa.
 Life has been two adorable shopping companions, a happy, smiley, scrunchy-nosed Maddie, an adorable daddy painting his daughters nails, and its been celebrating Fathers Day.
 Life lately has been a girl with an attitude, that I find hilarious. Its been a picture of all the dads in my family with their kids. Its been an upside-down cousin triplet picture, and its been enjoying splashing around at bath time.
 Life lately has been a chilly June walk, and Madalyn loving the wind in her face. Its been Abby dressed to the hilt for her fancy pb&j lunch. Life has been losing Abby's bow in a pond, and hero daddy stepping in and rescuing it. 
Lastly, life has been hanging out with my two childhood best friends, Marianne and Lucy, at Lucy's reception. Its been cute girls climbing under our table. Life has been my gorgeous daughter putting lipstick on almost perfectly, and its been playing with baby Edison while his mommy was at work.

Life, you are the best.

Happy July 4th weekend everyone!