Friday, July 1, 2011

Ladies and Gentleman, the month you've all been waiting for...

July!!! It's FINALLY here. I remember back in November that July seemed like a life time away, and now here we are, enjoying this perfect first of July.

This whole month is a big big month for us Tappana's. Not just for the obvious, but of course that makes this month even bigger. But let's start at the beginning.

July 1st: Canada Day. Yes. I am excited about this holiday, mostly because a)it's a day before my birthday and b) Robin Sparkles said it best when she exclamed "I'm gonna rock your body till Canada Day."and c) my little brother in law is serving in Canada, so I figure I should celebrate.

July 2nd: The day my parents life changed forever...for the better might I add. The day this little charmer, I speak of myself of course, came into their lives. The day my brothers and sister got the best gift anyone could ever give them, the cutest little sister in the world. It wasn't until I was born, that my family of 6 was complete. It was a happy birthday indeed...

July 4th: America's birthday. Yes, I was lucky enough to be born near America's birthday, which makes me feel like my birthday celebration lasts for days! (of course, I'm just a little less cool than my sister in law Kari who was born on this day). The 4th of July has to be one of my favorite holidays: BBQ's, mountains, water parties, FIREWORKS, junk food. And no work. Best. Summer holiday. EVER.

July 15th: The day all of us Harry Potter fans have been waiting for. The day the last movie comes out. On the one hand, we finally get to see how it ends (even though the folks who have read it already know how it ends, but now we get to SEE it.) On the other hand, this is it. No more books, no more movies. Harry Potter will soon become a thing of the past like Lord Of The Rings. (doesn't mean it will be less cool though). Bittersweet really. That's what I hate about bittersweet chocolate. I don't even...what's the point of that? Why not just sweet? Who are you helping?

July 23rd: The day our daughter is due. The day that makes everything else big in this month, a little less big. Yes, this is more big even than my birthday AND the last Harry Potter movie. I'm talking about having a kid here!! A real-life all my very own little baby girl. Sam and I have to take care of this little girl. She will be 100% completely and totally dependent on us. We feed her, we change her, we put her to sleep, we bath her. We are becoming parents! She is ours FOREVER!! Pretty heavy if you ask me. And also pretty awesome.

July 24th: Second best Holiday in July. More BBQ's, more mountain time, more water parties, more junk food, more fireworks. Though maybe this year i'll be sitting this holiday out. Still love it though.

And lastly, I can't forget to mention July 31st: The day the second most important boy in my life made his entrance into this world.(Sam is the first FYI) The day 'The Boy Who Lived' was born. That's right, I speak of Harry James Potter. Because of his birth, my nose got sucked so far into a book for the first time in my life. Sure, I read and enjoyed books before, but never with any other book before this did one completely caputre my whole imagination. And has kept my imagination going ever since. Thank you JK Rowling, for making Harry's birthday in such a fantastic month.


  1. hhhhahaha oh this is so fune- and so true! july is such a hoppin month for you. with harrys big day, canada day, oh ya--and abbie and your birthdays. big big day.