Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Motherhood: A Precious Gift

I just read a blog about a couple that has been struggling with infertility for 14 months. She finally got pregnant, and then lost the baby a week later. She is devastated, and yet optimistic. She said how she knows she is going to be able to have kids one day, and that when she is morning sick or suffering from heartburn or nine months pregnant and uncomfortable and swollen, she would remember how hard it was to get where she is and be grateful for every moment. She said when her kids are screaming through the house, and her house in never clean anymore, and she is feeling frazzled, to never take her kids for granted because she knows that they are the most important things in the world and nothing else matters.

It struck me hard. Here I have been blessed with (almost) two beautiful girls. I've been pregnant twice. I've never miscarried. I didn't have any trouble whats so ever getting pregnant. My pregnancies have been healthy. I've had typical pregnancy symptoms, and sometimes I am more miserable than other times, but I have the opportunity to carry children full term. I have a healthy two year old, and a healthy almost newborn, and I feel like I have taken this gift to be a mother for granted.

I have complained that I am sick or that I have heartburn or that food is gross. I have been quick to anger when Abby is acting up. I've had some hard parenting/pregnant days. But, at least I have the opportunity to have those.

It's time I stop and breath. It's time I relish every last moment of these baby wiggles in my tummy. It's time I stop worrying about getting my to do list done and start to have more fun with Abby. It's time I relish more when Abby snuggles with me while Madi reassures me she is there and healthy and happy. These moments will be gone before I know it.

What a gift I have been given to be a mother. Nothing else in this life brings me as much joy. Nothing else matters quite as much as the little family Sam and are are able to create. I am so thankful my Heavenly Father has blessed so much with being able to create a life, to raise a family, side by side with my eternal companion. That He trusts me enough to care for these precious gifts.

No more complaining. No more taking it for granted. Life is precious, and I am blessed.

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  1. what a great post- its so true, we take for granted our kids when so many people cant have kids or have a lot of problems. what a good reminder!