Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Life Lately + The weekend that flu by

These past few days have been quite miserable for my little Tappana clan. It started a week ago when Sam got sick. Shortly after Abby got sick, and then I too got it. Sunday we hunkered inside all day sleeping, cuddling, and watching movies Sesame Street. But life hasn't been all bad. Here is what we have been up to.
 Life lately has been having a hard time going to stake conference after daylight savings. It's been being zoned out to Sesame Street. It's been getting her books out literally 2 minutes after I cleaned it up, and it's been sharing her graham cracker with little sister. (aka, she was done and just put it on my tummy and ran away)
 Again, life has been watching her favorite show, Sesame Street and looking like a big girl with her monkey leash, and it's been making her own chair out of a pillow. (too much tv? These days I have little energy for much else) It's been again messing up a freshly cleaned room, and playing at our favorite place with daddy.
 Life has been enjoying the good weather we had a few weeks ago with cousins after our Tuesday morning exercise walk, and hating leaving. 
 It's been taking a break from homework to play, Abby laying on the bathroom floor so I couldn't mop, sitting in her bouncer marking it her territory, and it's been playing like a good girl while waiting for daddy to finish his eye appointment. 
 Life has been wrestling with daddy on the floor, curling up in the laundry basket with her monkey, preferring to sit on daddy upside down, and not being able to resist buying an outfit for our (hopefully) baby girl.
Life has been watching daddy trying out his new contacts, playing in a car at the mall, making a mess with her cereal instead of eating it, and my two sickies taking a nap. (yes, that is a diaper int he background. A very poopy one at that.)
Lastly, life has been finally getting Abby to watch something other than Sesame Street on Sunday night, and enjoying family sick time. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Throwback Thursday: College Days

There are a few times in my life that I wish I could go back to and relive again for a moment. I'd love to go back and live parts of my childhood, when I had zero responsibility. I would also love to relive some fun times of Sam and I dating pre-mission. And I most definitely would LOVE to go spend time at college once again.

College years were some of the best years of my life. I am SO glad I decided to attend SUU while Sam was out on his mission. I was terrified to go down by myself, but I had experiences there I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. I came to know who I was. I learned how to rely on my Heavenly Father all on my own and really for the first time in my life chose church for myself. My testimony grew in leaps and bounds. Because of my choice in a dance degree, I was in the best shape of my life (which is always a nice plus) but most importantly I made friends that I will consider my best friends for the rest of my life.

I especially loved my last year of college. I had four amazing roommates  Jess, cousin Tif, and Mel. That last year, we had a blast. We gave ourselves pedicures at the beginning of the semester to prep me for Sam coming home. We made our costumes and dressed up as TMNT for Halloween, we immaturely dressed up as bandits and creeped out our neighbors, we had a blast at Institute classes, had our end of semester sleepover in our living-room. We watched and quoted The Office over and over and over again. And, at the end of the year my best friends threw me the best Bachelorette party ever-making our own shirts, heading to St. George, playing laser tag, singing Karaoke, and sleeping in a condo.

I sure miss those college days. And I sure miss those ladies.
Jessica P, Tiffa, Pookles Mel, and me.

So much love.

End of semester sleepover

So cute

80's Institute dance

TMNT huddle

The Power of 4 Will Shut the Door. Ps, love our faces

Won an award for our costumes. Most original maybe? I can't remember. And I was eating pizza. 

And now we both have real babies. Crazy!

Friday, March 15, 2013


When someone gives you the ratio of 70/30, what do you do with that? Do you lean more towards the 70% because it's the bigger number? Or do you plan on it being the 30% just so you're not disappointed? (not that I would be)

That is the ratio we were given yesterday when we found out we are probably having another little girl.

You see, I made my ultrasound appointment too early. 17 weeks. I should know better, but when the lady called me to make an appointment and said it could be the next day, my excitement at finding out what we were having took over any rational thought. That and when I asked her if you could get a clear shot of the gender she responded with a yes. Still, my gut wanted to call back and reschedule it, but I was too excited.

Needless to say, Sam and I left yesterday a little disappointed not being able to confirm 100% that we are having a little girl. But I suppose as of right now, I will say Abby is going to have a little sister. (besides, I would rather call it a her than an it) And the thought of another girl makes my heart smile, especially if she is anything like her big sister. (which really won't be hard to do. Sam and I, we make good babies.) To be smart though, we are holding off announcing it to the facebook world. That makes everything official, and this is not fb official just yet.

The important thing really though, is I am growing a very healthy baby. (but lets me honest, the main reason for the ultra sound is wanting to find out the gender.)

My heart says it is a girl, but if it is wrong and she comes out a he, I know that little boy will steal my heart and I will be just as happy with a little boy as I would be with another girl.

However, here's to hoping we can get another ultra-sound soon so I can stop saying "we are 70% sure we are having a girl!"

Until then (probably) baby girl, keep those nudges coming. They make mama reeealllly happy!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Life's Little Notes

Dear Sunshine,
These past few days have been beautiful! Please never leave.

Dear Abby,
You get more and more adorable everyday, but I'd like it if you would stop growing so fast. Also, stop crumbling up your sandwich and just eat it.

Dear Baby,
Please stop making mommy sick.

Dear Self, 
Stop saying that you think you are over being sick. It just jinxes you and makes you sick the day after. (or yesterdays case, that very night.) I mean, you would think after 9 months of sick with Abby, you would learn it's never going to leave.

Dear Bladder,
Get stronger.

Dear PB&J,
Thanks for always tasting good. Especially with grape jelly. 

Dear Money,
Start growing on trees please. 

Dear Husband,
Please hurry home tonight. According to baby, you will be on dinner duty.

Dear Office,
Even though I've watched you dozens of times, thanks for always making me laugh. (I'm not superstitious. Just a little-stitious.) 

Dear 20-Week Ultrasound,
Hurry up and come! I wanna know what gender my sweet baby is! (3 more weeks!)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Music Monday: Hero

One of the perks of driving home at 2am, is I swear I hear songs on the radio that I've never heard before. Granted, it will probably be big soon. Heck, maybe it already is and I've been under a rock/listening to my CD's instead, but I heard this song Hero by Family of the Year and instantly fell in love. Take a listen. It is amazing.

Disclaimer: I am in no way saying I discovered this song. :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Life Lately According To My Phone

 Life lately has been looking fly in her sunglasses and new yellow skinny jeans. It's been happy crazy mohawk mornings, having way too much fun sitting on the toilet while I got ready for the day, and enjoying her first ride in a car at the grocery store. Usually she gets mad when I put her in the cart. This time she got mad when I took her out. (also, notice the makeup remover she is holding in these two bottom pictures? She carried it around with her all morning, through getting ready and running errands-probably 4 hours straight never taking it out of her hands. I finally pried it out of her hand when we ate lunch. It is one of her favorite toys.)
 It's been the birthday dinner Sam and I fixed for him, while my parents watched Abby. (browned butter and mizithra cheese) It was so weird being at home without her! It's been playing in her spaghettio's more than eating them. Life's been getting ready to work out with mommy and loving her doll so much!
 Life has been bundling up and visiting the zoo on free zoo day. It's been folding her arms during the prayer...and snapping a picture of it. It's been collecting her toys to lay down for a nap, and getting beautiful by doing her very own makeup.
And, life has been enjoying the sunny warm day Saturday and loving every minute on daddy's shoulders. It's been chilling at Deseret Book with her best friend daddy, convinced we were going to buy her that pink sparkly scripture case she insisted on carrying around with her. Its been eating at Firehouse and having a cute firefighter daughter, and it's been her reaction when we say it's time for prayers.

Life has just been full of cute.

Monday, March 4, 2013

On a Monday Morning

6:15 wake up call.
Asking for daddy.
Early morning cuddles to Curious George.
Half eaten breakfast, then Sesame Street and bill paying.
Learning up and down from Elmo, by jumping on the couch.
Block Time.
Dancing with a hat while mommy organizes the closet.
More cleaning and a sad little girl.
Cuddles and more Sesame Street.
Half eaten lunch then nap.
This was our Monday morning.