Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Snapshots of Conference Weekend

I just love her face here

Conference Breakfast

Abby choosing broccoli over french fries. 

Loving her bumbo...I don't think she will be too keen to share it once baby arrives. 

Popcorn hog. 

A selfi, because I felt really cute this day

The only way to get her downstairs to watch conference

Grammy taught her how to dip her fingers in things and lick it. Thanks Grammy.

My adorable 1 year old nephew Jack enjoying his birthday cake.
Conference weekend was such a wonderful weekend. Starting out Friday when I didn't have work, (nor did I work the night before so I got a full FOUR nights of sleep) eating delicious food,  and spending so much time with my little family. I just love conference. It was so uplifting and inspiring. Just what I needed to hear.


  1. Conference, going out to Chili's all together, then Jack's birthday party together...yes it was a good weekend! And you do look cute in that picture of yourself :)

  2. you LOOK super cute in that picture! and not pregnant at all, let alone halfway. personally, i think abby is crazy for choosing broccoli over fries but on the other hand, more for maddie. love and miss you guys!