Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Me and Ali after the race
Lately, I have been really fond of running. It seems like all the sudden I got over the mental "I can't do this" block and realized that I can, in fact, run. True, I am not the fastest, and true, the longest I have yet to run is a 5k, but I love how running makes me feel.

On April 19th I ran my first 5k since having Madalyn, and in my opinion, I rocked it. Did I run it in 16 min or something crazy like the girl in first place did? Heck no. I didn't even run in in under 30, but it was the first time I have ever ran that 5k and not stopped to walk once. And for that I am proud, and I know I can do more. I hope to run many more races this year. The weight sure is taking its time to come off of me, but I feel like my fitness level is great! I realized that I can do hard things, and my body is thanking me for that. Someday this weight will get off my body, but for now I am truly grateful for the level of fitness I have achieved.
33:33. Better than when I trained

The morning of the 5k was an early one. We were up at 5, much to Sams grief. I am so glad I have such a supportive husband. He hates early mornings more than I hate fish, and yet he was willing to be there and cheer me on, even writing this way cute FB post. (I love social media declarations of love.)
We met Erik and Ali there. The guys stayed with our babes and Ali and I ran. The course was a really fun one. Mostly flat, hence why I was able to run straight through, and it went through some pretty downtown neighborhoods. And crossing the finish line and seeing my cute little family made the race that much more rewarding.
My cute cheerleaders.

After the race the 4 of us plus our cute kids went out to breakfast, where I ate my newly burned calories plus some. (hence the weight not coming off) To top off my great day, Sam let me sleep for almost 3 hours that afternoon!! The kids slept with me while he got dirt for our yard. Such a great guy I have.

Here's to more races!!


  1. Wish I could run some 5k's with you this year! And I too thought it was super cute of Sam what he wrote on facebook that day. What a good guy. It reminds me of when they did it for us for the zombie run. Ah! So many memories that hurt my heart.

    I love the picture with Abby where it looks like she wants to be anywhere but taking a picture with you, haha. Keep up the good work exercise pal!

  2. im so proud of you for getting to that point where running is great! i always remember you being a fantastic runner at school. awesome job on the 5k! and sam is a catch, dont let him let you get away