Friday, August 23, 2013

And Then There Were Two...

Madalyn Lily Tappana was born Sunday, August 18, 2013 weighing 7lbs 12oz and measuring 21 inches long. Here is the story.

Saturday I decided I was going to try anything and everything to go into labor. So, we started out walking around the farmers market and grocery stores. I mean, we did a TON of walking. We went to dinner with my parents and I wasn't contracting or anything, but I felt a lot of pressure. That night, I bounced on a yoga ball and we ate a ton of pineapple. As I was sleeping, the contractions started. I slept awful of course. At about 5:30, I decided to get out of bed as they were getting worse. I watched some TV and started timing them. They were about 7-10 minutes apart. I called my mom and let her know so she could be ready at choir to leave and pick up Abby. I woke up Sam about quarter to 7 and said I thought I was in labor. I decided to take a shower and by the time I got out, I knew I was. They were getting pretty painful and were becoming closer together. I called my mom at 7:30 (just as she sat down in the choir seats) and said we were going to the hospital. She left and my dad and her met us at the hospital. 

As they checked me in at 8 my contractions were progressively getting worse. They checked me and I was at a 3. (my last doctors appointment I was only at a 1) They had me wait and hour and then they came back
and checked me again. In that hour of waiting, my contractions were frequent and PAINFUL! Nothing I did would ease them. And yet, I was still afraid they would send me home for some reason. Well, turns out my water broke, but I was too focused on pain that I didn't really get that that is what happened. When the nurse came back in I was at a 4.5 and of course they kept me. She hooked me up to an IV and got the Anesthesiologist in. I was trying to keep my cursing in as I was contracting, so its a good thing he came in when he did. At about 10:30, I was hooked up and by about 11 the pain was all gone. Thank heavens for that! It was such a perfect epidural too. Well, in that 45 min of getting all hooked up and numbed, I went from the 4.5 to an 8. at about 11:50 I was fully dilated. I started pushing at about noon and out came Madalyn after 4 pushes, at 12:06.

 It was so different than with Abby. Abby I pushed for near 2 hours, and there were a whole bunch of people in the room. With Madalyn, it was the doctor, the nurse, and Sam. They had to take Abby away immediately to clear her mouth of meconium. I was able to hold Madalyn right away, and I wasn't exhausted like I was with Abby. It was so wonderful.

Madalyn is already proving to be a really good baby. True, she is only 5 days old but she nurses really well, she wakes up at night to eat and then falls back to sleep almost immediately, and has the sweetest squeakiest cry.  It doesn't take much to calm her down when she is really upset. I hope it lasts!

Abby is the sweetest big sister. The first thing she asks every morning is if she can hold Madalyn. "Mamalyn? Hold it?" As she holds her, she cant help but poke at her face, touch her ears, and give her multiple kisses. She was even saying "shhhh" to her one day as she was crying, trying to calm her down. She has also been a really good girl. She has acted out a little, but so far nothing terrible. Sam has been home from work this week so that has helped, and when he has had class at night my mom and sister have taken care of us. I am not going to lie though when I say I am really nervous to be on my own next week. This whole being a mom of two thing? Its exhausting. And scary. But I can do it right?

Oh and how is daddy doing? Well, lets just say he has another little girl's fingers he is wrapped around.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Favorite Place

Saturday night, Sam and I decided to walk around Salt Lake by our old apartment. It is our favorite place and we still miss it. There is a house right there that is our dream house that someday, we want to buy. (yeah right.) We also took a stroll to Temple Square and Abby was excited to see the Temple.
Right by our old place. Doesn't Abby look so grown up here?

I must have a dozen of these type of pictures, but it's my favorite view! I miss seeing this every day.

Abby pondering about life. Or about what she can throw in the water.

Caught red handed. She decided that she would pick and throw flowers in the fountain. Look how guilty she looks.

So glad I get to keep them forever!

It was a fun night. Sometimes, when I am feeling a little blue, walking around Salt Lake lifts me up. And it is just what I needed on Saturday.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Last One...I Hope.

38 weeks along with Abby and now with Madi
How Far Along: I am now 38 weeks along! That means I am full term and could go anytime, which is a great, but scary thought. However, I am ready, but Madi seems to want to take her time.

Weight Gain: The past few appointments, my weight has stayed about the same, so that is really nice for me! Probably because eating is mostly uncomfortable due to heartburn, (unless it's ice cream) so I avoid it when I can.

How I am Feeling: I can't breath too well, and like I mentioned, I feel like I have heartburn 24/7 but really, for 38 weeks pregnant, I am doing swell. (speaking of swelling, I haven't done that this much this pregnancy! Score!)

Exercise: I am upping it a bit, you know, to try and get this baby moving. I think I found just the thing that will put me into labor.
Seriously you guys, I think this will do it. Sam and I will go out tonight to try it out. I will report later.

Cravings: Mostly just ice cream. If I could have it all day and that's it, I would. Like I said earlier, it is one of the only things that doesn't give me heartburn. Good thing I will be doing more Prancercize to help with weight loss.

How is Abby: I think she knows things are about to change. The other day I was folding Madalyns clothes and she came up to her room, sat in her old bouncer, and just looked at me with a sad face. Breaks my heart a tiny bit. Ok it does a lot. Also, she has all the sudden become more clingy and snuggly. As I type, she is smothering my face in kisses.

Highlight of this week: When I got my pedicure. Seriously, nothing was nicer than going, by myself, and sitting for an hour getting my feet rubbed. Heaven.

What I am looking forward to: The birth of my baby. Obviously. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Life Lately According to my Phone.

 Life lately has been seeing this picture where Abby and I are practically posing the same. It's been Abby copying mommy and scraping her feet, then putting lotion on them. It's been being a popcorn hog and slapping my hand away when I try to take some, and it's been playing peak-a-boo while in the bath.
 Life has been Abby telling us to "come on" while we were on our walk. It's been putting my pants on backwards and not realizing it until a while later. Life has been going to the temple for the first time in months...and probably the last time in months too. And it's been Abby's first movie in the theater with her cousins. 
 Life has been Abby wearing daddy's shoes and socks. It's been practicing being the best big sister and feeding her baby. Life has been Abby eating her birthday cake and it's been Abby showing me that she can wink.
 Life has been a wonderful, cool family walk around Silver Lake, and Abby enjoying the freedom and scenery. 
 Life has been eating one of the best burgers ever. It's been Abby enjoying her new slide from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Nonie. It's been loving her morning applesauce, and it's been finally getting my pedicure. And it was heaven. 
Lastly, life has been a fantastic weekend starting out with Seven Peaks on Friday, holding my two cute nieces in the mountains on Saturday, a very dirty Abby falling asleep on daddy, and my two loves falling asleep on Sunday night after a very fun weekend.