Thursday, March 25, 2010

Slowly Dying

So i'm at work right now. It's a very slow day. Not too many customers or extra work to do so naturally, my day is going slow too. And it's 10 min to my lunch and I am famished, and trying not to think of the last donut that sits in the vault, right by my desk. I have to keep reminding myself that although kind of good in the moment, (depending on the brand) donuts always make me feel gross and chubby afterwords.

Besides the donut, I'm thinking about life in general. Where I was a year ago, where I am now, and where I'll be in a year. Time flyes. Last year, I was finishing up my last semester at SUU, and missing my fiance terribly. Now I'm married, working full time, and going to the U for something I really dislike (thus changing my mind about where i want my life to go for the hundreth time). I was laying in bed the other morning, waking up from a dream I had where I was down at SUU dancing in Kay Andersons class. I was so happy to be dancing, when I woke up bummed for a second because I don't have dance anymore. But then Sam rolled over to me and cuddled me for a bit and that is all I needed. I did't have him at SUU. He makes me so happy! Sure, my future is a bit blurry. I don't know what I'm going to do after this semester, but I'm happy and in love!! We are moving to a new place where I can have my own furniture, we have gotten a bed, an entertainment center, and just today a table (100 bucks, brand new. Steal!). We both have secure jobs, I'll soon be in a new ward, and we have friends and a close family! Life is great! Someday something will catch my career eye, (someting may even be brewing in my thoughts, i just have to put it into action) but for now I'm content.