Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A quick update

I haven't been able to blog in a while, seeing as our computer crashed and it took 2 weeks to get the new one. (thank goodness we bought insurance on it) Also, we have been really busy. But, I wanted to do a quick update on our little Tappana family, because I know you are all DYING to know what the delio is with us.
Madalyn is adorable as ever, but she is already getting a tiny little temper. One day she was mad so she took her binkie out of her mouth and chucked it. It didn't go far enough for her liking, so she crawled up to it and chucked it again. It. was. hilarious. She is such a cheese face, and her tounge is always out. Most times when I point the camera at her, I am sure to get a cheesy grin. She still refuses to walk, because why bother when you can crawl so fast? However, she is good at climbing and sure gets around our house.

Abbigale is a spunky, adorable, smart little 3 year old. She is doing fantastic at preschool. She recognizes most her letters, a lot of her numbers, and all her colors and most shapes too. She is still a little preformer and will frequently sing and dance for us. She is very social, and loves to be around people, and she still says the most hilarious things. (an Abbyisms blog is coming up soon since it has been WAY too long.)

Sam is still working hard for us and also working hard as young mens prez. Since I am gone at work during dinner time, it is his job to make dinner and I think its great for both of us. He doesn't mind making dinner, while for me its the worst sometimes. Its a win win. Right babe?

And me, well I am just enjoying my job, getting excited/nervous for my  half this coming Saturday, and just dyed my hair red this past weekend and I love it.

So thats us in a nutshell. I realize this totally sounds like a Christmas card update, but when you have been M.I.A for a while you gotta do what you gotta do. Stay tuned for that Abbyisms and a life lately blog, because even though I haven't been able to write much, I have taken lots and lots of pictures.


  1. I do Christmas card updates all the time since I've been having a hard time getting to my blog. And I love reading it anyways! Red! I'm so surprised you dyed your hair red! For some reason I didn't think you were a hair dyer person, haha. And your girls are gorgeous like their mama :)

  2. i love your hair
    you are going to do fabulous this weekend
    madalyn is just an adorable little diva in the making
    sam is a hero- of dinners
    abby is such a smart little duckling
    you are the greatest
    i miss you