Saturday, October 6, 2012

Date Night With The Tappanas

See this blissful picture of us? 

This was us on a date a few years ago, before Abby. Back in these days we would do dinner AND a movie, or anything else we desired. It could be on any night during the week (not just Saturdays like now) and it didn't matter what time we got home. 

Now for us, dates are so much different. We finally were able to go on one last night, thanks to me not having work. The date went like this.

We dropped Abby off
Caught the 6:55 showing of Taken 2 (which I LOVED). We even splurged and used the rest of our gift card on popcorn.
After the movie, we got gas.
Picked Abby up.
Got take out from Cafe Trang (probably my new favorite Chinese place)
Changed from my hot date clothes to sweats pulled up way past my belly button, shirt tucked in, and pockets hanging out. I washed my face and put a sexy clip in my hair.
We ate our food while watching the news.
Put Abby to bed at 10:30 (little stink stays up so late when I'm home.)
Put on an exciting movie. Ok it was actually Bobby's World.
And we were both snoozing soundly on the couch by 10:45.

It wasn't a big date.
No fancy restaurant was involved. 
No pictures were taken.
We were home before 10.

And yet, it was absolutely perfect.


  1. oh so cute! i know what you mean, dates are not quite as fabulous as they used to be but just as great. and i love that pic of you guys!!

  2. LIKE!!! It's amazing how simple dates mean so much more these days.

  3. Hmm I was wondering if that movie was going to be any good. I have fond memories of the first Taken because it was the first movie/date that Brigham and I went on right after Lydia was born. Like seriously one week after she was born. So good to know. Brigham and I will have to watch it...when we find time together. I'm so glad you guys had a night for a date together, even if dates are different now.

  4. It's funny how it doesn't really matter what you long as you're doing it together. We had a couple different couples invite us to do a few different things a couple weeks ago. Tim had to do homework, so each of the couples told me to leave him at home and just go and hang out with them without him. So what did we do? Tim was on the computer for about three hours doing his studying, and I sat on the couch, folded laundry, and then read a book. It wasn't much, but I would have rather been doing that than hanging out with any of our friends, as long as Tim and I were together :). I'm glad you guys got to get out! We can always watch Abby for you if you guys ever need us too! I just love that girl :)