Thursday, May 26, 2011

32 Weeks and Counting...

There it is, The 32 week bump. I only have about EIGHT WEEKS LEFT!! I can't believe I'll soon be holding my baby girl!

So here's whats going on with me at 32 weeks of pregnancy:
  • I got heartburn medication from my doctor and I've been living heartburn free for over a week now.
  • I haven't throw up in I think 4 weeks now? I'm not keeping track anymore seeing as last time I ruined my streak I was very upset. I still get sick and gaggy in the morning, but for the most part I'm doing great! (knock wood)
  • Due to my excess of puffiness, I can no longer wear my ring. I'm very sad about that. 
This is what my feet and legs look like every day after work.
  • It's getting uncomfortable to stand too long...or to sit too long...or to lay too long...basically I'm starting to get really uncomfortable all the time.
  • Sam thinks it's funny to watch me get off our couch or the floor. And I think it's funny too.
  • I still am eating tons of cereal: breakfast and night time snack. 
  • Speaking of eating, before I was pregnant my one dream was to be able to use my belly as a table. And that time is now.
Strawberries with sugar, a delicacy for a pregnant girl.

  • I now have doctors appointments every two weeks, so things are really counting down.
  • I get pretty winded doing simple things, such as walking up a slight incline, changing laundry, getting dressed, putting on my socks. You know, daily activities is all.
  • Abbie (we changed her shortened spelling we think.) loves to wiggle and kick, particularly my right side and now she is finding my ribs. I love watching my tummy move and poke around.
  • I may or may not almost pee my pants (or pee a little) when I cough, sneeze, gag, or laugh. And I am known to get up at least 4 times a night to use the bathroom.
I think at 8 months pregnant, things are going pretty good for me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happily Married: 2 Years and Counting.

Warning: this post will contain major sap. But it being about my dashingly good-looking husband and our anniversary, I think this sap it justified.

We had such a great Two-year Anniversary. We decided to go all out, even though we are trying to save money for when baby girl gets here. We decided it was our last anniversary without babies, so we would do something special. So I (it was my turn to plan this year) booked us a room at the Anniversary Inn in Logan. And it was totally worth it.

I originally booked one of the cheapest rooms I could find, Aphrodite's Court. It was, like I said, one of the cheapest ($99 a night if we booked Sunday thru Thursday). Well a week before our anniversary, I got a call from the Anniversary Inn saying our room was under maintenance, so they could give us any other room for the same rate. So instead, we found ourselves in the Hawaiian Paradise room, originally $199 a night. Boom UPGRADE!! And we were not disappointed in the least.

So Sunday we packed up our things and headed to Logan for one of the best weekends we've had in a very long time. After check in, we exchanged gifts. Sam got me the cutest purse and earrings. He picked them out himself, and did a fantastic job. And since I live for purses, I was super excited. He done good. I got him a camcorder. I decided it was a good present for a future dad, and really, it's for both of us. He loved it. I was worried I was buying it for me and giving it to him (because I've wanted one forever before we have a baby) but I was pleased to know that he does love it. The rest of the time, we just relaxed, played in the awesome shower and HUGE jet tub, and enjoyed our complimentary cheesecake and sparkling apple cider. In the morning we had a yummy breakfast delivered to our door. I felt like we were on our honeymoon all over again. Except thankfully on our honeymoon I wasn't so big with child.

After we checked out of the room at 2 on Monday, (our actual anniversary) we stopped by our favorite restaurant in Logan, The Bluebird. I got the famous Bluebird Chicken and Sam got a Ruben (death) sandwich. And I suppose we did look like honeymooners, because when I got up to use the bathroom a cute little lady saw my belly and stopped me and said, "I thought you were on your honeymoon, but I guess not!" I told her it was our 2 year anniversary and she congratulated us. But I guess we still have it.

After a depressing (on my part) ride home (I didn't want to leave ever) we went to see Source Code. It was a very good movie in my opionion. When we got home from that, we ate left over Bluebird and watched Veronica Mars and Lost, while I slowly got back into reality and did our laundry.

So here is where the sap comes in, the part where I express my undying love to my most wonderful husband. As most of you know, (or all of you...I feel very few people read this blog that wouldn't know) Sam and I have been together for a long time, starting out just as little adolescent teens. I thought dating Sam was fun. And it was. I have very fond memories of being his girlfriend, especially after high school. But nothing compares to what these two years have been. I can't even put into words how much I love my husband, and how much that love grows daily. He makes me laugh, he makes me feel pretty, and he still makes me feel swoony and dizzy when he kisses me. He doesn't care when I cry over dumb things, he'll just sit and comfort me. He has cleaned up my puke from just about anywhere you can imagine, and when I can't sleep because he is breathing heavy or snoring, he'll just go on the couch without complaint. (much to my guilt however.) He is so thoughtful. He is always putting me first, sometimes putting my selfish wants before his own. He is understanding, kind, considerate, and very much a gentleman. And he is the most handsome guy I know. I don't know how I got him. I don't know how I tricked him into loving me back, but the best part is, is that he does. He is the best husband I could ever ask for. He is all that and more. I love you, Samuel James Tappana. I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow. I will love you forever.

Hey I warned you about the sap.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A few of my favorite things.

I was reading the news today and got a little scared/depressed. There are just so many horrible things that go on in this world. Sometimes I get so caught up thinking of the negativity in this world and getting myself worked up in a tizzy, that I forget to look at the good things in this world. And so, I decided to write a blog focusing on the positive things in my life, or in other words, the things I love!
  • What is a blog of writing about the things I love, if I don't put my dear husband on the first bullet point? Not a very good one. I love Samuel James Tappana. He lifts me up whenever I get feeling blue.
  • My little precious baby girl. I love her already so much. I love her little nudges reminding me she loves me too. I can't wait to see her. (in approx. 10 1/2 weeks!!!)
  • My family. I don't know what I'd do without them.
  • My in-law family. I married into an awesome one!
  • Lemon propels. They sure do make the chore of drinking enough water an easy task.
  • Chocolate. I don't need to explain this one.
  • Pepcid AC. I take this because of the chocolate, among other foods...
  • Little girl baby clothes. I am all googly over them!
  • Dreams. I love my dreams. They keep me so entertained at night!
  • Purses. I'd buy a new one every week if I could. They always fit.
  • Shoes. Same obsession as purses.
  • My Savior, Jesus Christ. How thankful I am for Him. For his sacrifice.
  • Warm sunny days. We need more of them
  • The smells of freshly mown grass, wet cement from sprinklers, and flowers.
  • Finding new blogs to stalk on busy  work days like this.
  • 5:00. Because then I get off work.
  • Weekends. (especially this upcoming weekend, being my ANNIVERSARY!)
And now I feel much better. :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ode to the TV Moms.

In honor of it being my first Mothers Day (you can count it when you're pregnant right? I mean I am carrying a cute little baby that gives me heartburn, makes my back ache, and still makes me throw up. I think I deserve recognition no?) I've decided to compose a list of TV moms to teach me how to be the best mom I can be.

First and foremost, one of my favorite TV moms is none other than Lorelai Gilmore. She's got wit, she's got charm, and she's got really good fashion sense. No Mom Jeans for her. She raised her daughter Rory from age 16 (not condoning it) all by herself, and heck she did a pretty good job seeing as Rory is the smartest in her class at Stars Hollow High and soon transfers to Chilton, and after high school goes to Yale University.

Tactics that worked in raising Rory?
  1. Friend first, mom second. But she was a mom when she needed to be. (which was rare seeing as Rory was so good) Obviously this being a fictional show, being a friend more than a mom might not be the best.
  2. Knows how to have a kicken' movie night getting take out and buying junk food, watching some fun movie.
  3. Lorelai knows her pop culture, which really makes her the 'cool mom'
  4. She sacrificed a lot of her time/energy in wanting the best for Rory.
Next in line, a mother to idolize, a mother to want to be, a mother only a child can love...and even then that might be stretching it. None other than Lucille Blooth. Probably one of the most horrible mothers there ever was. Manipulative, materialistic, and hyper critical of every member of her family, here are tactics that work for her.
  1. Purposely trying to hit her son Gob with her car on an expired license...then somehow finagling her other son Michael, who got knocked out in the crash, into the drivers side so it look as though he was the one who caused it.
  2. Because of her manipulative ways, she has dominance over her youngest son Buster, causing him to be unstable, socially inept, and prone to panic attacks. Because of this, Lucille adopts a Korean boy and lets him do things Buster was never allowed, making Buster miserable.
  3. Constantly making remarks to her daughter Lindsay about how fat she is.
  4. Keeping herself half drunk to escape the demands of her hard motherhood.
Oh Lucille, you've just won the award for "Best Mother to NOT Emulate"

Thirdly, is Mrs. Amanda King, spy extraordinaire. No kidding. This is a mother to be like. Full time mother, part time secret agent, Amanda will spend the day chasing the bad guy, detonating  bombs,  and still have dinner on the table by 6.

What works for her:
  1. She is always the first person to volunteer at the PTA bake sale. Even if she is in the middle of an important case.
  2. She keeps her house in tip top shape, while juggling all her other housewife duties
  3. She always makes sure her sons, Phillip and Jamie, get well-balanced meals.
  4. She never misses a baseball game.
So, if you've never heard of Scarecrow and Mrs. King, you're missing out on great lessons of being a super mom.

The last mom to highlight, Marie Barone. She is the matriarch of the Barone family. She is controlling, manipulative, intrusive, and over-nurturing to her favorite son Raymond. She is a fantastic housewife who exceeds in cooking, cleaning, and all things related into being a mother. And lets her daughter-in-law Debra, know how good she is.
Tactics that work for Marie:
  1. Like I said, great cook. And she always tells Debra how she isn't a great cook.
  2. Prefers Raymond over Robert. Every mom should have a favorite kid right? Mine will be Abby...until the next one comes. Then who knows. :)
  3. She's always there...constantly. Much to Debra's (and sometimes Ray's) displeasure.
  4. She's very dramatic. I think it's a moms right to be dramatic. She did, after all, carry and birth her sons. I plan to be a dramatic mom.