Monday, July 15, 2013

Life Lately, According to my Phone.

 Life Lately has been hating the splash pad in City Creek. It's been playing at a cool park. Life has been being silly with a vase on Abby's head and it's been Abby's very first sliver. Which, might I mention, she was very brave as daddy dug it out. 
 Life has been Abby hogging my bed while daddy was away at camp. Its been finding out her shorts have pockets. Its been filling up her pool, but not wanting to play with it, and it's been obsessing over the fish at Walmart. 
 Life has been Abby finally playing in the pool with her clothes on, and getting daddy wet with the squirt gun. It's been playing on the couch with the cushions all in a pile and having a blast. It's been Abby getting an idea and quickly writing it down. (and obsessing over her hat) and it's been late night cuddles with the husband. 
 Life has been meeting Landon and enjoying every minute of it. LDR's are hard on a gal. 
 Life lately has been getting comfy on the couch. It's been reading the ensign and pointing out pictures of Jesus, then immediately singing "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam."It's been helping mommy mop the floors and it's been not leaving the house until Abby had her necklace and purse.
 Life has been making a new recipe with black beans and brown rice and it turning out really good. It's been playing at Seven Peaks on hot summer days. Life has been saying goodbye to Weasly the Ferret, and it's been Abby playing with/pulling my hair. 
 Its been Abby playing "piggies" on my toes. Its been free slurpee day, but not getting there til almost too late so settling with banana flavor. And life has been Abby waking from her nap with crazy hair. 
Life has been enjoying a Friday night wondering around SLC, our favorite place in Utah, and Abby really loving the train ride. 
Lastly, life has been FINALLY getting a door on our bathroom. That's right. A door. Showers are so luxurious now. (thanks to my dad who installed it.)


  1. A door? Cool! And you life seems pretty good lately :) Can't wait until pictures of Madalyn are part of these posts too!

  2. im so glad you got a door! that must have been the worst to poop hahaha i love abbys bed head and the pics of them togehter- LDRs are the worst. i thought youd make at least a few trips to 7-11 for a free slurpee- youre having more then me, which is not easy! hahahha and you are looking fantastic!