Monday, June 27, 2011

Bad Day

Today started out as a bad day.
I threw up before leaving for work.
I found out that my brand-new $8 sun glasses were broken.
A work project ended up being a huge headache.
I had to take the early lunch.
I had to deal with dummy face ALL DAY
I almost threw up after work again
My head has been pounding since work.

But then I got home to my husband.
He let me cry for no reason without asking why
He let me sleep
He ran to the store for me
He bought me popsicles and a Sobe
He made me French toast for dinner just because I saw a picture of it.
Now he is mowing the lawn.

I sure do have a good husband.
I guess my days isn't terrible after all.


  1. Awwwww...this is the sweetest post ever! I'm so glad all of us are married to such incredible men! However...I'm sorry that your day started out so crappy. But I'm glad it gave Sammy a chance to serve you :). Just think...pretty soon you'll have six weeks of you and Abbie time and not having to worry about dummy face or work projects or customers. How sweet is that?!

  2. That Sam. He is so sweet to you. I love watching it. I hope that your days only get better and that you never throw up AGAIN!