Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Dealio of Life, According to my Phone

 Life has been story time followed by play time at the library. Its been sleeping weird on grammy's couch and daintily folding her feet as she eats.
 It's been having her first taste of raw not mushed up broccoli, it's been playing in our yard in the leaves, and eating them too. It's this ghetto display we put on our tv so stinker face could no longer turn it off in the middle of "Once Upon A Time"

 Life has been chilly weather and bundling up on morning walks to Yoga, It's eating Goldfish straight from the bag while sitting in her favorite spot, and it's been banging her head on a table at daddy's work.
 It's been her first taste of peanut butter, and her look of pure joy after. (not pictured) And it's finally facing forward in the car. So far, no more fights have come to getting her in her seat. (although she was kinda grumpy when I snapped this)
And life has been being creepy and bride watching at Temple Square, changing rooms to make us actually like our room. (no more pink walls) It's been cuddling down to watch conference. It's been stealing her cousins doll (thanks for sharing Emmy) and it's been nippy walks in her new jacket. 


  1. Seriously, I giggle through all your posts because I feel like I'm constantly saying "ME TOO!" Like turning off the TV while watching Once Upon A Time. I'm on the brink of doing the same thing to our TV.

  2. i heart story time at the library- so much fun!! and i cant believe you changed her to forward facing- lucky! when are you allowed to do that now? im also quite green over your fall weather, which is the best. i miss your face. and your cute little angel girl. and even yeagers.