Thursday, February 17, 2011

There is Beauty All Around

So there are many things I will miss about living downtown. One of those things being my walk to work. We live close to City Creek Park, and so many days I walk past that park and I can't help but notice how beautiful it is. This morning was one of those mornings. I just had to take some pictures.

These picturs don't do it justice. The way the snow clung to the branches was just pretty. Snow may be unwelcome these days. I, like so many people, just want spring to come. Snow is cold. It's wet. It's slippery, but there is no denying it's beautiful.

On other news, we get to find out what baby is on March 4th! We are so excited!!!


  • I'm still getting a bit of morning sickness, which is the pits
  • I found out today shortbread cookies give me heartburn, so I am staying away from them.
  • Chocolate gives me heartburn too...but I'm not staying away from it.
  • My belly is becoming more bumpy. Which makes me already wearing maternity clothes most the time more justifiable.
  • My funny dreams keep me entertained at night.
  • I wake up frequently durning the night to empty my full bladder, poke Sam for his snoring, and to eat a snack. In fact, I keep snacks on my night stand for that very reason.
  • I am 93% sure I felt baby this morning.

So life is pretty great right now.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine Valentine

Me, Trying to be artistic.
Happy Valentines Day!! Sam and I had such a wonderful relaxing weekend. I love my husband so much! He means the world to me. I love him more every day. Right now our relationship is taking on a whole new level as we come to know that we are soon going to have a baby. We are becoming real grown ups. Scary, but it's great to be going through it together. So here is my Valentines list on some reasons why I love my husband!
  1. He takes care of the spiders that infest our home. And knows not to turn off the light till I check the bed for them.
  2. He always puts me first. He is so selfless. He always puts my wants before his.
  3. He has cleaned up copious amounts of throw up. From puking outside the window getting off the freeway, to throwing up in the hall he doesn't hesitate to help me clean, and NEVER complains. Even though it's the worst.
  4. When he is half asleep and I wake up in the night, he'll cuddle me without even realizing what he is doing.
  5. He makes me laugh. We love watching the same things. And he laughs at me. Even when I'm not funny.
  6. He tells me countless times a day that he loves me, frequently kisses my head when cuddling, and gives the best hugs in the world.
  7. I love how he gets so angry when he plays Nintendo. It makes me giggle.
  8. He will do anything for our little growing family.
  9. He makes dinner a lot. More than I have lately it seems. And it usually tastes better then what I make. Somehow he has a knack for throwing things together. And when I make dinner, he'll touch the chicken for me.
  10. He always makes sure to email me at least once a day to see how I am feeling.
  11. He never complains when I get chatty like a Gilmore Girl first thing in the morning when I know he'd rather still be sleeping. But he always listens.
  12. He in incredibly handsome!
  13. I still get butterfly's when he kisses me.
  14. He treats me like a lady. And makes me feel like the most beautiful lady in the world.
Happy Valentines Day Sam! You are the best husband a gal like me could ask for. I fell in love with you when I was 15, and I'll never get out!

Monday, February 7, 2011


That is me, 16 weeks. I know, you can't even tell, but I sure can. My pants have been getting tighter and tighter and for the first time in my life, that makes me happy.

Sam and I have began the hunt to get baby furniture. We haven't gotten anything yet, but we are looking and pricing. Friday night we went to Ikea for a date night and got some pizza, drinks, frozen yogurt and a cinnamon roll. All for the awesome price of $7.
We are very excited to be parents!! It's weird knowing in about 5.5 months, we will have a sweet baby at home.

And have I ever mentioned how much fun I have with my Husband? Even walking home from work in an unexpected snow storm!!