Monday, June 27, 2011

Bad Day

Today started out as a bad day.
I threw up before leaving for work.
I found out that my brand-new $8 sun glasses were broken.
A work project ended up being a huge headache.
I had to take the early lunch.
I had to deal with dummy face ALL DAY
I almost threw up after work again
My head has been pounding since work.

But then I got home to my husband.
He let me cry for no reason without asking why
He let me sleep
He ran to the store for me
He bought me popsicles and a Sobe
He made me French toast for dinner just because I saw a picture of it.
Now he is mowing the lawn.

I sure do have a good husband.
I guess my days isn't terrible after all.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

And The Bump Grows On

36 weeks
 Today, June 23, means I only have 1 more month exactly until my due date! I can't believe it's coming up so soon, and yet seems so far away. Lately I have gotten just so so excited. For a bit there, I was worried. We have had a lot to work out with money and working and sitters. But thankfully, after many tears, prayers, and pondering, we have worked out a budget, figured out a work schedule for me, and got us some babysitters (thanks so much Kari and Chelsea!) With all that stress figured out I feel so relieved and blessed and can enjoy the last few weeks of my pregnancy with Sam and our household projects. I just want to thank my Heavenly Father, for guiding and directing me and Sam in figuring out what is best for our soon to be little family of 3. I truly know He is watching out for us. I work with a lady from Costa Rica and she said that they have a phrase there that translates to something like "babies are blessings and will come with bread" meaning we are doing what we need to be doing at this time in our life. We will be blessed for listening to the spirit and having a baby.
So with that said, here is the happenings with me and Abbie at 36 weeks.
  • My feet are getting more and more puffy, depending on how long I stand for and how warm it is. I don't have many shoes I'm comfortable in anymore because they don't fit on my feet.
  • My ankles are actually cankles now. They have their own fat rolls. My dear little 11 year old niece put it best when, after looking at my ankles, exclaimed: "It's true. Pregnant ladies do have big ankles." Oh bless her cute 11 year old head.
  • Abbie just LOVES to wiggle. At night I just sit and watch my belly move. It's incredible to know that my baby is doing it!!
  • I have been craving sweets like no other: chocolate, smores, Riesens, Eclairs, ice cream, caramel. If it's sweet, I'll eat it. I also have been craving anything wet and cold (and sweet) like soda and slurpees.And cantaloupe and honey dew.
  • I have now started sweating for no reason and thus have brought a fan to work. It helps so much. Also, I have started bringing deodorant too...just in case.
  • I get encouraging "I know how you feel" smiles from ladies everywhere. Some just smile as if to say "you look ready to pop, keep swimming" (in my own sweat I'm sure) and others will ask when I'm do. I'll tell them, and they will give me a sympathetic groan, and then that smile I have come to love.
  • I've noticed I get more winded at the littlest things. Like when I try to sing along to my music or when I try and chew my food and breath at the same time. That can be tricky, especially when I add talking to that game!  
  • Poor husband can't cuddle with me at night anymore. A girl needs her space. One such night, he was cold so he rolled over to get warm and cuddle with me (because I am the one that needed the fan on full blast and the windows open and only a sheet on the bed, thus freezing him out) and I made him roll to the other side of the bed. Which he did without complaint by the way, that's just who he is. In my defense though, I didn't know he was cold, I just thought he was being a bed hog (which he has done before)
  • Speaking of sleeping though, for the most part I still sleep pretty comfortable and good. I get up 3-5 times a night to pee, but usually I can find a comfortable position and fall right back to sleep. I feel very fortunate.
  • My energy is waning once more. After work I'm just pooped, and on the weekends I can only work on the house/yard so much before I am sapped of all energy. (how will i stay up till 3 to watch HP? oh don't worry, I've got a plan) but this sleepiness interferes with doing important things like finish up the nursery. Yikes!
All in all though, I am doing pretty good, considering I am 9 months pregnant!! Abbie is growing nice and healthy, and Sam can't wait to become a dad!!

In other news, Monday was just like Christmas! Work was extra slow so I browsed the KSL classifieds and hit the mother-load!! I found a changing table for $10 and (drum roll please) a dishwasher for $FREE!! Thanks to my brother for helping us get them!

We are going to paint the changing table white and we still need to get a part for our dishwasher so it can hook up to our sink, and I have to clean both but I am one happy little toaster.

I know. I'm good.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I just wanted to say Happy Fathers Day to my Baby Daddy!! In 5 more weeks, he will be a real dad and he will make such an awesome one!!

Here is how I know:
  • He loves to feel baby girl wiggle
  • He is working so hard on the nursery
  • He is starting to have dreams about Abbie and it's making him excited.
  • He let me eat part of his chocolate he got in church today because Abbie has a sweet tooth that rivals Willy Wonka
  • If Abbie comes during Harry Potter, or at if I go into labor sometime soon after, he is willing to possibly name her Abbigale Hermione.
  • He already sacrifices so much time to support our little family to be.
  • He is already the best husband to me, so of course he'll be the best daddy to his little girl.
  • She is already wrapped around his little finger.
Happy (almost) Fathers Day Sam. I love you!!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Well folks, the husband and I just have 6 more weeks until the baby comes. (hopefully, she isn't stubborn and comes late.) With 6 more weeks, we really are on the count down. And we still have SO much to do. In fact, every weekend from here on out to my due-date is booked solid. It freaks me out just a bit, seeing as we are all the sudden so busy and yet have a 'to do' list that just seems to keep growing.

But with 6 more weeks don't you worry, Sam and I have a fun countdown we started last week (back when I had 7 weeks left) to watch a Harry Potter Movie a week until the blessed day. And that will refresh Sam's memory (because who are we kidding, my memory of HP needs no reminding) just in time for the second half of the 7th movie. It comes out just one week before Abbie is supposed to come. But I have a secret plan. Abbie is going to be a HP nerd just like her mommy so come the 15th of July when I'm watching Harry Potter, Abbie will just be so beyond thrilled, she'll come a week early. I have proof of this too for one day I was watching the Harry Potter trailer, and she started kicking me very hard as if to tell me "Mama, someday I'll go to Hogwarts just like you." Oh that already nerdy child of mine. How I love you.

In other news, with 6 more weeks, Sam and I only have that amount of time to just be us. Basically 5 more weekends (since this one has passed.) and this past weekend we made the best of it. Except for on Friday, when I was so puffy and hot, that I was a tad  on the grumpy side. But we did eat at Moochies that day. And of course, I got my sandwich (a ham and swiss) but oinkily lusted after Sams (philly cheese steak) which may or may not have made me grumpier. Oh and never mind that we were invited over to Brigham and Kari's for S'mores and we got home late and I couldn't find my pants so instead I pouted on my bed. Don't worry. I have paid dearly for being such a grumpy guss by dreaming about S'mores and now I will crave them 24/7 until I get them. But after Friday, the weekend got fantastic. Saturday we went to a funeral of Sam's great aunt Elsie. I didn't know her at all, but she seemed like a wonderful woman and I can't wait to meet her in the next life. Afterwards, we went with the Tappana Clan to my favorite place, The Olive Garden. And besided two drinks being spilled (one of those drinks into my raviollie de portablello) it was an tons of fun!! And not to mention, I oinked my weight in breadsticks and salad. And drank lots of coke. Abbie was having a party in my tummy after that. After lunch, I needed to get me some new sun glasses (since I accidentally sat on mine a week or so before, breaking them of course) and found me the perfect pair for $9! Score!! Then we went home with every intention to clean, but instead we found ourselves knocked out in a food coma unitl we went to the Bees game that night.

The game was a lot of fun, until they had like 50 extra innings...or just maybe 3. But I just wanted to see the fireworks after. Which they didn't let us go onto the field for but it was still so much fun. I love summer and I love fireworks and I love baseball food. And I love sitting on a blanket, even though at times it got very uncomfortable, with my husband. We are both very excited to have a baby, don't get me wrong, but I'm going to miss having care-free time with just the two of us. I'm thankful we had as long as we have had though. It's been wonderful!
Note new $9 sun glasses


Nothing like a stadium at night.
 And last but not least, Sam and I both got callings in our new ward. He is the second counslor in the Young Mens presidency, and I am the second counslor in the Primary presidency. We are both pretty excited, and it will be nice getting to know more people in the ward. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Clair In Me

Sometimes I complain about my pregnancy, how uncomfortable I am.
Sometimes I worry about Abbie temporarily when she isn't wiggling as much.
Sometimes food is still gross and makes me sick, and sometimes I worry I'm not eating as nutritionally as I could.
And child birth? Forget it!! I can't even think about it, it terrifies me so.
But I need to remember Clair.
Her baby survived a plane crash.
Clair lived off of who knows what to eat on the Island.
Clair didn't have a nice bed or chair to get more comfortable on.
Clair even got taken for a while by some nutcase, and both survived.
And she delivered a baby, on an island with no medicine. An island isn't the cleanest place one could birth a baby.
All that and Clair's baby was fine. And so was Clair. (so far anyway from where I am in Lost. Don't spoil anything.)
So if Clair can do it, so can I right?

Yup. Lost just started getting really exciting. So it's on my mind...a little.