Sunday, December 28, 2014

Our 2014

2014 was another good year for our little Tappana family. It had its ups and downs, but really, what doesn't?


Nothing too exciting happend in January. I started my last semester at USU for the time being. I didn't know it was my last semester at the time. Somebody can't make up her mind about her big life plans!


February was a fantastic month. Sam turned 28 and Madalyn turned 6 months. 
We had a much needed and very fun vacation with my family in St. George. 
Later that month we went on our traditional Valetines date to Joe Morleys and Ice skating.


The biggest thing that happened in March was we put the girls in the same room. It worked wonders for a while, until it didn't. 


April was the month that after 14 years in the choir, my mom had to retire. It was pretty bittersweet!
I also ran my first 5k in a while and finished in 33:33, a time I was really proud of!!


In May, Sam and I celebrated our big 5 year anniversary! We had our first night away with just each other since having kids. We went to Midway and stayed at the Zermatt Resort, spent time in the Crater, eating dinner, and enjoying just us. We also had fun going to a Bees Game later that week!


I started training for a half marathon! 
Tim and Ashely came home for the summer.
We went to Taylorsville Dayzz of course.
Brigham and Kari came at the very for a vacation!!


I turned 28
I got my first Iphone. And I love it.
We had a fun staycation with the Tappana clan. We went to the temple, the mountains, parks, and had a fun 4th!
Abbigale Mae turned 3, and had a fun, small party to celebrate
We ate at Ruths Diner for the first time with Tim and Ashley on the 24th, we went bowling that afternoon, and had a fun BBQ and movie outside with my family that night.


The most important thing that happened in August was Madalyn Marie turned 1. We had family over to celebrate, and she hated her cupcake.
I also started work at Zions Bank on her birthday. 


I hit my 10 mile mark in running
Abby started preschool and had her first field trip to Wheeler Farm
We spent Labor Day freezing our bums off at Mirror Lake


October was a big month!! I ran my first ever half! I made a goal, worked out a plan, and finished! One of the highlights of 2014 for sure.
I also made the jump and became a Beachbody coach, and it seriously has helped me so much!


November wasn't a big month. I continued on with my fitness journey by starting Turbo Fire.
I had almost a whole week off of work and it has made it hard to keep going every. single. day. since.
We enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family.


We had our yearly progressive dinner
We thought we wouldn't be able to attend the Tabernacle Choir Christmas concert, but lucky for us my mom got some tickets!
My girls sat on Santas lap. Abby was ok about it. Madalyn wanted off.
We had a fun Chrismas with family, food, and fun.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 2014, and I hope you all have an even better 2015. For us, I think 2015 is going to be awesome. I just have a good feeling about it.

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I don't have much time to write now days. I am trying to juggle working at the bank, trying to start up my Beachbody business, and still trying to be the best mom I can be. I've had the week off work so being a full time mom again has been the best thing in the world, and I don't know how on earth I am going to go back to working next week. I don't want it. I don't want it at all. But I guess such is life, for now. Until I can become worlds best coach. :)

Until then though, I am blogging far less then I want to and I don't have time to do anything fancy, but here are some of my favorite pictures lately.
 A week before my half, I was on a mile 3 of a 6 mile run...wen I saw this on the sidewalk. It made me laugh really hard.
 These crazy girls first thing in the morning make me smile.
 Little Miss Maddie loves finding anything to sit on that is just her size. The stairs, the treadmill, and this stool are just a few of her favorite places to perch.
 Again these two. They make me happy, and they are the reason why I do what I do.
 Madalyn loved her blue sucker!
 Our yearly pumpkin picture was a bust this year, but hey. Great memories!
 This tiny human sure loves the swings.
 As does this one!
 The girls got in a fight over the bumbo. This is the aftermath. 
These last few days Abby has been extra cuddly with me. I think she likes me home just as much as I like being home. And that is why I will do what it takes to be here once again!

And even though he isn't pictured somehow, I have a pretty wonderful guy helping me along in this life.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


It has been way too long since I posted an Abbyism blog, which is a shame because she says hilarious stuff every day and sadly some of it has been forgotten. But here are the things she has said recently that I do remember to share:

  • Earlier this summer, my niece Bree asked Abby if she wanted to be a mermaid. Abby replied: "No. I don't have boobs."
  • After my other niece Keighlee got baptised in July, Abby asked "Did Keighlee get Abertized? It happens." I can't believe how much her vocabulary has improved since then!
  • "My hair is crazy and my bum is crazy and my bagina is crazy. I'm a crazy girly boy!!"
  • Sam: "Abby, you're so pretty." Abby: "I know silly goofball."
  • "I wanna draw a rainbow. I wanna draw a freakin rainbow!"
  • After crying because Sam left for young mens, she noticed her fingernail polish was smudged. She stopped crying for a second, then suddenly broke down again and wailed "MY NAILS ARE BROKEN!!"
  • One day when she had to go to the bathroom: "Can you watch me plop a poo?"
  • Abby frequently talks in her sleep. One night she suddenly started singing "I said no, no, no, no, no" (from the song Don't You Forget About Me, even though its really la's, she sings no's)
I know there are many, many more things she has said. The problem is I text them to Sam to remember, and then I can't find them as I go through my texts. But these just show who my little spunky daughter is. She is one of a kind, thats for sure. And she is all mine!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Haunted Half

Earlier this year both my sister and my father in law challenged me to do a Half Marathon. Sam's dad has bothered me before and I've always brushed it off. "That's way too long" I would scoff. Then when my sister wanted to do one with me, I decided to do it. We found the one we wanted to do and I printed off my running schedule that started the 2nd week of June. Unfortunately, my sister got sick partway through the training and had to put it on hold. Someday though we will run one together when she is feeling better!!

Anyway, all summer long I trained. Each time I got a mile further, it was a huge accomplishment for me. I posted a while back about finally making 10 miles. Now I have ran 13.1 and I am still on a high about it.

My morning started early, 5:30am. I got myself up, ate my breakfast, made sure I had everything and headed all by my lonesome to catch the shuttle up to Emigration Canyon. The race didn't start until 8:45 but the last shuttle left at about 7:30. Being the nervous person I am, I wanted to make sure I was there with plenty of time to spare, just in case something went wrong.

Waiting was the worst. It was cold and I had butterflies and the bathroom line was super long, but it was also really exciting people watching! At about 8:40 I made my way to the starting line and at 8:45 we were off!!

At first, so many people were passing me. SO MANY PEOPLE! I though for sure I was going to be last. But, I just kept running, pacing myself, and concentrated on how I was doing. At about 2 miles in, some people who had passed me started to walk, so I zipped on past them and as bratty as that sounds, it made me feel better. At about mile two, my bladder all the sudden decided to fill up, so just a little after mile 3 I had to stop and go to the bathroom. I was so mad!! In all my weeks of training I NEVER had to use the bathroom during my runs. I have a really overactive bladder when I am nervous though and it proved itself at that pit stop. There was a line too, so I had to wait, probably 5 minutes. After the pit stop, I was on my way again, and I feel like I made up some of that time stopped. From there on to about 7 and a half miles, I just kept running. I never had to stop and walk. I just kept going. I kept playing chase with a ninja turtle. She would pass me, then I would pass her and so on. It was a fun game to play and kept me going. Eventually, I killed her and she never passed me again. The scenery was also fun to look at and kept me going.

Shortly after mile 7, we hit a HUGE hill and I had to walk up it. The next two miles were like that. (not constant, but they were still hard work) So during those two or three miles, I had to stop and walk, and use the bathroom again! (so annoying!) But by about mile 10 I think it started getting easier again and I was able to run more. The last two miles I basically ran the whole time. In fact, I was so lost in my thoughts that all the sudden I was at mile 12 and realized I only had 1 more mile to go!! I started thinking about those people at the finish line and I just kept running. At this point we were running down Memory Grove, so it was a pretty easy downhill run. It was nice to end going down.
The view running down memory grove
 As I was nearing the finish line, I saw my dad standing there. He was standing away from everyone so he could get some pictures of me. I couldn't help it. Seeing him there supporting me brought unexpected tears to my eyes and helped me push myself further. It was a great feeling know the people I love were there to cheer me on. Right before I got to him there was a Haunted 1k we were able to run through, and a spook jumped right out at me. Good thing my bladder wasn't full again, because he got me good. Right as I got out of the haunted part, my dad was there snapping pictures of me.

Shortly after passing my dad, I saw my mom, sister, my friend Jess, and Sam with my girls standing there. Abby was so excited to see me and ran right up to me. It made my whole day! Again, cue the water works. Maddie was there bouncing in my sisters arms (i think?) and I know if she could have, she would have ran up to me too.

Seeing my family there made me full on sprint to the finish. I did it. I finished my first Half Marathon. And not in bad time either. According to my Nike+ app, I finished in about 2 hours and 40 min. My official race time is 2:49:12. My app paused at my potty breaks, my bib timer thing didn't. But I am still so proud of myself!! After months of training, of sacrificing my time of sleep, sacrificing my Saturdays, (because those were my long run days which meant I usually was useless the rest of the day) I did it. And I did it was my family (and Jess) cheering me on.

I never thought I could do it. But I did. And you bet I will be doing it again.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A quick update

I haven't been able to blog in a while, seeing as our computer crashed and it took 2 weeks to get the new one. (thank goodness we bought insurance on it) Also, we have been really busy. But, I wanted to do a quick update on our little Tappana family, because I know you are all DYING to know what the delio is with us.
Madalyn is adorable as ever, but she is already getting a tiny little temper. One day she was mad so she took her binkie out of her mouth and chucked it. It didn't go far enough for her liking, so she crawled up to it and chucked it again. It. was. hilarious. She is such a cheese face, and her tounge is always out. Most times when I point the camera at her, I am sure to get a cheesy grin. She still refuses to walk, because why bother when you can crawl so fast? However, she is good at climbing and sure gets around our house.

Abbigale is a spunky, adorable, smart little 3 year old. She is doing fantastic at preschool. She recognizes most her letters, a lot of her numbers, and all her colors and most shapes too. She is still a little preformer and will frequently sing and dance for us. She is very social, and loves to be around people, and she still says the most hilarious things. (an Abbyisms blog is coming up soon since it has been WAY too long.)

Sam is still working hard for us and also working hard as young mens prez. Since I am gone at work during dinner time, it is his job to make dinner and I think its great for both of us. He doesn't mind making dinner, while for me its the worst sometimes. Its a win win. Right babe?

And me, well I am just enjoying my job, getting excited/nervous for my  half this coming Saturday, and just dyed my hair red this past weekend and I love it.

So thats us in a nutshell. I realize this totally sounds like a Christmas card update, but when you have been M.I.A for a while you gotta do what you gotta do. Stay tuned for that Abbyisms and a life lately blog, because even though I haven't been able to write much, I have taken lots and lots of pictures.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Preschool Field Trip: Wheeler Farm

Little Miss Abbigale had her first preschool field trip this past Tuesday. We went on a tour at Wheeler Farm. It was so much fun to see Abby interact with kids her age in a school setting. While we were waiting for everyone to show up to the farm, Abby was calling out to all her friends and they would chase each other in circles and giggle. Abby won't have any trouble making friends ever. I hope she always stays as outgoing as she is now.

At the beginning of the tour, the guide was telling the kids some rules, and one of them was don't touch the animals unless they have permission because the animals might bite. Well, that made it so Abby was then terrified of the animals and didn't even want to get close. 

Besides the animals, we were able to talk to a blacksmith and see him make things with his fire. He let the kids touch a chain he made after he cooled it off in the water. Abby was hesitant to touch it after seeing how hot it was, but then the rest of the day she said how she touched "cold fire." We also saw where the cows were milked and the kids were able to put their heads through the bars, and we went on a fun wagon ride which was both Abby's and Madalyn's (and my) favorite thing of the day.

Madalyn could have cared less about anything (except the wagon ride) and just wanted to be out of the stroller crawling around. Girl is very adventurous. 

After the tour was over, we ate a sack lunch by the playground and let the kids play (although surprisingly Abby wouldn't. I think she was afraid of the hot slide. She got burned on one earlier this summer and has been hesitant to play on them when its warm outside ever since.)

It was a fun first field trip! So glad I work in the afternoons so I could make it!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Life Lately

Well, my little weekly moments hasn't been working lately, since work is ruining my life (i joke, i joke, but seriously, sooo busy) so here is our life lately these past few busy weeks.
 Life has been filled with the two cutest shopping friends, keeping me entertained, and busy, while shopping. I guess it keeps me from over-spending seeing as I am in a hurry to leave before tantrums start. Life has been being silly with my cute husband. Life has been a Labor Day spent at Mirror Lake, and its been silly Abby trying to get her jammies on by herself, and putting them on backwards.
 Life lately has been an over-sized backpack on a tiny little Abby. Its been absolutely loving this picture of my parents on their wedding day. Seriously, look at the love they have for each other!! Its been wearing my sneakers at work since I have old woman feet, and its been Abby's very first preschool art project. I LOVE having my sister teach Abby.
 Life has been my two sweethearts entertaining each other in the crib while I shower. Its been Madalyn and I leaving church early and letting Madalyn try out Abbys forward facing big girl carseat and feeling pretty special. Its been putting on a shirt that was a little tight and finding it looser, and realizing my body is changing (even if it is doing so VERY slowly) and Abby and her friend Ammon playing in a bucket together.
 Life lately has been two sisters playing in the bathtub together. Its been rough due to mommy's new work schedule causing Madalyn to pass out in my arms in exhaustion. Its been a deliciously wonderful rain storm, and poor little chubby lets that got her shots. (7 total!)
 Life lately, again, has been these sisters playing together at breakfast time. Its been a mommy and Maddie selfie, because she is just so darn cute. Life has been having fun together shopping (again) and its been Abby actually finishing all her food when Madalyn didn't even touch hers. A switch for my girls for sure.
 Life has been, once again, an exhausted Madalyn trying to figure out why her schedule has been so messed up, and while my face doesn't show it, its been a mom feeling the same way. Its been my hunkie viking husband all dressed in his gear while at dinner. Life has been Abby finding my lipstick and making herself beautiful, and its been loving this picture of Sam and I for no real reason at all.
And lastly, life has been a cute Madalyn bum with cereal stuck to it. Its been her cute selfie face. Life has been Abby 'hiding' from me as I walked into the house after work, and its been Madalyn, picking up her sisters habit of touching her ear when tired.

Life has been busy, hectic and crazy, but at least I have a cute family to help along the way!

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Milestone

I haven't shared much of my progress of my half marathon training on my blog, and that is a shame really, but yesterday I ran 10 miles and that needs to be documented!!

I never in a million-billion years thought I would run 10 miles. Heck, I never thought I would make it to 4. In fact I hated running. Ok that isn't entirely true but it wasn't my favorite thing unless I was running a race. But I never had a desire to run longer than 3 miles.

One day I was talking to Sams dad about running and he told me I should run a half marathon. I brushed it off, but kept thinking about it. My sister then told me I should run one with her in the fall. I kept considering it, and then once again, my father in law pushed it. He challenged me to do it, and i decided, why the heck not? So I did.

It hasn't been easy for sure. The only time I can go running is at 6am. Getting out of bed is rough, especially now that I have a job and naps are a thing of the past, and yet somehow I have had the willpower to do it. And I feel excellent for the most part....except I walk around like I am an old woman most of the time thanks to developing plantar faciitis.

I ran into a setback about 3 weeks ago. I started my job and got sick all in the same week. My running was put on hold for a bit, and even when I started feeling better, I didn't want to do it anymore. Getting out was rough. Last Saturday I had a 9 mile run, after skipping a bunch of running plus my first nine miler and it was ROUGH!! I was in pain when I was done. I had to call Sam, in tears, to come pick me up. I couldn't walk home. I wondered how on earth I was going to keep going with my training. I wanted to give up. Lucky for me, my husband wouldn't hear of it.

I knew one thing for sure: I needed new shoes. So, I splurged and got some new ones. I thought I was crazy 'breaking them in' on a 10 mile run, but my other ones hurt me too bad. They came Friday and i wore them around all day and they were heaven to my feet.

So, Saturday morning my alarm went off at 6am....and then again at6:30 because I just couldn't do 6. I got up, put on my clothes, laced up my shoes, ate an egg and a cliff bar, grabbed my water bottle and went out. The first two miles were rough. My shins were on fire! But then something amazing happened: it was really sunny, and it started to sprinkle, and it was beautiful. That right there changed my attitude. I stopped paying attention to my running and the miles and started singing along to my songs and looking at the beauty around me. At about mile 7 it started to rain really hard. I was running through the Jordan River Parkway, and those of you that live in Utah know how pretty it is there. The smells of the rain and wet foliage were heavenly! And boy, that breeze felt great! And I was feeling amazing!!

At mile 8.5 I was starting to feel down again, but a cute old guy rolled down his window and yelled some words of encouragement with a huge smile (I think he yelled I was doing great) and that got me home.

I was so happy all day Saturday. I definitely get the runners high everyone talks about. I felt so good and so accomplished, I can only imagine how good I will feel after I run the halfsie, as I have liked to call it. I ran 10 miles. TEN MILES!! Wowzer!! New running Caitlin, you can do anything.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First Birthday!

Miss Madalyn Marie turned one last Monday, the 18th. Poor girl really got shafted that day. It was my first day of work and we had car problems. We still managed to celebrate with "Old McDonald's" for dinner and some cupcakes and presents.

This past Sunday we had her birthday party with family, where once again the poor girls got the shaft. We had stayed home sick from church and all felt miserable. But, we had family over anyway and had dinner and then the famous cake smash, to which this girl wanted nothing to do with. But it sure makes for some memorable pictures. And, it seems to be a tradition for our babies to not like their first cake at the birthday party. Abby too was pretty upset about hers.

At one year:

  • Madalyn can climb up onto just about anything, and feels pretty cool about that.
  • She is already a picky eater. She loves peanut butter sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, chicken nuggets, fruit, and baby food. She hates meat. (except processed meat of course) Super healthy child.
  • She loves milk and apple juice.
  • She loves playing with her big sister, and annoy her too sometimes. (but not as bad as Abby annoys Madalyn)
  • She loves to crawl and explore. And by explore I mean get into things like our toilet paper roll.
  • She also loves to be held and cuddled.
  • She is starting to walk along furniture, but she isn't really interested in walking. Why walk when you can speed crawl?
  • We are down to nursing only at night but last night might have been the last time, which is both sad and a freeing feeling too.
  • She is the happiest little thing in the world!
  • We still have not legally changed her name to Madalyn Marie. Technically, she is still Madalyn Lily.
  • She is in size 4 diapers and wears 9 and 12 month clothing.
Wow. One year old. Crazy! We love you Madalyn Marie