Monday, April 29, 2013

Life Lately, According to my Phone.

 Life lately has been enjoying a Costco run, playing bubbles with Daddy (her favorite thing in the world to ask him for as soon as he walks in the door), Trying to stand the smell of Weasly long enough to change laundry, and lots of playing in the yard.
 It's been going to Grammy and Papa's to be babysat...and being so excited she could hardly contain herself. It's been insisting on two sippy cups, and mama not caring because it meant she was drinking. It's been Abby doing some morning yoga, and trying to change her babies bum.
 Life has been finding the Cheerio's in Grammy's cupboard, placing her bumbo on the couch and then climbing into it, and feeling quite proud of herself. It's been watching Lion King with daddy, and it's been too tuckered out to eat. 
Life has been a family trip to Ikea....and loving almost every minute of it. Also, it's been rediscovering that Abby does in fact have my nose. She looks so much like her daddy I was worried she had nothing of mine anymore (except my temper.)

 Life has been plugging her nose because her diaper smelled bad, it's been being adorable in the bath tub. Life has been looking cool in her new dollar glasses, and it's been tuckered out on a Sunday morning and not wanting to wake her for church.
And, life has been zoned out to the TV (I know I know. So many TV shots. I promise we do in fact do more things together. She is just so cute in her Bumbo) It's been hanging out with Ammon and enjoying Lion King. Life has been a beautiful Sunday afternoon driving with the Sunroof open. And it's been Abby, refusing to eat anything other than broccoli and tomatoes at her Grandma Sues, but coming home and snarfing down some Spaghetti. 

Yep. Life has been pretty good. 


  1. I'm glad to see that she ate her spaghetti after all. :) And that picture of her with the other Ammon sure is adorable!

  2. oh my gosh thats the cutest shirt in the whole world (ikea ones). abby does look a lot like sam but you too, ESP the nose! hahahaha i cant believe she still fits in her bumbo! landon outgrew that at like 5 months. shes so adorable!

  3. We haven't been to Ikea in forever! That picture makes me want to take a trip :). Cute, cute pictures. I need to hire you for my daily photographer so I can have cute pictures too. I just love her!