Monday, July 29, 2013

Life's Little Letters

Dear Summer, you have been hot. You have been miserable. But you have been fun.

Dear everyone having their babies, you are not posting enough pictures of them on social media. This gal needs more so I can last 3 more weeks.

Dear last three weeks of pregnancy, PLEASE GO FASTER

Dear current unemployment, It's been wonderful, but money sure is sparse. 

Dear Madalyn, everyone else I know has had their babies early. Pretty pretty please be ready early too?

Dear Self, don't be so hard on me. 

Dear Abby, even though you refuse to eat for mommy and only eat for other people, you still are my favorite 2 year old. 

Dear Lunch Burger, you. were. heavenly. 

Dear Mom, thanks for lunch.

Dear Supernatural, thanks for getting me hooked.

Dear rice cooker, I love you.

Dear Husband, I also love you.

Dear Monday, you and I had a really good day. I am glad I started out the week with you.

1 comment:

  1. this is such a cute picture and funny post! im glad monday was good for you - burgers can always do that. so i tried supernatural and couldnt get through 5 min bc it looked gory- is it worth it?