Thursday, February 23, 2012

Abbigale Tappana: Future Seeker.

Abby is now 7 months old. I didn't even realize she was until me and Sam were at a young mens/womens activity and someone asked how old she was. The 6 month flew by and now Abby is another month. Time is going by way too quickly.

Abby is continually getting cuter each day. I keep thinking the stage she is in is my favorite and then she grows and learns new things and all the sudden that is my favorite stage. Probably the most favorite thing she learned this past month was her realizing that she knows that I'm just not another person, I am her mom. It melts my heart every time she gets excited to see me. And not only that but she'll reach out to me and give me a big hug and a kiss. Yes. A real kiss. Last month I was pretty sure that is what it was, now I know for certain. She gives the sweetest kisses ever.

Abby can sit up even better now, and she can even scoot backwards. I know she just wants to take off and crawl, but she isn't quite there yet. But at scooting backwards? She is a natural.

She is FINALLY sleeping through the night again. Her daddy and I are grateful for that one. Also, she is now in size 3 diapers. Ya, that one kinda snuck up on me. After I bought a huge box of 2s, she started wet through and it dawned on me. So now we have a whole half box of 2s. Thankfully, we aren't done with kids yet. (despite what I might otherwise say). 

Abby finally has her first tooth! It cut through on Monday and, as you can see in this picture, made for one grumpy baby. Thank goodness for Tylenol and cold teething toys.

The biggest news of 7 month Abby?

She shows promise at becoming the next family Seeker. Just like her mama. (Who do you thing really taught Harry all he knew?)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's my Favorite Day

I really love Fridays.

Today was no exception.

This Friday consisted of: Yoga, cleaning house, listening to Ben Folds in the shower, getting all dressed up to spend 15 min at Harmons, blasting 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' and singing loudly to myself (even though I don't know the words), almost a two hour nap, going to 3 different Red Boxes before finding Breaking Dawn, and cuddling down with Abby, eating Cafe Rio, and finally watching Breaking Dawn. The only thing that would make it better is if Sam were with us. (Ya, I'm one of those wives that really misses the husband when he is away for the night.)
Abby swooning over Edward. Or maybe she just can't take Kristen Stewart's acting?

Like I said though, I really love Fridays.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

V-day Date

Last night we celebrated Valentines Day. We wanted to make up for last years date, which involved having to leave Olive Garden before we even got our food due to the fact I almost threw up. And did I mention we didn't even do anything for each other? (well, Sam got me a cute "be mine" heart. I let him clean up my puke.) Needless to say, we didn't have to do much to make up for last year. And I don't know if it's just because going out just us mean so much more now seeing as we hardly do it, but last night was perfect.

We ate at Moochies, drove around to all our old haunts, went to Graywhale, saw The Vow at the Gateway (excellent movie), and ended the night walking around Temple Square. Sam got me a Golden Snitch necklace, I got him a drill, and we gave Abby some chewy keys.

It was wonderful.

You can expect a mooshy my-husband-is-the-best-and-I'm-so-in-love-with-him-Valentines post in a few days.

Friday, February 10, 2012

We Are Young

So, one night I was on my way home from work at 2am when an AMAZING song I never heard before came on the radio. It came on again a few nights after that. I have only heard it on the radio at that time of morning. (doesn't mean that is only when it is, but I've been listening to a lot of radio lately and I've never heard it at other times.) The problem with hearing it at 2am, is I get home and go to bed and by the time I wake up in the morning, I can't remember how the song goes.

But then I heard it on a Superbowl commercial. And ever since then, I can hardly stop listening to it. The band is called Fun. I don't know too much else about them except that I'm addicted. So as a kick off to this weekend, enjoy this awesome song!!

And PS, doesn't he have awesome hair?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hiding from life for a day.

I took a sick day today.

Granted, I'm not terribly sick. I have a pounding headache and I get dizzy when i first stand, and I'm quite tired. I probably could have gone, but I may or may not have lost my marbles a bit. I'm tired of being so busy. Two jobs is really taking its toll on me. My house isn't organized or as clean as I'd like it, (in fact at this moment, it's a disaster) Abby has been really sad lately, (the doctor says it teething. I say she misses me. It is probably a little of both?) and I feel like I'm a walking zombie.

So today I'm going to do some light house work/organizing, (I am home sick after it needs to be light) but mostly I'm going to cuddle with my baby girl and maybe catch some zzzz's. Because I don't do either of them nearly as much as I'd like to.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Stats + Swagger Wagon

Abby and her flatish head.
Today Abby had her 6 month check up. Everything is excellent with her. She weighs 15.6 lbs, (34%) she is 27 in, (84%) and has a good sized head...a good sized flat head apparently. It's not terribly flat and the doctor says it will round out the more she sits, so no helmets coming our way, but I didn't even know it was flat. It looks just fine to me.

Abby also got 4 shots today, so she isn't very happy. In fact, she is snoring away as I type. Should I be cleaning the house while she sleeps? Yes I should. Because when she wakes up, I'm sure she'll want snuggles. But really, blogging is so much more fun.

So lately, baby girl has been waking up at night. She'll either wake up as soon as we put her in bed or she'll wake up between 2 and 5. I usually feed her and put her back to sleep. Well guess what? My doctor said to leave her crying!! I knew this would be coming, and I knew that is what I should have probably been doing all along, but it's just so hard for me. My mind starts to wonder: is my child going to cry herself to death? I also worry that she's hungry/uncomfortable/that she'll scratch her eyes out. (one time I let her cry for 20 min before I caved and got her and her nose had all sorts of scratches. Silly girl) But her doctor said to not feed her and let her cry it out or it will start her in a bad habit and always need to eat that time of night. Don't want that! So now we get to play the lay-in-bed-not-getting-any-sleep-ourselves-game as Abby cries herself back to sleep. Oh the joys of parenthood.

She also has a pretty bad diaper rash right now. What with the shots, runny nose, diaper rash, and flatish head, no wonder why she is so cranky at night. That and Dr. Fox says she is probably teething. But she is a very healthy baby other than that.

Lastly, check out this super cool family. Someday, Sam and I will be just as cool in our Swagger Wagon.
Sure can't wait till I'm a mini-van family. I'll cruise to their play dates lookin' all slick.