Thursday, March 8, 2012


Ah music. I don't talk much about my love for music. Sometimes I just feel silly doing it because even though I don't know much about a certain band, I really love their songs. I may even love a song and have no idea who it is. Or love a song, but not the band. But Death Cab for Cutie? They are a different story.

For a long time, I just liked music because my brothers liked the band, and later because my boyfriend (Sam) liked the band. Not that I don't like the bands that Sam likes, because I do, but I didn't like it for me if that makes sense. I started listening to his bands because he did, and I enjoyed it. But I liked Death Cab for Cutie because I liked them.

The first time I heard "Soul Meets Body" from their Plans album in 2005, I automatically liked them. I liked them so much that Sam took me to Graywhale and bought me Transatlanticism. This album has been one of my favorites. You see, it was a changing point for me. A lot of changes were happening in 2005/2006. Every time I listen to this album it reminds me of those times, both good and bad. This album helped me through a hard time Sam and I went through, it helped me through my grandads funeral. It reminds me of being with Sam; of our dates and our long drives. Of buying 10 boxes of fruit by the foot in Tooele, driving around in his Fox, kissing him goodnight. It reminds me of our Communications class we took together at 7am and using "The Sound of Settling" to recite for the class. And I can't forget "The New Year" and playing it every new year since I've had the Album. And, as cheesy as this sounds, it got me through having to say goodbye to him when he left on his mission.

Their album Photo Album reminds me of my 20th birthday; driving around in the Fox, warm weather and horseback riding. The Album Narrow Stairs reminds me of being a newlywed. Their newest album, Codes and Keys, reminds me of bringing Abby home from the hospital. And can't forget that singing "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" to Abby makes her stop what she is doing and just watch me. I'm thinking that is her favorite song.

I'm no expert at this band. I don't claim to know everything about them. But I haven't loved a band this much since Backstreet Boys. From the music to the lyrics, they move me.

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