Friday, February 3, 2012

Stats + Swagger Wagon

Abby and her flatish head.
Today Abby had her 6 month check up. Everything is excellent with her. She weighs 15.6 lbs, (34%) she is 27 in, (84%) and has a good sized head...a good sized flat head apparently. It's not terribly flat and the doctor says it will round out the more she sits, so no helmets coming our way, but I didn't even know it was flat. It looks just fine to me.

Abby also got 4 shots today, so she isn't very happy. In fact, she is snoring away as I type. Should I be cleaning the house while she sleeps? Yes I should. Because when she wakes up, I'm sure she'll want snuggles. But really, blogging is so much more fun.

So lately, baby girl has been waking up at night. She'll either wake up as soon as we put her in bed or she'll wake up between 2 and 5. I usually feed her and put her back to sleep. Well guess what? My doctor said to leave her crying!! I knew this would be coming, and I knew that is what I should have probably been doing all along, but it's just so hard for me. My mind starts to wonder: is my child going to cry herself to death? I also worry that she's hungry/uncomfortable/that she'll scratch her eyes out. (one time I let her cry for 20 min before I caved and got her and her nose had all sorts of scratches. Silly girl) But her doctor said to not feed her and let her cry it out or it will start her in a bad habit and always need to eat that time of night. Don't want that! So now we get to play the lay-in-bed-not-getting-any-sleep-ourselves-game as Abby cries herself back to sleep. Oh the joys of parenthood.

She also has a pretty bad diaper rash right now. What with the shots, runny nose, diaper rash, and flatish head, no wonder why she is so cranky at night. That and Dr. Fox says she is probably teething. But she is a very healthy baby other than that.

Lastly, check out this super cool family. Someday, Sam and I will be just as cool in our Swagger Wagon.
Sure can't wait till I'm a mini-van family. I'll cruise to their play dates lookin' all slick.


  1. I've had to let Olivia cry it out a couple of nights. But... after just 2 nights of crying, she seemed to figure it out. Now if she wakes up, we just give her a binki, and she typically will go back to sleep. It is tough the first couple of nights though. I always felt like I won the terrible mommy award. But it's what they need to learn... unfortunately.
    Good Luck!

  2. oh my gosh thats a hilarious song!!! i love it!! so i am working on the sleeping thing too- i still feed him one time a night but sometimes he wakes up 2-4x but at 230 in the morning, are you suppost to let them cry it out? i am so confused on it all-- thats just the hardest thing ever too to see them cry, esp such a pretty little girl like my abbilicious

  3. One thing that helped me when I had to let my kids cry themselves back to sleep, I would fill them up with tons of food right before bed, as much as they would eat. And I would give them extra bits during the day so that when they would wake up crying at night I would know they weren't hungry and wouldn't feel as guilty letting them cry. But that's just me.

    I don't think her head is flat, I've never noticed it before and poor Abby, I hope she feels better soon!