Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Music Monday...er Tuesday

I decided last week I was going to do a new segment on my blog called Music Monday. But then I realized today was Tuesday. But Ima gunna do it anyway. Remember my post of how much I love Death Cab For Cutie here? Well their song Stay Young, Go Dancing is probably my all time favorite song of theirs. Especially after I just watched the music video. I can't believe I have never watched it before now.
So sweet! I just love how happy this song makes me.  And it makes me so excited to grow old with my husband, dancing all the while.  So Sam if you're reading this, to make my heart swoon you better take me dancing. And soon. (remember our contract I made you sign when we were first married. I still have it and I'm not afraid to use it.) Especially if its in the middle of nowhere.


  1. I haven't seen that video before either and it makes that song even better than it was before, which is hard :)

  2. gave me chills! i too havent seen the vid before- so sweet. and to stones comment above, twss

  3. Yet again...I still don't have speakers, so I have yet to listen to this amazing song. I have a feeling that Music Monday's are gonna make me mad for a little while. At least until I can get Tim to invest in some speakers...then I'll love them for sure! :)