Friday, September 26, 2014

Preschool Field Trip: Wheeler Farm

Little Miss Abbigale had her first preschool field trip this past Tuesday. We went on a tour at Wheeler Farm. It was so much fun to see Abby interact with kids her age in a school setting. While we were waiting for everyone to show up to the farm, Abby was calling out to all her friends and they would chase each other in circles and giggle. Abby won't have any trouble making friends ever. I hope she always stays as outgoing as she is now.

At the beginning of the tour, the guide was telling the kids some rules, and one of them was don't touch the animals unless they have permission because the animals might bite. Well, that made it so Abby was then terrified of the animals and didn't even want to get close. 

Besides the animals, we were able to talk to a blacksmith and see him make things with his fire. He let the kids touch a chain he made after he cooled it off in the water. Abby was hesitant to touch it after seeing how hot it was, but then the rest of the day she said how she touched "cold fire." We also saw where the cows were milked and the kids were able to put their heads through the bars, and we went on a fun wagon ride which was both Abby's and Madalyn's (and my) favorite thing of the day.

Madalyn could have cared less about anything (except the wagon ride) and just wanted to be out of the stroller crawling around. Girl is very adventurous. 

After the tour was over, we ate a sack lunch by the playground and let the kids play (although surprisingly Abby wouldn't. I think she was afraid of the hot slide. She got burned on one earlier this summer and has been hesitant to play on them when its warm outside ever since.)

It was a fun first field trip! So glad I work in the afternoons so I could make it!!


  1. Cute, cute pictures! Someday I'll be able to take a picture with myself in it and have it look as good as yours. Or maybe I just need your face for that :)

    Sounds like Abby is just like my kids, kind of a scaredy-cat (though she's much more out going than my kids). Let's blame that on the Tappana genes, shall we?

  2. how fun! I want to go there! poor little abby, she seems to get afraid alot. i hope the geese there didn't scare her. how fun! and what a fun prek to go on field trips