Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy 8 Months, Cheeks.

 8 months already! I cannot believe how fast time is flying. This little girls is learning and growing and just getting cuter and cuter by the minute. At 8 months, little Maddi:

  • Is starting to get mobile. She can't quite crawl yet, but between rolling and scooting on her bum, she gets around. I can tell she is going to start crawing really soon though.
  • Her smile is contageous. My particular favorite smile is the picture on the left. I can't get enough of it and her two bottom teeth. And she constantly has a smile on her face!!
  • She now can clap and wave
  • She basically eats anything now, exept those few things babies can't eat yet, and likes pretty much anything except baby meats. But really, who likes those? They smell like cat food. I've never seen a baby gag so hard on anything else.
  • Nursing is still her favorite thing to do. And it is still mine too.
  • She gets really mad when we take something away from her that she shoudn't have, by tensing up her body and letting out a mad little grunt.
  • She can pick up little foods like puffs or yogurt bites and most of them make it in her mouth
  • She is constantly grabbing anything and everything within her reach
  • She is still a HUGE momma's girl, and when someone else has her she whines and keeps eye contact with me until she is safe in my arms again.
  • She loves to jump and bounce. Anytime we have her stand or even when she is on someones hip she bounces. 
  • She is officially in 9 month clothing, athough I do still stuff her in her 6 month clothes on cold days.
  • We got her first pair of Jelly shoes last week and I think she loves to eat them.
  • She weighs just a little over 17lbs, and is in size 3 diapers
We are so happy this little girl is in our family. She brightens up any dark day. Love you Madalyn Marie!!

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  1. i love those little teethers too! she is so cute- how has it been 8 months already? i cant believe how big she is too. cute little girl!