Thursday, July 13, 2017

Andrew Samuel Tappana: 18 Months

My favorite little boy is now a year and a half. Its pretty crazy to think that I've only had him for 18 months, yet it seems like he has always been around.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I did not want to have a boy. I pictured myself having all girls, because I already had two and I knew how to raise girls. I didn't know how to entertain a busy boy and I was scared in my ability to do so. I cried in the ultrasound when I found out and the last half of my pregnancy was filled with anxiety, because I thought I wouldn't be good enough. And then they laid my chunky 9.5 pound boy on my chest in the hospital and all those fears and anxiety melted away. I was immediately smitten and have been ever since.

Andy has brought nothing but joy into this house. Well, joy and a bit of frustration at times, lets be honest. I never knew how different a little boy could be from my girls, but he is so different in so many ways!! I love it!!

Andy loves carrying around sticks. You will usually find him with one in each hand. I frequently find them in my house and have to throw them outside while I'm cleaning. He laughs when he toots, and the other day as I was getting him ready for the bath, he peed all over the floor and thought it was hilarious. He loves driving cars on the floor and he has a pretty good arm when he throws balls. One of his most favorite things to do is play catch. I've had many balls hit me in the face or neck or chest because I'm not paying attention to his throwing. On the other hand, we will find him also cuddling the girls dolls, which is adorable.

Andy is also trouble. He does things my girls have NEVER done. He won't stay off the table. If someone is sitting at the table, he climbs right up and walks around. He's even fallen off (thank goodness not too injured) and doesn't learn. He will climb back up. He also colors on things. I think I caught each of my girls coloring on something they shouldn't maybe one time each. He is frequent. The other day, I walked in to the living room by finding blue chalk drawn on the floor, on the rocking chair, and on the couches with him smiling, still holding the blue chalk.He also loves playing in things he shouldn't, like toilets, and when we catch him he hurries and gets as much play in as he can before we grab him.

Some of Andys favorite things include: me and Sam. He loves both of us pretty equally now. But usually at night once Sam is home, he spends most the time with him, which makes me happy. He loves cuddling. He will frequently come up to me and wrap his little arms around my neck and puts his head on my shoulder and just sits there. I can't get enough of it. He loves his big sisters and he loves ruining his big sisters games by taking their dolls or barbies or whatever they are playing with. He loves his morning chocolate milk and freaks out if I don't get it to him fast enough. He loves playing peak-a-boo by hiding around walls and popping his head out or squatting down behind the couch or his crib and popping up. He loves helping me unload the dishwasher, which is super cute, and he loves messing up my laundry as I try to fold it.  And he LOVES his binkies. I used to be so strict on no binkies in the day time by this age. But right now, being pregnant and tired and all, I let it slide much to Sams dismay. He also loves books and will frequently stuff one in my hands and crawl on my lap. And he loves jumping off things in mine and Sams arms, or on soft cushions.

A few things Andy hates, which actually isn't too much: getting bathed. He likes the bath until its time to wash him, and then watch out world. Not getting his milk fast enough, as i mentioned above. We took him to nursery the past two Sundays. The first Sunday he was sad, but stayed in. This past week he cried the whole time. Hopefully he warms up to it fast. And he hates getting his face wiped off. Its the end of the world for him.

Andy doesn't say much yet. He grunts and points a lot and we can understand him. He uses his own sign language too, and we decipher that pretty well. But he can say "No" and does quite frequently. He says "uh-oh" when something drops, and he says "mama" really well. He also says "hot" when he sees things boiling on the stove or when he touches the hot sidewalk etc. But he is really smart and understands us a lot when we ask him to do stuff. He just knows that we can understand him when he grunts.

Andy, you are the best little boy this mama could ask for. You bring such a light and joy into our home, and keep us on our toes. Thank you for choosing us as your parents. I am the luckiest mom in the whole world!!!


  1. I love that he grunts. Ammon grunted for so long and it used to worry me, but in hindsight it was the best. Also, I love reading about him as well since I don't know him like your girls. Sounds like him and Kendrick would have a blast causing boy trouble together. He's growing to such a big, cute boy. Wish I could see it in person!

  2. he is seriously the cutest!!! i love the new top of the blog too!