Thursday, October 20, 2016

Abbigale Mae-5 years old.

I'm only about 3 months late with this blog. Blogging has just been put on the back burner since starting work. Even reading blogs sadly has gone the way of the world. Which is a shame, because that is my favorite thing to do. So I'm going to try to get back into reading blogs. At least the blogs of my favorite people. Anyway, since i use these as journal entries, I decided it is time to update about my most favorite little 5 year old ever. 

Abby is sure a one of a kind little girl with a huge imagination. For her birthday she got a Baby Alive doll for her and basically treats that, along with several other dolls, as her children. Sometimes heading out of the house is tricky because we have to make sure she isn't sneaking too many dolls or doll accessories that will get lost and left behind. The two girls (but mostly Abby) treat their dolls Summer and Bailey as part of our family and i love it. Sometimes i hate it, but mostly, i love it.

Abby started Kindergarten this year. She is super smart and is loving learning how to read. However, she is also VERY social and the teacher had to talk to me about Abby not listening to her and talking to all her friends. She even had to leave class one day and brought home a note for me to sign. Now she has a little behavior sticker chart at home and when she fills that up from being good, she can get a toy. Last I spoke to her teacher Miss. King, she is getting better.


Her socializing isn't all bad though. She taught me a big lesson one day. She was at the park with one night with Sam while i was at work. Sam texted me that there was a little girl there. Abby said she wanted to show this little girl her doll Summer. Sam asked her if that little girl was her friend. Abby said "No, but i'm going to make her one." Seeing that text made me realize what a wonderful little girl I have, and taught me a lesson to always be friendly and seek out friendships rather than judging or being afraid that someone won't like me. 

Abby is into boys a ton lately. And marriage. She can't wait to get married. One of the boys in our ward, who happens to be in her class, is her supposed boyfriend. She is constantly talking about Logan and how she is in love with him and how they will be getting married when they are older. "but not for a long time because i'm not ready to have kids yet mom." Here is a conversation i had over text with Logans mom.
Me texting Amy: "mom, did you know when i first saw Logan I fell in looooove with him? Thats why he's my boyfriend."
Amy: Logan: "Mom, i am not her boyfriend and we are not in love. She told everyone at school that! Its embarrassing!" 

Haha. He is a good sport though it seems, since they are still friends and still like to play. I did have to tell her to tone it down at school and maybe stop telling every one they are boyfriend and girlfriend.  And apparently, he has wedding rings for both of them and picked out the temple they will get married in. He just doesn't want to do the whole boyfriend thing first. Oh these kids are adorable.
You can totally see how nervous these two look to start kindergarten.

Other things abby loves: the kids youtube, her barbies, her brother and sister, swimming, playing at the park, socializing/being anywhere but home. (which is hard on her introvert mom) Mario,  ramen noodles, chocolate, kids meals from Old McDonalds, donuts, peppers, raw green beans, her daddy, taking showers and princesses. 
As you can see by her face, maddie Adores her big sister too.

She is such a huge helper to me, and has often helped me with the younger two if i am busy with something. (she has changed multiple poopy diapers for me without me asking, because she knows i would tell her she didn't have to) She has helped maddie go potty, calmed down Andy when i can't, even has fed him at night while Sam has been busy doing things. She is such just such a wonderful child and I am so glad she is ours forever. I love you Abbigale Mae, to the moon and back.