Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Me and Ali after the race
Lately, I have been really fond of running. It seems like all the sudden I got over the mental "I can't do this" block and realized that I can, in fact, run. True, I am not the fastest, and true, the longest I have yet to run is a 5k, but I love how running makes me feel.

On April 19th I ran my first 5k since having Madalyn, and in my opinion, I rocked it. Did I run it in 16 min or something crazy like the girl in first place did? Heck no. I didn't even run in in under 30, but it was the first time I have ever ran that 5k and not stopped to walk once. And for that I am proud, and I know I can do more. I hope to run many more races this year. The weight sure is taking its time to come off of me, but I feel like my fitness level is great! I realized that I can do hard things, and my body is thanking me for that. Someday this weight will get off my body, but for now I am truly grateful for the level of fitness I have achieved.
33:33. Better than when I trained

The morning of the 5k was an early one. We were up at 5, much to Sams grief. I am so glad I have such a supportive husband. He hates early mornings more than I hate fish, and yet he was willing to be there and cheer me on, even writing this way cute FB post. (I love social media declarations of love.)
We met Erik and Ali there. The guys stayed with our babes and Ali and I ran. The course was a really fun one. Mostly flat, hence why I was able to run straight through, and it went through some pretty downtown neighborhoods. And crossing the finish line and seeing my cute little family made the race that much more rewarding.
My cute cheerleaders.

After the race the 4 of us plus our cute kids went out to breakfast, where I ate my newly burned calories plus some. (hence the weight not coming off) To top off my great day, Sam let me sleep for almost 3 hours that afternoon!! The kids slept with me while he got dirt for our yard. Such a great guy I have.

Here's to more races!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Goodbye, MoTab

Yesterday, after 14 years of serving, my sweet mother said goodbye to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. My dad has his retirement 4 years ago, and as sad as I was to see him go, I wasn't this sad. My mom leaving means the end of my connection with the choir that I've had for 14 years. Because of my dad and moms willingness and passion to serve in this choir, I have had many, many wonderful experiences in the last 14 years associated with it. Stay tuned for later posts about some of my favorite choir memories.

It was a bittersweet day yesterday. We were able to attend the broadcast, and Sam and Ali were sweet enough to watch the broadcast in the visitors center with the kids so my brother and I could be in the Tabernacle. It was a beatiful broadcast. My mom said it was so hard to keep her composer when they started the first note of "Gently Raise The Sacred Strain," knowing it was her last time ever. After the broadcast, all family including kids, gathered in the Tabernacle for the retirements of my mom and 27 other members.

My mom getting recognized
Each memeber wrote about their time in the choir, were given a plaque, thanked for their service, and were able to get a picture with them and President Monson. Fun fact: President Monson grabbed my moms arm and started walking out with her. My mom didn't know what to do so she just followed him. President Monsons security guard stopped her from leaving with him. We think maybe he thought she was his daughter? Haha. Who knows. Pretty cool though.

After the program, we came back to my place for a yummy brunch. It was a really good day celebrating my moms time in the choir. She is somewhat relieved in a way I think. No more plannig family functions around the choir, General Conference will be spent in her PJs now, and Christmas time will be a lot less stressful for her. (although for the past 14 years the Christmas concert has been quite a tradition that I am going to miss terribly this year)
My sister, my mom, and me, with our choir badges on

I am so proud of both my parents for being in this wonderful choir. It has been amaizing to be able to share some of their experiences, and to see how singing truly is their passion. Thanks mom and dad, for your example to live your dreams. Love you both!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Life Lately: Precious Moments

 With this beautiful weather we have had recently, life lately has been spending a lot of time playing at the park, and Madalyn excited to one day join her sister on the toys.
 Life has been coming home from a meeting to see my little girls hanging out while daddy mowed the lawn. Its been Abby pushing Maddi on the swings. Depsite her face, Maddi did in fact enjoy it. Its been my first run in my new Nikes, and its been finding Abby, fast asleep, with her pants around her knees. 
 Life lately has been painting Maddi's nails for the first time, sister cuddles while watching Curious George, going for a walk and Abby adorably pointing out things to her sister, and its been a certain little toddler refusing to eat breakfast, but finding the peppers from the fridge instead to munch on. 
 Life has been that same toddler taking out the rest of the bread and lining it up on the floor, taking a bite out of each. Its been a chubby little baby after a bath. Life has been Maddi really upset with me for showering, and its been Abby learning how to hold a pen correctly all by herself. 
 Life has been an exciting train ride to go get my packet for my 5k, and while Abby loved it, Madalyn decided to sleep through it all. It's been finally reunited with cousins after months and months, and its been my snuggling sleeping girls, and to go along with that, it has been a melted heart mommy.
Lastly, life has been reading time with daddy, an unexpected precious selfie, more sister time (please excuse the scraggly toddler) and mall time, having fun in the mirror while daddy shopped. 

\I heart life.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy 8 Months, Cheeks.

 8 months already! I cannot believe how fast time is flying. This little girls is learning and growing and just getting cuter and cuter by the minute. At 8 months, little Maddi:

  • Is starting to get mobile. She can't quite crawl yet, but between rolling and scooting on her bum, she gets around. I can tell she is going to start crawing really soon though.
  • Her smile is contageous. My particular favorite smile is the picture on the left. I can't get enough of it and her two bottom teeth. And she constantly has a smile on her face!!
  • She now can clap and wave
  • She basically eats anything now, exept those few things babies can't eat yet, and likes pretty much anything except baby meats. But really, who likes those? They smell like cat food. I've never seen a baby gag so hard on anything else.
  • Nursing is still her favorite thing to do. And it is still mine too.
  • She gets really mad when we take something away from her that she shoudn't have, by tensing up her body and letting out a mad little grunt.
  • She can pick up little foods like puffs or yogurt bites and most of them make it in her mouth
  • She is constantly grabbing anything and everything within her reach
  • She is still a HUGE momma's girl, and when someone else has her she whines and keeps eye contact with me until she is safe in my arms again.
  • She loves to jump and bounce. Anytime we have her stand or even when she is on someones hip she bounces. 
  • She is officially in 9 month clothing, athough I do still stuff her in her 6 month clothes on cold days.
  • We got her first pair of Jelly shoes last week and I think she loves to eat them.
  • She weighs just a little over 17lbs, and is in size 3 diapers
We are so happy this little girl is in our family. She brightens up any dark day. Love you Madalyn Marie!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


This weekend was pretty fantastic. We played dress up and went to a wedding Friday, watched General Conference for my church, cleaned the house, and had a girls night while Sam went to Priesthood session on Saturday, and watched more conferene and went to my in-laws house for dinner on Sunday.

It was a really good, spiritually uplifting weekend. I must admit, I wasn't able to watch and listen as well as I wanted, but I am so thankful that we are able to read and listen to all of the talks, including Preisthood session, later. It was also a bittersweet conference, as it was my moms last one singing in the Mormon Tabernacle choir. I will miss having a connection to the choir.

I am so thankful that I am a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am thankful that as a woman, I have the role as a mother, to nurture my girls and help them grow into outstanding young women. I am thankful Sam is a worthy Priesthood holder and can give us girls blessings at any given time. I am thankful I had two wonderful parents who helped me grow in this
gospel. I love being a mormon!!