Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's my Favorite Day

I really love Fridays.

Today was no exception.

This Friday consisted of: Yoga, cleaning house, listening to Ben Folds in the shower, getting all dressed up to spend 15 min at Harmons, blasting 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' and singing loudly to myself (even though I don't know the words), almost a two hour nap, going to 3 different Red Boxes before finding Breaking Dawn, and cuddling down with Abby, eating Cafe Rio, and finally watching Breaking Dawn. The only thing that would make it better is if Sam were with us. (Ya, I'm one of those wives that really misses the husband when he is away for the night.)
Abby swooning over Edward. Or maybe she just can't take Kristen Stewart's acting?

Like I said though, I really love Fridays.


  1. what a fabulous day!! why rent though? isn't it fabulous? i stil swoon over the wedding. not as much as little abby does over edward (she doesn't know hes her almost-daddy) though. and im so green over your 2 hour nap! ive never gotten that!

  2. Dang I keep forgetting about Yoga! Well I couldn't have gone yesterday because of my sicko kids but it's gotta happen again! And sounds like a fabulous day :)