Monday, April 30, 2012

Music Monday And a Really Great Weekend

This weekend was just what Sam and I needed. Have you ever had those times as a parent when you feel like you and your husbands relationship is lacking? Like you're so focused on baby that you forget to take some time to focus on each other? That is how we were last week. Tensions were sort of high between us, and I felt like we were always grumpy with one thing or another, whether it was school, work, housework, each other, or money. So this weekend, we fixed that and had a fantastic time.

Friday night before I went to work, we hung out at our friend Tyson's house. He had a little goodbye party for himself. Sam played some ball, and I sat freezing around the fire with the other girls chit chatting. (side note: much to my dismay, turns out Abby is going to like watching sports seeing as she couldn't get enough of watching her daddy play ball) Saturday we spent the evening running errands then ended up at Wingers to share an Asphalt Pie and watch Allred play there. Don't worry, he recognized us Sam when we walked in and even knows our his name. AND commented on how big Abby is getting. That's right. He knows us Sam and Abby. After that, poor Abby had had it, so after a quick trip to Walmart it was home for us. After Abby went to sleep we just watched our new favorite show, "How I Met Your Mother". Sunday after church we all took naps, then fixed a yummy roast dinner, and took turns riding bikes around the neighborhood. Abby went to bed earlier than usual, so Sam and I played Wii Sports (finding out I am 76 years old in Wii sports years, him 38) and then just again watched HIMYM.

I know this doesn't seem like any unusual weekend. We didn't go on a fancy date, we didn't spend a lot of money, (can't spend what you don't have:) ) and we didn't do anything more crazy then shop at Walmart at 9:00 on a Saturday night, but something was different about this weekend. I feel rejuvenated and more in love with him then ever.

So in honor of loving him more than ever, here is a love song: Ingrid Michaelson's "You and I"

I just feel like this song describes our life right now almost perfectly.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nine Months

Once again, another month has passed of being a mommy. It has now been 9 months since I've become a mother. I've had a baby as long as I was pregnant. (I know. Technically you're pregnant for 10 months but the first month doesn't count to me seeing as I didn't even know I was pregnant.)

Abby is continuing to grow and develop. She can now FINALLY roll over and does it frequently. Before she could roll, but decided she was above that apparently. Instead, she chose to lay flat on her tummy and cry when she got frustrated. Now she realizes that rolling=a form of transportation. (although she still does do the frustrated tummy cry)

Abby prefers standing to any other activity now, especially if she is on our bed looking out the window into our neighbors backyard. But she'll also stand at the couch as I'm sitting on it, in the tub, and on the bench at church haming it up for anyone who sits behind us.

She is also very close to crawling. She'll get up on all fours and rock like she wants to take off, and then its as if she gets scared and just goes to her belly or she pushes herself back onto her bum. But I'm betting by 10 months she'll be doing it.

Other little tid-bits: She is cutting her top teeth, so lately she has been extra cranky, extra snotty, and extra drooly. She is also starting to get into everything, and she finds things on the floor I don't even see and puts it in her mouth...which causes me to dig in her mouth because she starts to choke. Looks like vacuuming every day may just be in order. She also loves to 'bounce dance'. She'll just be on her bum and bounce to music. It makes me proud! Lastly, she is starting to babble more; a sound I can't get enough of.
Nor can I get enough of her little face. Have I ever mentioned how much I love being this girls mama? Because I do! Abbigale Mae, I love you!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Music Monday: May 16th

I almost forgot! I know. All you readers out there would have been majorly disappointed. Well this song is the reason why we picked May 16th as our wedding day, and why my blog currently is titled It's Just Another Saturday.

Enjoy May 16th Acoustic by Joey Cape.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter-Take Two

Easter weekend wasn't the funnest for us. Mostly me. My body decided to get sick and I basically missed it. Saturday, after doing nothing all day, I dragged myself to my dads Easter concert that he was able to sing in with the Temple Square Choral. It was a fun date night and so nice to see my dad singing once again in the Tabernacle. The music was beautiful too! I just felt pretty miserable. But then when I woke up Sunday morning to shower, I realized I just needed to go back to bed. So I missed church, which I'm sure was wonderful, and I slept the whole time while Sam took Abby to church in her new cute Easter dress. However, being sick wasn't the only thing that went wrong that day. I never got shoes for Abby to go with her dress, so it just didn't look the same AND when I went to make dessert for my moms later that day (yes i went. for the food.) I burned it. And that was after telling my family how yummy the dessert was (my sister in law Ashley made it and I'll never go back to normal strawberry shortcake). Don't worry though, it still tasted ok, albeit burnt. But seriously, you should taste it not burned!

Long story short, since Easter was such a bummer and I took no pictures, I made us all dress up this Sunday as if it was Easter and take family pictures...Abby's new shoes and all.

Side note: I didn't get the memo to wear purple like Sam and Abby.
Side side note: actually, I was the one that caused them to match forgetting that I in fact did have a lavender shirt, even though I thought I didn't. (at least I painted my nails lavender.)
Showing off Abby's pretty dress.

I know, these pictures all look the same...but I couldn't decide which ones to post. Especially I love the 3rd pic.

Trying to show that both of us had white shoes/our little Easter Bunny with her little Easter bunny.
Despite not feeling well, I know that isn't what Easter is really about. I am so thankful for my savior. I know he lives and because of Him, we too can live again.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Music Monday: I Want To Love You Tender.

This music video is awesome in so many ways. My brother shared it with me on my Myspace a while back (could have been facebook). I mean wait til you see the brilliant background dancers. There movements are...astounding.
I could seriously watch it over and over again. And laugh every.single.time. Someday, I hope Sam and I can drive off into space in our car.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Kristen Stewart. She is a terrible actress. And I don't understand why she keeps getting casted. With her terrible acting and her mouth breathing, needless to say they could have done better. Here are a few people that would have made a better Bella Swan then the current.

Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries

Michelle Trachtenberg
Ashley Green...then again who would play Alice?
Even I would make a better Bella Swann.

Or maybe I could play Kristen Stewart herself, If there was ever a biographical movie made about her.

But lets be honest, that is never going to come to pass.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Music Monday: Home

This weekend was a bummy one. We were all sick, me missing church/Easter yesterday I was so crappy. Today I feel a little better, but I wanted a song to really get me moving. This song, Home by Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zero's did just the job.

I love this song. It was our summer 2010 anthem. It was a fantastic summer.
We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary

We went to Yellowstone with my family
And we enjoyed hikes, picnic's, rainstorms, and Holidays.
Yes summer of 2010, you rocked. Last summer I feel I got jipped. I was too pregnant and puffy to want to to anything for too long outside and then we had a little newborn. Not that it wasn't a fantastic summer but we didn't do much. (plus it rained for most of it.)

I can't wait for this coming summer!

Edit note: As my sister in law pointed out in the comments, we didn't celebrate our 2nd anniversary. It was in fact our first. I think i was thinking it was our second summer together. hahah. :) Thanks Ash!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Snapshots of Conference Weekend

I love General Conference weekend. I think it should be a few extra days! Nothing beats cuddling down with my family and listening to our church leaders.

Not working Friday night made the weekend extra awesome. Lunch date at Subway with Abby, attempting to play with bubbles, mission reunion with free OLIVE GARDEN, meeting Baby Jackson, (Abby is confused as you can tell) such a beautiful baby boy! Congratulations Tim and Ash! Girls night at Leatherbys, puff pancakes, Abby's bow in her hair without a headband and of course muddy buddies. Topped off the night by Chinese food at the Tappanas.

Such an uplifting weekend. Hope yours was great as well!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Music Tuesday

I decided last week I was going to do a new segment on my blog called Music Monday. But then I realized today was Tuesday. But Ima gunna do it anyway. Remember my post of how much I love Death Cab For Cutie here? Well their song Stay Young, Go Dancing is probably my all time favorite song of theirs. Especially after I just watched the music video. I can't believe I have never watched it before now.
So sweet! I just love how happy this song makes me.  And it makes me so excited to grow old with my husband, dancing all the while.  So Sam if you're reading this, to make my heart swoon you better take me dancing. And soon. (remember our contract I made you sign when we were first married. I still have it and I'm not afraid to use it.) Especially if its in the middle of nowhere.