Monday, April 29, 2013

Life Lately, According to my Phone.

 Life lately has been enjoying a Costco run, playing bubbles with Daddy (her favorite thing in the world to ask him for as soon as he walks in the door), Trying to stand the smell of Weasly long enough to change laundry, and lots of playing in the yard.
 It's been going to Grammy and Papa's to be babysat...and being so excited she could hardly contain herself. It's been insisting on two sippy cups, and mama not caring because it meant she was drinking. It's been Abby doing some morning yoga, and trying to change her babies bum.
 Life has been finding the Cheerio's in Grammy's cupboard, placing her bumbo on the couch and then climbing into it, and feeling quite proud of herself. It's been watching Lion King with daddy, and it's been too tuckered out to eat. 
Life has been a family trip to Ikea....and loving almost every minute of it. Also, it's been rediscovering that Abby does in fact have my nose. She looks so much like her daddy I was worried she had nothing of mine anymore (except my temper.)

 Life has been plugging her nose because her diaper smelled bad, it's been being adorable in the bath tub. Life has been looking cool in her new dollar glasses, and it's been tuckered out on a Sunday morning and not wanting to wake her for church.
And, life has been zoned out to the TV (I know I know. So many TV shots. I promise we do in fact do more things together. She is just so cute in her Bumbo) It's been hanging out with Ammon and enjoying Lion King. Life has been a beautiful Sunday afternoon driving with the Sunroof open. And it's been Abby, refusing to eat anything other than broccoli and tomatoes at her Grandma Sues, but coming home and snarfing down some Spaghetti. 

Yep. Life has been pretty good. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This blog post is really more of a journal entry, because Abby was ridiculously cute yesterday and I want to remember the cute little things (and not so cute little things) she did.

So, to start my day off, I had a doctors appointment. Well, Abby was fine all the way up...until we pulled into the parking lot where she puked. Poor girl got carsick. Well, me being pregnant knew it wasn't a good thing. So, I dreadfully got out of my car to try and clean her up. One wipe of it and I threw up as well. Right in the parking lot. And of course, I pulled a Jerry.
The joys of being pregnant.
Anyway, so sure that story isn't cute, but memorable. Throughout the rest of the day we visited daddy for lunch, took a nap, watched some Sesame Street, and picked up daddy from the train.

That night, Sam had young mens so it was again just her and I at home. Well, I was changing her bum and got excited to watch Anastasia with her. I picked her up after I got done and started singing one of the songs with her while swaying. Much to my surprise, Abby put her little hands on both sides of my face, looked at me, and said "bop!" I said to her "did you just tell mommy to stop." She simply said "da" and went about playing. Little stinker. My cute little stinker.

Later while we were watching the movie, as Dimitri (i know I spelled it wrong) and Anya were dancing, she climbed on my lap, took my hand and said "dance." Of course I immediately started dancing...I mean how can you say no to that? You can't. You just can't. My heart melted that she wanted to dance with mommy, especially after telling me to stop dancing and singing earlier.

After the movie, it was time to get ready for bed. I took her up to get her ready for the bath. She acted upset I was going to take her diaper off and pointed to her bum. I ignored it and kept undressing her. I filled up her bath, stuck her in. She started playing while I did my hair for work. Well, a few minutes later I looked at her in the mirror only to see 2 brown logs floating along with her toys. Mind you Sam is not around again for this. So i immediately take her out and have to clean up all by myself. Which again, isn't an easy task being so gaggy. Well, don't worry, no puke this time. And now I know why she pointed to her bum and didn't want her diaper off. Perhaps potty training is coming soon?

Abby really enjoyed running around butt naked while I cleaned up her mess. Seriously, she was bouncing off the walls just giggling all the while. And of course once I was done, Sam came home. I think he timed that one.

Thanks for the memorable day Abby. Mama sure does love you to bits and tiny pieces.

Monday, April 22, 2013

So This Is Love, dadadada

Its no shock when I say I love my husband. I am pretty sure I've written many a mooshy blog about just how much I love him. In fact, a few weeks ago at church as he was on the stand (looking dashing in his suit) helping the young men with sacrament, I got this overwhelming feeling once again just how much I love him. But you know what the best most greatest feeling in the world is? He loves me back. He loves little ordinary me. Of all the girls in the world (and he had his picks) he chose me. And I just keep getting further proof of how much he loves me, even after almost 4 whole years of marriage.

Here is just some of the proof:

  • One morning as he was leaving to work, as he kissed me goodbye in bed, (I was half alert at this time) I felt him tucking in the sheets to make me more comfortable. 
  • He is always running about getting me slurpees or cereal or whatever else baby is wanting.
  • On days I'm the most sick, he comes home after a long day of work and makes dinner. 
  • He encourages me with my silly dreams and ideas.
  • He let me have his bagel this morning for breakfast, even though I've already had my 3. (I didn't even ask!)
  • He calls me pretty, even when I don't think I look it. 
  • He will rub my feet or back or whatever else is aching on me.
  • He will listen patiently while I rant about something unpleasant.
  • Saturday morning when Abby woke up in a fit of crying and kicking at 3am, he got up with her and let me sleep.
  • He calls me while he is at work almost every day, and will text me throughout the day.
  • And, Sam makes me the best Samwiches as I call them. Grilled cheese or meat with tomatoes and lettuce, they are always better when he makes them.
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return."

I love you Sam. And I know you love me.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snapshots of Conference Weekend

I just love her face here

Conference Breakfast

Abby choosing broccoli over french fries. 

Loving her bumbo...I don't think she will be too keen to share it once baby arrives. 

Popcorn hog. 

A selfi, because I felt really cute this day

The only way to get her downstairs to watch conference

Grammy taught her how to dip her fingers in things and lick it. Thanks Grammy.

My adorable 1 year old nephew Jack enjoying his birthday cake.
Conference weekend was such a wonderful weekend. Starting out Friday when I didn't have work, (nor did I work the night before so I got a full FOUR nights of sleep) eating delicious food,  and spending so much time with my little family. I just love conference. It was so uplifting and inspiring. Just what I needed to hear.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I am now officially half way through my pregnancy people! HALF WAY!!! 20 whole weeks!!! Seriously, my pregnancy was going fast up til about 17 weeks and then these past 3 weeks just slowed way down. Hopefully it picks up again and before I know it we will be meeting our little baby for the first time.

In the mean time, I will live off her tiny little nudges, that are beginning to get stronger and more frequent. I'll enjoy the rare times I feel great. (this past week was fabulous, but it all came tumbling out this morning after work. Spaghetti is back off the menu) and I will enjoy the last few months of Abby being an only child.

Speaking of that girl, I wasn't going to do an update on her until she was two, but she has changed so much since her 18 month update, that I just want to write a few quick things down that my cute spunky toddler is doing now days at 20 months old.

Abby is still a very small girl. She maybe weighs 21 pounds now? Either way, she gets my arms good when we play up and down and I toss her in the air.

Things Abby loves: She loves Sesame Street and gets upset if I dare turn on anything else. She loves her bubbles and begs for them all day. She also loves her books and sometimes the only way I can watch a show of my own is to keep her occupied with books. Abby loves going on walks, especially when I let her walk. In fact, she gets antsy in her stroller easily, especially when she sees a park is near. Speaking of parks, Abby loves to play at the park, particularly the swings. And mostly, Abby just loves to be outside. She also loves to give high-fives and if she gives one person a high five, she has to give everyone in the room a high five. Oh and she loves running around the kitchen and living-room  She would run circles all day if we let her. And boy does she love her daddy. She squeals in delight every night he walks in the door. I get less of an enthusiastic greeting when I come home.

Things Abby hates: My child is very...whats the word....oh stubborn. She knows what she wants and sometimes won't allow anything else. Sometimes if she doesn't want milk or food, she will flail her arms and hide her face, instead of just saying no. She hates when I try and talk to her during Sesame Street and will often shush me. Yesterday when she was watching it, I was upstairs and I turned on the blow dryer. All the sudden, I heard yelling so I peeked down the stairs in time to see her waiving her arms and pointing up and me while yelling, and then huffed off. That's right folks. She was mad I dared make noise while her show was on. Oh and she HATES it when Sam and I hug or cuddle or anything. She will try and push us apart with all her might (shaking she tries so hard) while yelling "no!"  She also hates smelly things, and will often plug her nose if we are changing her poopy diaper, if we have bad breath, or if somebody toots. Little stinker.

Things Abby says: Boy this child learns new words every day. She knows how to say most her body parts, come back, bubbles, Jesus, mustache of all things thanks to Sesame Street, bless you, various animal sounds, amen, please, thank you, drink, she can ask "going bye bye?", ball, bread, lets go, and basically she is good at coping people.

What we are looking forward to: Teething being over with! She is getting her two year old molars and this past week and a half has been rough-especially at night. Lets just say Sam and I are walking zombies.