Monday, October 29, 2012

Abby Walks

Well folks, it's finally happened. At 15 months old, Abby finally decided it was time to walk. She still prefers crawling or holding hands while she walks, but I have a feeling she'll be a pro in no time.

Then again, after that fall at the end, she may never want to walk again.  Don't worry. We gave her a sucker and let her sit on the counter. She cheered right up!

Don't worry Abby. All in due time you'll realize how boring it is holding onto mommy's and daddy's hand. And then you'll throw fits when we make you hold them.

PS: Everyone hear Sam's snide remark about how that is how I get off the floor right before Abby biffed it?? It's so true. Gotta love him.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Saturday. A Good, Good Day.

Saturday was a really really good day.

The day started out at the crack of dawn, as my alarm clock woke me up from my deep sleep. I lazily rolled over and knew I had a long day ahead of me. A day I all the sudden didn't want to face. But I did. And I'm sure glad I did.

I ran my first 5K since having Abby. I thought I'd do terrible, seeing as I had to work the night before, thus getting very little sleep. But I didn't have a time in my head to beat, I just wanted to have fun running a race with my family. My sister told me about this race a few months back. It was put on by her neighborhood. A Zombie Run 5K. The humans started out the race and 3 min later, they let the Zombies loose. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, being chased and all. Because the Zombies didn't actually chase me. I had my flag at the end of the race.

Anyway, after Chels told me about it, I told my sister in law Kari, and she came along with her sister Sadie and her friend. My brother in law Tracy also ran with us. It was a good turn out. My sister ran with me the whole time, which I was very grateful, and we crossed the finish line together in 33:25. My best time yet. And not only was it my best time, but wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, I got third place in my division!! I've never placed in anything sport-like at all. Granted, there weren't very many people in my division, but I still beat out some my age. I am very proud. Here are some pictures to show my happiness.
My Cheerleaders

All of us + Abby

Kari got 2nd place!!

Best running buddy ever.
When we got home, my sweet husband made us an orange smoothie, and then I took a much needed two hour nap.

Later that afternoon, we celebrated by going to Chili's and then I got my nerd on at the Whitmore library. I heard on my friends Facebook wall that the Rocky Mountain Muggles were having a Harry Potter event, so of course we went. After walking in, I immediately left Sam and Abby and went to the wand making station. Poor Sam. He didn't really know what to do with himself. Luckily, he found some people to talk to while I went to my imaginary Harry Potter world. And don't worry. I keep my wand with me at all times. I even flick it at stop lights in the car so they'll turn green. Thanks Lina, for sharing this exciting experience.
Isn't that an awesome replica of my old wand? Abby isn't too sure about it.

Dumbledors Army. I was in nerd heaven. 
Later than night, we saw different kind of witches at Garnder Village. It was fun, but we both wish it was a bit cooler. The weather didn't fit the atmosphere. It was probably better that it was warmer for Abby's sake though. I think she liked it there...until she wanted to get out of her stroller and walk around. Sorry Abby. Maybe next year when you can actually walk on your own.

Saturday, thank you for being a good, good day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Healthy Me: Where I'm at Currently.

So remember my 31 Day Challenge I blogged about the beginning of August? Well I've been working really hard since then to be good. But I still have 4 pounds of baby weight to lose, and then some. 4 measly pounds that are just enjoying hanging out on my body. No matter what I do to let them know they aren't welcome, they continue to stay. Plateaus suck right? It's sometimes just downright depressing. And with the Holiday's coming up? Oh boy. I'll need to be careful.

As depressing as my 4 stinking pounds are, I have noticed little things that remind me I am on the right track with the changes I've made with my diet and exercise. For example, I can sit on my feet. Not a huge deal, but that kinda hurt my legs before. Now when I'm kneeling down playing with Abby, I don't hurt. Also, I can pull my knees up under my chin a lot easier, and tying my shoes doesn't make me feel like I'm about to pass out. Sam says when he hugs me, he can feel a difference. Talk about a boost to my self esteem! Horizontal striped shirts no longer look terrible on me and most importantly, my pants are falling off me and that is a good feeling.

Though the scale says I haven't lost my baby weight, I still feel healthier than I was before I was even pregnant with Abby. Before I was pregnant, most days consisted of working 8 hours, usually eating crap at work and sometimes going to the gym afterwords, for perhaps a half hour. Not that that is bad necessarily(the gym part)  but I was eating more than I was burning. To toot my own horn, I now can do 45 min of killer boot camp without dying, I can do a Jillian Michaels DVD all the way through and full out, and I can run 3 miles. I know I'm not the next greatest athlete, but I feel so good about myself.

Here are some other things I am doing to keep myself healthy.

November 1st after my month of no sugar
  1. Drinking more water. I used to drink barley any water. My awesome sister challenged me to drink half my body weight and even though I don't quite make it most days, I am drinking more water still then I ever have and my body can tell.
  2. Working out more. Like I said above, although I've always loved working out, it was kinda low on the totem pole. Now I work out most days a week for at least a half hour, most days more. It helps that I change my workout up by going to different free classes that I can bring Abby to, running, and going on walks. Having a work out buddy helps big time too. That way, I am accountable. 
  3. MyFitnessPal. This app on my phone has helped me put my calorie intake into perspective. I now know that a #6 at Wendys is my calorie allotment for the day. I know that 2 bowls of cereal really adds up and that my good old friend Coke should really be drunk in moderation. It also helps me plan better. If I know we are going out to eat that night, I eat really simply during the day so I do have extra calories that night. 
  4. All things in moderation. To go along with the above, if I don't allow myself some sort of treat sometimes, I'll completely blow everything I worked for and eat my face off. For example, in college I went the whole month of October without sugar. The first of November looked like the picture above. Pretty pointless. So, I'll usually allow myself something small through out the week, like a fun size candy bar. And I have a free day once a week. (or I try to only let it be once a week) I typically save that day for Sunday. 
  5. Having a better attitude. When I have blown my calories for the day, I've been known to just give up. I think, "Why bother? I'm never going to lose weight if i eat like this. I suck, I suck, I suck." Or I'll look at my trouble spot in the mirror (my tummy) and just be so mad at myself for weighing more than I ever have. My sister, (whom i mention a lot when it comes to a healthier lifestyle seeing as she is my hero) pointed out to me that she changed her attitude, and that is why she has had success. When she blows her diet one day she thinks "Oh well. Tomorrow is another day." When she looks in the mirror she sees what she's lost vs. what she still has to go. I've been really working hard on this and I really have seen a change. I'm no longer focused on just losing weight, but being more healthy.

I still have a long road ahead of me, and I'm not perfect AT ALL but when I look at myself a year ago (granted, I did just have a baby) to now, I can see a change in my both physically and mentally. And it makes me feel good.

Now lets see if I can lose those 4 pounds.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Dealio of Life, According to my Phone

 Life has been story time followed by play time at the library. Its been sleeping weird on grammy's couch and daintily folding her feet as she eats.
 It's been having her first taste of raw not mushed up broccoli, it's been playing in our yard in the leaves, and eating them too. It's this ghetto display we put on our tv so stinker face could no longer turn it off in the middle of "Once Upon A Time"

 Life has been chilly weather and bundling up on morning walks to Yoga, It's eating Goldfish straight from the bag while sitting in her favorite spot, and it's been banging her head on a table at daddy's work.
 It's been her first taste of peanut butter, and her look of pure joy after. (not pictured) And it's finally facing forward in the car. So far, no more fights have come to getting her in her seat. (although she was kinda grumpy when I snapped this)
And life has been being creepy and bride watching at Temple Square, changing rooms to make us actually like our room. (no more pink walls) It's been cuddling down to watch conference. It's been stealing her cousins doll (thanks for sharing Emmy) and it's been nippy walks in her new jacket. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Date Night With The Tappanas

See this blissful picture of us? 

This was us on a date a few years ago, before Abby. Back in these days we would do dinner AND a movie, or anything else we desired. It could be on any night during the week (not just Saturdays like now) and it didn't matter what time we got home. 

Now for us, dates are so much different. We finally were able to go on one last night, thanks to me not having work. The date went like this.

We dropped Abby off
Caught the 6:55 showing of Taken 2 (which I LOVED). We even splurged and used the rest of our gift card on popcorn.
After the movie, we got gas.
Picked Abby up.
Got take out from Cafe Trang (probably my new favorite Chinese place)
Changed from my hot date clothes to sweats pulled up way past my belly button, shirt tucked in, and pockets hanging out. I washed my face and put a sexy clip in my hair.
We ate our food while watching the news.
Put Abby to bed at 10:30 (little stink stays up so late when I'm home.)
Put on an exciting movie. Ok it was actually Bobby's World.
And we were both snoozing soundly on the couch by 10:45.

It wasn't a big date.
No fancy restaurant was involved. 
No pictures were taken.
We were home before 10.

And yet, it was absolutely perfect.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome to Fall

I always love love love fall. This year however, I was looking forward to it more than usual. I don't know if it was because I'm tired of sweating in my house due to poor AC, (and poor us bc we can't fix it right now) or because me and Abby were getting tired of being inside all day trying to beat the heat. Whatever it was, I was very excited for the temperature to drop and the leaves to change color.

To celebrate, Sam and I decided to go to the mountains to see all the pretty fall colors. Wednesday, I made us a picnic dinner and picked Sam up from work. We then headed to Millcreek canyon to see the pretty leaves. And they did not disappoint. The reds were so vibrant, the air was so crisp, and the company was the best part.

Saturday, we ditched our housework took advantage of a free morning and decided to go on a hike up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Donut Falls. It was an easier hike (I wanted harder seeing as I skipped my run) and so much fun. The colors weren't as vibrant as up Millcreek, but still so pretty. There were more yellows than reds. Abby was in heaven. We were worried about her being stuck in her backpack, especially because once we got to the falls there wasn't good crawling space, but she loved it!

Now let the soup-making, sweet-baking, jacket-wearing halloween-costuming, pumpkin-carving begin!!!

Oh yeah, and thanks for putting up with the picture over-load.