Monday, April 22, 2013

So This Is Love, dadadada

Its no shock when I say I love my husband. I am pretty sure I've written many a mooshy blog about just how much I love him. In fact, a few weeks ago at church as he was on the stand (looking dashing in his suit) helping the young men with sacrament, I got this overwhelming feeling once again just how much I love him. But you know what the best most greatest feeling in the world is? He loves me back. He loves little ordinary me. Of all the girls in the world (and he had his picks) he chose me. And I just keep getting further proof of how much he loves me, even after almost 4 whole years of marriage.

Here is just some of the proof:

  • One morning as he was leaving to work, as he kissed me goodbye in bed, (I was half alert at this time) I felt him tucking in the sheets to make me more comfortable. 
  • He is always running about getting me slurpees or cereal or whatever else baby is wanting.
  • On days I'm the most sick, he comes home after a long day of work and makes dinner. 
  • He encourages me with my silly dreams and ideas.
  • He let me have his bagel this morning for breakfast, even though I've already had my 3. (I didn't even ask!)
  • He calls me pretty, even when I don't think I look it. 
  • He will rub my feet or back or whatever else is aching on me.
  • He will listen patiently while I rant about something unpleasant.
  • Saturday morning when Abby woke up in a fit of crying and kicking at 3am, he got up with her and let me sleep.
  • He calls me while he is at work almost every day, and will text me throughout the day.
  • And, Sam makes me the best Samwiches as I call them. Grilled cheese or meat with tomatoes and lettuce, they are always better when he makes them.
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return."

I love you Sam. And I know you love me.


  1. cute :). I'm so glad that the Tappana men are such awesome husbands! We're all so lucky to be married to men that spoil us :).

  2. you guys are the cutest in the whole world! sam really is one of a kind- i even tell my mom i dont think anyone works as well as you two do. that samsters, quite the catch he got in you