Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer: It's official!

One year, Sam surprised me with the best. birthday. celebration. ever. It wasn't on my birthday, it was the weekend before. That morning he took me to breakfast, then we went horseback riding. Later that afternoon  we watched a movie, and then he fixed me a delicious dinner, and after we went to Taylorsville Dayzz for the fireworks. Ever since that birthday (pre mission) we have gone to Taylorsville Dayzz every single year. It has become our tradition.  I feel like once we have Taylorsville Dayzz, summer has officially started. I know, summer really did start a while ago, but my favorite time of year is now. We went to Taylorsville Dayzz Saturday night after Sam got home from Youth Conference (him being gone for youth stuff is done for the summer. Woot woot!) and it was a blast. We went much later than we normally do. This pregnant lady isn't handing the heat very well. (plus, Sam was pretty tired from yc) We mostly just sat, hanging out with friends listening to the Abba cover band while Abby ran around playing with her cousins. I even caught her kissing a strangers baby at one point. However, she wore out quickly seeing as she didn't get a decent nap that day (due to helping throw my sister in law Ali a baby shower) but then it just met we didn't have to keep our eye out for her.

Once the fireworks started, Abby went from scared, to dazzled, to asleep.
This was her trying to hide from them.
 Next year, perhaps she will like them more. I swear these are the best fireworks of the summer. This year proved me right. They had 2 finales. TWO! So much fun! Afterwards, we parked far enough away that once we got to our car, traffic was nothing. Thank goodness.
Now for my favorite month to begin: July! More fireworks, birthday celebrations (mine, Abby's AND Harry's) holidays, 2 new nieces coming, and seeing my BFF8 and other college friends this coming Saturday. Can't wait!

Oh July. How I love you!

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  1. i am just so green! i cannot wait til one day i get to go to taylorsville dayz!! except the heat would be death. DEATH