Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa and the Baby.

Yesterday we had a family party, in which we decorated cookies for some of my older neighbors,(grandmas friends) made snowflakes for the children at Sandy Hook elementary, read twas the night before Christmas, and enjoyed a visit from Santa who, upon accidentally seeing him drive up, one of the kids exclaimed "Santa drove his car!"

It was a nice party full of service, excitement, and fun.

Needless to say though, Abby did not like Santa.

Thanks Erik, for making this video.

She'll come to. 
Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life Lately, According to my Phone

Life lately has been hanging lights on our house, and then looking at lights everywhere.
It's been decorating our tree and making sure Abby doesn't go too close to it. (don't worry. Only about 5 ornaments have been broken.)
It's been finding some fabulous boots at the mall, going to the zoo with her cousins, playing with the toilet paper while I'm trying to clean, and helping me unload...or load...the dishwasher.
It's been temper tantrums, sad mornings, shopping trips being embarrassed of her parents, and just plain getting exhausted over it all.
Life has been cuddling on the couch, couple matching envy (and a seemingly upset sister), Christmas tree love, and Abby annoying Jack with her kisses.
It's been excited to watch Sesame Street while I shower, Sam breaking one of our chairs, Abby still fitting in and loving her bumbo, and making a mess of my house. Darn those DVDs.
 Lastly, life has been meeting Uncle Jake for the first time and seeing all 4 of the Tappana men as returned missionaries 10 years later. A handsome group of men indeed!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1 More Week

Being the youngest in my family, I obviously never had a little brother. That is, until I married Sam and got the coolest little brother ever.

Jake comes home 1 week from today, and I am soo excited. When I was first around the Tappana clan, I was so shy and didn't even talk. But then Jake started coming to my house with Sam sometimes to hang out or to watch movies. Then Sam left on his mission, and Jake would frequently text me about girls or he would check up on me while I was at school. Those texts, especially my first semester when I was missing Sam and home so much, would brighten my day and keep me going a little longer. It was at that time he declared to me I was his sister, and I thought of him as a brother.

Can't wait to see him in one week!

Monday, December 3, 2012


This weekend was fantastic, giving me a full 3 nights in a row home, which makes the fact that it is Monday sting a little bit.  I'm not going to lie, I may or may not be a little depressed. Perhaps its due to the fact I fell off the eating bandwagon, so today I'm banishing myself to eat like a bird til Christmas. Or maybe it's because I also fell off the cleaning/cooking/anything homemaker bandwagon as well so responsibility is back this week.

Either way, enjoy this brief rundown of our weekend. Because I know you're just dying to know what we did.

Lunch with grammy and daddy

Long needed nap
Having a good old time at our ward party.
She was seriously enthralled with the Taylorsville Madrigals

Going to bed together!

Breakfast work party(Kneaders French Toast!)
Lesson planning
Temple square with Krissy, Greg, and Baby M

Oh that bike race

Postum, Christmas movie, and falling asleep by our space heater

Church, with primary lesson included and Abby's first time alone in Nursery
Hart of Dixie
Sam fixes dinner (while I watch Hart of Dixie)
Shake making

Holiday in Handcuffs
I love us. 
Thank you weekend, for being so great. Better get my day started now. Wish me luck with it all.