Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Birthday!

Miss Madalyn Marie turned one last Monday, the 18th. Poor girl really got shafted that day. It was my first day of work and we had car problems. We still managed to celebrate with "Old McDonald's" for dinner and some cupcakes and presents.

This past Sunday we had her birthday party with family, where once again the poor girls got the shaft. We had stayed home sick from church and all felt miserable. But, we had family over anyway and had dinner and then the famous cake smash, to which this girl wanted nothing to do with. But it sure makes for some memorable pictures. And, it seems to be a tradition for our babies to not like their first cake at the birthday party. Abby too was pretty upset about hers.

At one year:

  • Madalyn can climb up onto just about anything, and feels pretty cool about that.
  • She is already a picky eater. She loves peanut butter sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, fruit, and baby food. She hates meat. (except processed meat of course) Super healthy child.
  • She loves milk and apple juice.
  • She loves playing with her big sister, and annoy her too sometimes. (but not as bad as Abby annoys Madalyn)
  • She loves to crawl and explore. And by explore I mean get into things like our toilet paper roll.
  • She also loves to be held and cuddled.
  • She is starting to walk along furniture, but she isn't really interested in walking. Why walk when you can speed crawl?
  • We are down to nursing only at night but last night might have been the last time, which is both sad and a freeing feeling too.
  • She is the happiest little thing in the world!
  • We still have not legally changed her name to Madalyn Marie. Technically, she is still Madalyn Lily.
  • She is in size 4 diapers and wears 9 and 12 month clothing.
Wow. One year old. Crazy! We love you Madalyn Marie

Friday, August 22, 2014

Little Weekly Moments

 This week was filled with a cute birthday girl asleep with her bum in the air, and later getting a birthday picture that was almost impossible to get. This week was also the start of a new job, and car problems on my very first day. Because of said job and car problems, Madalyns birthday was a little rushed, but we celebrated non the less. (one year old blog still coming. The business of this week made me skip it.)
 This week was also filled with playing with Madalyns new birthday toys. Or at least Abby playing with them, thinking they are hers of course. This week has also been filled with sickness, so lots of Sesame Street was watched by both of them, and lots of rare cuddles from Miss. Abby. Madalyn also can climb on anything and looks adorable while at it. 
Lastly, this week was filled with discovering the joy of Abby's birthday balloon, and me trying to stay awake during training at work. Also, much needed husband time once the kids finally went to sleep, and this cute precious little baby face to top it off. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Little Weekly Moments

I've decided I am going to start another segment on my blog, "Little Weekly Moments." Its going to take place of my life lately blog. (maybe. I still haven't decided.) I take WAY too many pictures I want to share, so this way you all get even more pictures of my girls. ha. I know that is what you want right?

I am feeling particularly sentimental this week, as I start work Monday, so there will be lots of pictures. I've been trying to soak up my last week as a full time stay at home mom by enjoying the littlest moments with my girls. Guys, I don't know how I'm going to do this working mom thing! So many mixed emotions have gone through me this week. My mood swings are giving Sam whiplash.

So, without further ado, our week.
This week, Maddie slept on me in primary on Sunday. After church we went to the park where Madalyn played with her fellow tiny cousins. On the way home, she was so cute and tuckered out. Then, I gave my filthy girls a bath and this was my tub after.
Abby thinks she is old enough to paint her nails, so I let her. This nail polish washes off with water, so why not? Every time I open the fridge, my cuties think they have to start taking food out of it. We are working on getting Madalyn to like other foods besides pureed, peanut butter sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. Needless to say, she didn't like the spaghetti.  
 I love watching my girls play in the tub together! They are so cute and I can't get enough of it. We tried Ramen with Madalyn and again, she wouldn't touch it. I got a new curling iron and it works fantastically on my hair. No matter how many times I give Madalyn her own sippy cup, she sneaks Abby's milk every time! (Abby had no idea here.)
 Abby loves hugging Madalyn. Madalyn feels differently about Abby's hugs. Maddie has learned to climb. On Wednesday, I had to keep moving my laptop higher and higher because she kept getting to it while I was working out. Abby made a makeshift violin out of the tablet and her sippy cup, and Madalyn discovered she likes slides. 
 Madalyn had fun climbing up the slide and looking down on me. Abby named this duck "Bella" and pretended it was her horse. I ran out to get the mail and was greeted my cute Maddie against my door, and these two cute girls helped me cook dinner yesterday. (blast Madalyn and her climbing skills!)
And lastly, these are pictures of me geeking out at F.Y.E. Sam had to walk away.

So, maybe I won't do this everyweek, but like I said, this week I am feeling extra sentimental. I needed to post these adorable pictures.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Workin' Girl

Things are about to be really different in the Tappana household. After months and months (and months) of looking, I finally have gotten a job! 

I will be working once again for Zions Bank, only this time I am not going back to Foreign Exchange. I will be working in the afternoons from 3-7 at a branch near me. I have so many mixed emotions going on. I am excited to actually have money, I am looking forward to having to get ready everyday, and it will make the afternoons go much more quickly than they do now, but I am so, so sad to have to leave my babies for a little while. Its only 4 hours a day, I know, but I really do like being home. (most the time.) 

I am really hoping with this job I will be a better mom. I tend to do more when I have a time limit. I clean my house better the day of when I know people are coming over. I am more efficient on my homework when I have a deadline. And now I hope because my time is shorter during the day with my cute girls, I will make more of the time I have. So often, more than I'd like to admit, things get really boring around here because I know I have all day to do something, so I put it off and then chances are it won't get done. I really will need to make the best out of the time I have. Somethings will have to go, and I will have to prioritize and be really organized, but things will work out.

I think my girls will be OK. I know Abby will love to go to a babysitters house. Madalyn will be a different story. She may struggle at first, but she will adjust. I just really appreciate all those willing to help a sister out, especially because I really don't have a ton of money to pay. Abby is especially excited to be going to my sisters on Tuesdays and Thursdays for preschool and then to play with Bree and Keighlee. 

Its a relief to know I finally have a job. I know my Heavenly Father was really looking out for me when I found it. There will be some rough days ahead, but I know we are being watched over.

So, onto a new chapter in our life. A really, really, really hard chapter for me. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last Friday Night

Friday was the best day of the weekend. The whole weekend was awesome, but Friday was just the best.

I love going downtown. Living there our first two years of marriage put a special place in my heart for Salt Lake City. I try to head up on Friday afternoons at least once a month. We have lunch with my mom, and then just play til Sam gets off work. Lately, I have been going up a lot more often. I am on the job hunt and when I get one, my sweet downtown Fridays will be gone. This Friday, my mom wasn't around for lunch, but I packed up the girls anyway after their naps and headed to play on the Dinosaurs in the City Creek Food Court, which is my girls favorite place to play, until Sam got off work.
Maddies post nap crazy hair
My favorite place in Salt Lake

After playing at the dinosaurs for a bit, we hit up chic-fil-a for some dinner. I love me a good chicken sandwich. After dinner, Abby wanted to go look at the water, so we stopped by a few of the little fountains for her to look at. She loved them so much, we decided to go to the little splash pad they have there to see if she would play in it, not expecting much. If any one knows Abby, you will know how much she HATES getting her face wet. So, we really didn't expect her to play for long. Just last week, I took her to a different splash pad, and she didn't even get wet, so imagine our suprise when she ran right in and started playing, having the time of her life! She was soaked to the bone, and enjoying every minute of it, even when the water hit her square in the face. She just laughed it off. Usually, she freaks out and the day is over.

Madalyn wanted nothing to do with the spash pad, but she did crawl often to the waters edge

After the splash pad fun, we decided to walk around in the sun to help Abby dry off a bit, and then rode trax around town. We then walked back to the car through Temple Square, where Abby kept saying that she wanted to get married in a long white dress. It was adroable really. When we saw a bride in a long white dress, that just made her night.

It was such a fun night walking around SLC. Hopefully we get a few more good nights like this before it gets too cold! Until next time...