Monday, August 5, 2013

Life Lately According to my Phone.

 Life lately has been seeing this picture where Abby and I are practically posing the same. It's been Abby copying mommy and scraping her feet, then putting lotion on them. It's been being a popcorn hog and slapping my hand away when I try to take some, and it's been playing peak-a-boo while in the bath.
 Life has been Abby telling us to "come on" while we were on our walk. It's been putting my pants on backwards and not realizing it until a while later. Life has been going to the temple for the first time in months...and probably the last time in months too. And it's been Abby's first movie in the theater with her cousins. 
 Life has been Abby wearing daddy's shoes and socks. It's been practicing being the best big sister and feeding her baby. Life has been Abby eating her birthday cake and it's been Abby showing me that she can wink.
 Life has been a wonderful, cool family walk around Silver Lake, and Abby enjoying the freedom and scenery. 
 Life has been eating one of the best burgers ever. It's been Abby enjoying her new slide from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Nonie. It's been loving her morning applesauce, and it's been finally getting my pedicure. And it was heaven. 
Lastly, life has been a fantastic weekend starting out with Seven Peaks on Friday, holding my two cute nieces in the mountains on Saturday, a very dirty Abby falling asleep on daddy, and my two loves falling asleep on Sunday night after a very fun weekend. 


  1. what movie did abby see? i am way too afraid to take landon and spend money on that. i am so jealous of your utah weather and being outside- i am sick of being indorrs! your toes look so nice and i bet it was heaven to get them done!

  2. Haha, I love the picture of Abby winking and of her telling you guys to come on. I can just imagine it. I hope that these next couple of weeks treat you well as you prepare for your little one to come. I'm so excited! And I'm glad you'll have cute toes for it too :)