Thursday, September 18, 2014

Life Lately

Well, my little weekly moments hasn't been working lately, since work is ruining my life (i joke, i joke, but seriously, sooo busy) so here is our life lately these past few busy weeks.
 Life has been filled with the two cutest shopping friends, keeping me entertained, and busy, while shopping. I guess it keeps me from over-spending seeing as I am in a hurry to leave before tantrums start. Life has been being silly with my cute husband. Life has been a Labor Day spent at Mirror Lake, and its been silly Abby trying to get her jammies on by herself, and putting them on backwards.
 Life lately has been an over-sized backpack on a tiny little Abby. Its been absolutely loving this picture of my parents on their wedding day. Seriously, look at the love they have for each other!! Its been wearing my sneakers at work since I have old woman feet, and its been Abby's very first preschool art project. I LOVE having my sister teach Abby.
 Life has been my two sweethearts entertaining each other in the crib while I shower. Its been Madalyn and I leaving church early and letting Madalyn try out Abbys forward facing big girl carseat and feeling pretty special. Its been putting on a shirt that was a little tight and finding it looser, and realizing my body is changing (even if it is doing so VERY slowly) and Abby and her friend Ammon playing in a bucket together.
 Life lately has been two sisters playing in the bathtub together. Its been rough due to mommy's new work schedule causing Madalyn to pass out in my arms in exhaustion. Its been a deliciously wonderful rain storm, and poor little chubby lets that got her shots. (7 total!)
 Life lately, again, has been these sisters playing together at breakfast time. Its been a mommy and Maddie selfie, because she is just so darn cute. Life has been having fun together shopping (again) and its been Abby actually finishing all her food when Madalyn didn't even touch hers. A switch for my girls for sure.
 Life has been, once again, an exhausted Madalyn trying to figure out why her schedule has been so messed up, and while my face doesn't show it, its been a mom feeling the same way. Its been my hunkie viking husband all dressed in his gear while at dinner. Life has been Abby finding my lipstick and making herself beautiful, and its been loving this picture of Sam and I for no real reason at all.
And lastly, life has been a cute Madalyn bum with cereal stuck to it. Its been her cute selfie face. Life has been Abby 'hiding' from me as I walked into the house after work, and its been Madalyn, picking up her sisters habit of touching her ear when tired.

Life has been busy, hectic and crazy, but at least I have a cute family to help along the way!


  1. So many good pictures! My heart jumped when I saw the name Ammon playing with Abby and for some reason I got excited. Then I just got sad because it wasn't my Ammon and we are far away. But I'm glad she's had so much fun and I hope you adjust to your new schedule soon!

  2. these pics made me so happy! madi is just getting so big and the two of them are already such great friends. you look fantastic btw- even if you dont see it, i def can! your face is thinner and you look just radiant! sam is a lucky guy! i love abbys lipstick- poor madis legs too! cant wait to see you in 2 weeks!