Monday, August 11, 2014

Workin' Girl

Things are about to be really different in the Tappana household. After months and months (and months) of looking, I finally have gotten a job! 

I will be working once again for Zions Bank, only this time I am not going back to Foreign Exchange. I will be working in the afternoons from 3-7 at a branch near me. I have so many mixed emotions going on. I am excited to actually have money, I am looking forward to having to get ready everyday, and it will make the afternoons go much more quickly than they do now, but I am so, so sad to have to leave my babies for a little while. Its only 4 hours a day, I know, but I really do like being home. (most the time.) 

I am really hoping with this job I will be a better mom. I tend to do more when I have a time limit. I clean my house better the day of when I know people are coming over. I am more efficient on my homework when I have a deadline. And now I hope because my time is shorter during the day with my cute girls, I will make more of the time I have. So often, more than I'd like to admit, things get really boring around here because I know I have all day to do something, so I put it off and then chances are it won't get done. I really will need to make the best out of the time I have. Somethings will have to go, and I will have to prioritize and be really organized, but things will work out.

I think my girls will be OK. I know Abby will love to go to a babysitters house. Madalyn will be a different story. She may struggle at first, but she will adjust. I just really appreciate all those willing to help a sister out, especially because I really don't have a ton of money to pay. Abby is especially excited to be going to my sisters on Tuesdays and Thursdays for preschool and then to play with Bree and Keighlee. 

Its a relief to know I finally have a job. I know my Heavenly Father was really looking out for me when I found it. There will be some rough days ahead, but I know we are being watched over.

So, onto a new chapter in our life. A really, really, really hard chapter for me. Wish us luck!


  1. I'm so happy that you finally found a job! And it sounds like those are just the perfect hours that you were looking for. I think it took so long to find one because the right one hadn't come along yet. I know it'll be an adjustment for everyone, so good luck, but enjoy the time being an adult for a few hours of the day too :) I miss that a lot sometimes. Congrats on getting the job!!

  2. im sorry you have to work again- that is super hard. at least you got to stay home a year with madi and breastfeed her for as long as you did. and itll be nice getting a break in the afternoon, plus the extra money. i know itll be tough but it wont be forever. love you!