Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome to Fall

I always love love love fall. This year however, I was looking forward to it more than usual. I don't know if it was because I'm tired of sweating in my house due to poor AC, (and poor us bc we can't fix it right now) or because me and Abby were getting tired of being inside all day trying to beat the heat. Whatever it was, I was very excited for the temperature to drop and the leaves to change color.

To celebrate, Sam and I decided to go to the mountains to see all the pretty fall colors. Wednesday, I made us a picnic dinner and picked Sam up from work. We then headed to Millcreek canyon to see the pretty leaves. And they did not disappoint. The reds were so vibrant, the air was so crisp, and the company was the best part.

Saturday, we ditched our housework took advantage of a free morning and decided to go on a hike up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Donut Falls. It was an easier hike (I wanted harder seeing as I skipped my run) and so much fun. The colors weren't as vibrant as up Millcreek, but still so pretty. There were more yellows than reds. Abby was in heaven. We were worried about her being stuck in her backpack, especially because once we got to the falls there wasn't good crawling space, but she loved it!

Now let the soup-making, sweet-baking, jacket-wearing halloween-costuming, pumpkin-carving begin!!!

Oh yeah, and thanks for putting up with the picture over-load.


  1. Fun!! I want to go hiking! And I love all the pictures, can't really have too many of those. Beautiful!

  2. oh my goodness that is breathtaking! im so jealous, what a gorgeous hike and fun family activities.

  3. Caitlin.. your so cute!! Miss you much!! and I love that first little family picture of you guys.. so adorable.. !

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful! I can't believe the colors that we've had this year with the leaves! It looks like you guys have definitely been enjoying yourselves some fall. I love this time of year!