Sunday, August 29, 2010

Memory Lane

This time of year can be said to be "mine and Sam's" time of year. We officially became boyfriend and girlfriend for the first time October 31, 2001, but every time after that, it seemed we got back together between now and then, so now every fall it a special time for us.

Tonight we went to my parents for dinner. I don't know if I was feeling nostalgic or what, but my mom and sister and I went for a walk and it just brought me back to when I was a young girl, exploring my neighborhood. I had so many memories of when I was younger. When I got home, I was still in this daze and we were in the kitchen. My mom grows tomatoes every year and Sam has always been a big fan, and all the sudden, it was like we were younger again, and sitting in the kitchen talking while Sam ate a tomato. And it hit me. My boyfriend when I was a kid (really a teenager) is now my husband. The boy I met when we were fifteen years old is now going to be with me forever. Basically all of my teenage years were spent with him. It is just such a surreal and wonderful feeling. After high school when I realized I wanted to marry Sam, it seemed like forever that it would actually happen. Through out his mission, I remember thinking he would never get home and our lives would never move on. When he got home, I thought he would never ask me to marry him, and then when he did I thought May 16th would never come. But it did. Now here we are, all grown up and been married over a year. It's nights like tonight, that I can't believe my luck. I am married to the guy I most wanted, the only guy I ever really loved. He is mine forever. And it's a wonderful feeling. I love you Sam Tappana. You are the best thing that ever happened to me!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

When I was in my last year at SUU, I had an amazing Relief Society. They decided to do a Book of Mormon challenge in which we read it before Christmas break. Sorry to say, I didn't finish on time, but it was still just a wonderful thing for us to do as a ward. Much like the Book Of Mormon challenge President Hinckly gave us to read the Book Of Mormon by the end of the year, this challenge brought a greater spirituality in our lives and we grew closer as a ward.

Sam and I decided to do a Book Of Mormon challenge together. We followed the outline of the one I had in college. We started last Sunday, and already we feel the closeness it is bringing us. We feel closer to the spirit, and with that, the spirit is stronger in our home. I've found when I have so much to do, but I fit in reading my scriptures, I'm able to accomplish more. I am getting more out of my reading this time around then I ever have. I'm so happy that Sam and I can do this together and continue to grow with it!