Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Last One...I Hope.

38 weeks along with Abby and now with Madi
How Far Along: I am now 38 weeks along! That means I am full term and could go anytime, which is a great, but scary thought. However, I am ready, but Madi seems to want to take her time.

Weight Gain: The past few appointments, my weight has stayed about the same, so that is really nice for me! Probably because eating is mostly uncomfortable due to heartburn, (unless it's ice cream) so I avoid it when I can.

How I am Feeling: I can't breath too well, and like I mentioned, I feel like I have heartburn 24/7 but really, for 38 weeks pregnant, I am doing swell. (speaking of swelling, I haven't done that this much this pregnancy! Score!)

Exercise: I am upping it a bit, you know, to try and get this baby moving. I think I found just the thing that will put me into labor.
Seriously you guys, I think this will do it. Sam and I will go out tonight to try it out. I will report later.

Cravings: Mostly just ice cream. If I could have it all day and that's it, I would. Like I said earlier, it is one of the only things that doesn't give me heartburn. Good thing I will be doing more Prancercize to help with weight loss.

How is Abby: I think she knows things are about to change. The other day I was folding Madalyns clothes and she came up to her room, sat in her old bouncer, and just looked at me with a sad face. Breaks my heart a tiny bit. Ok it does a lot. Also, she has all the sudden become more clingy and snuggly. As I type, she is smothering my face in kisses.

Highlight of this week: When I got my pedicure. Seriously, nothing was nicer than going, by myself, and sitting for an hour getting my feet rubbed. Heaven.

What I am looking forward to: The birth of my baby. Obviously. 


  1. If you do Prancersize, make sure you don't forget the ankle-weights ok? They are key.

    And you are lookin' gooooooood!

    Half of me wants her to stay in you because these last couple weeks of baking are so good for brain development, but the other half of me is like, "Dang, have that baby already!"

    Either way, I'm excited!

  2. do the prancerize trot- its really hot! hahahha wow thats awesome. esp the white pants. you seriously look so great- and im so glad youre not swelling but heart burn is the worst. im so excited for madi to come too!!