Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas 2015

We had such a wonderful Christmas season. I'll admit last night as we were finally getting around to putting our decor away, I was a huge baby about it and was a silly sobbing mess. I don't know why. All I have wanted was to end 2015 so we can meet this baby, and now all the sudden its over!! It was just so magical this year. I blame it on the pregnancy hormones. :)

We kept Christmas simple this year. a) we didn't have a ton of money and b) pregnant Caitlin didn't have a lot of energy. I also didn't take many pictures, because I was using my video camera, but thats ok. The video is priceless. Anyway, Christmas morning we all slept in later than I thought. I woke up to Abby telling me it was time to get the presents. So we headed downstairs and Christmas morning was over in about 20 minutes!  Haha. We didn't have a ton like I said, but why does it have to get over so quickly?

Abby's favorite gifts included her Baby Alive (even though it didn't pee and poo. Thank you Santa!) and her Ariel doll. Madalyns favorite was her bubble machine and her princess ball.

After a lazy morning, we headed to my moms house to continue the celebration and open more presents. My girls got the cutest outfits from my mom, Andy got some burp cloths, Sam and I got tickets to hale center theater show with the rest of my siblings, and my sister and brother in law were awesome this year and got the kids and us some great gifts. Abby got some frozen lipgloss, Maddie got a Jake and the Neverland Pirates figurine, which she also loves and sometimes goes to sleep with it, and we got a gift card to Amazon. We can't figure out what we are going to get with it yet!!!
I knew she would like her gift from the McGees, but I didn't think this much!!!

After a yummy dinner (that I didn't enjoy wah wah wah) the adults spent some time visiting while the kids ran around like crazies. My niece Tiaree got a Harry Potter trivia game that made me feel awesome because I was doing pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  It was just a nice all around night, even when Abby broke out in hives somehow (we think maybe she got into some fiberglass that was in my parents basement) and we had to go get her benedryl.
Best cousin award.

Seriously Christmas 2015, you were awesome. A favorite in our books.