Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Motherhood: A Precious Gift

I just read a blog about a couple that has been struggling with infertility for 14 months. She finally got pregnant, and then lost the baby a week later. She is devastated, and yet optimistic. She said how she knows she is going to be able to have kids one day, and that when she is morning sick or suffering from heartburn or nine months pregnant and uncomfortable and swollen, she would remember how hard it was to get where she is and be grateful for every moment. She said when her kids are screaming through the house, and her house in never clean anymore, and she is feeling frazzled, to never take her kids for granted because she knows that they are the most important things in the world and nothing else matters.

It struck me hard. Here I have been blessed with (almost) two beautiful girls. I've been pregnant twice. I've never miscarried. I didn't have any trouble whats so ever getting pregnant. My pregnancies have been healthy. I've had typical pregnancy symptoms, and sometimes I am more miserable than other times, but I have the opportunity to carry children full term. I have a healthy two year old, and a healthy almost newborn, and I feel like I have taken this gift to be a mother for granted.

I have complained that I am sick or that I have heartburn or that food is gross. I have been quick to anger when Abby is acting up. I've had some hard parenting/pregnant days. But, at least I have the opportunity to have those.

It's time I stop and breath. It's time I relish every last moment of these baby wiggles in my tummy. It's time I stop worrying about getting my to do list done and start to have more fun with Abby. It's time I relish more when Abby snuggles with me while Madi reassures me she is there and healthy and happy. These moments will be gone before I know it.

What a gift I have been given to be a mother. Nothing else in this life brings me as much joy. Nothing else matters quite as much as the little family Sam and are are able to create. I am so thankful my Heavenly Father has blessed so much with being able to create a life, to raise a family, side by side with my eternal companion. That He trusts me enough to care for these precious gifts.

No more complaining. No more taking it for granted. Life is precious, and I am blessed.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Life's Little Letters

Dear Summer, you have been hot. You have been miserable. But you have been fun.

Dear everyone having their babies, you are not posting enough pictures of them on social media. This gal needs more so I can last 3 more weeks.

Dear last three weeks of pregnancy, PLEASE GO FASTER

Dear current unemployment, It's been wonderful, but money sure is sparse. 

Dear Madalyn, everyone else I know has had their babies early. Pretty pretty please be ready early too?

Dear Self, don't be so hard on me. 

Dear Abby, even though you refuse to eat for mommy and only eat for other people, you still are my favorite 2 year old. 

Dear Lunch Burger, you. were. heavenly. 

Dear Mom, thanks for lunch.

Dear Supernatural, thanks for getting me hooked.

Dear rice cooker, I love you.

Dear Husband, I also love you.

Dear Monday, you and I had a really good day. I am glad I started out the week with you.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


Two years ago today, Abby joined our family. From then on, I knew I would do anything and everything for our little girl. Time has just flown by. I can't believe it's already been two years. Last night as we were driving home, we had a little conversation that went something like this:

Me: "Abby, guess what tomorrow is? Tomorrow is your birthday. You're going to be two years old!"
Abby: "Uh-oh"

Guess she knows that trouble is coming my way!



Two year old Abby is adorable. She is learning so much every day.

  • She can say practically anything now, even though sometimes her words don't sound like the actual thing. (amic for ice cream, nanilk for milk just to name a few.)
  • She can speak in 3 word sentences, for example "Daddy at work?"
  • She can tell us when she is poopy-potty training here we come
  • She can differentiate between things. For example, Sam was reading her "Goodnight Moon." Abby saw the comb, and called it a brush, then she noticed the brush, stopped for a moment and corrected herself by pointing to the comb and saying "comb" and pointing to the brush and saying "brush."
  • She loves to play with my hair and rub my back. I love it too.
  • She loves all things girly and often times we can't leave the house until her necklace is on and a purse is over her shoulder.
  • She loves babies and will often ask to "hold it"
  • She loves to sing songs
  • She knows the difference between single and multiple like "butterfly, butterflies" 
  • She is obsessed with bugs and will stop and look at ants and "tato bugs" and she also knows that "spiders, kucky."
  • Whenever she doesn't want something, she will always tell us "no, Honey" as if she has to let us down gentle. (especially when she does multiple no's: "No, no, no, Honey."
  • She is one smart pumpkin. We were watching Elmo's World, and Miss. Noodle was making a tower out of blocks. She had to get the red triangle on top. Abby noticed and started digging through her own blocks and pulled out a red triangle too. I was so proud.
  • She is a daddy's girl through and through.
Happy Birthday my little Abbigale. We love you so very much!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Life Lately, According to my Phone.

 Life Lately has been hating the splash pad in City Creek. It's been playing at a cool park. Life has been being silly with a vase on Abby's head and it's been Abby's very first sliver. Which, might I mention, she was very brave as daddy dug it out. 
 Life has been Abby hogging my bed while daddy was away at camp. Its been finding out her shorts have pockets. Its been filling up her pool, but not wanting to play with it, and it's been obsessing over the fish at Walmart. 
 Life has been Abby finally playing in the pool with her clothes on, and getting daddy wet with the squirt gun. It's been playing on the couch with the cushions all in a pile and having a blast. It's been Abby getting an idea and quickly writing it down. (and obsessing over her hat) and it's been late night cuddles with the husband. 
 Life has been meeting Landon and enjoying every minute of it. LDR's are hard on a gal. 
 Life lately has been getting comfy on the couch. It's been reading the ensign and pointing out pictures of Jesus, then immediately singing "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam."It's been helping mommy mop the floors and it's been not leaving the house until Abby had her necklace and purse.
 Life has been making a new recipe with black beans and brown rice and it turning out really good. It's been playing at Seven Peaks on hot summer days. Life has been saying goodbye to Weasly the Ferret, and it's been Abby playing with/pulling my hair. 
 Its been Abby playing "piggies" on my toes. Its been free slurpee day, but not getting there til almost too late so settling with banana flavor. And life has been Abby waking from her nap with crazy hair. 
Life has been enjoying a Friday night wondering around SLC, our favorite place in Utah, and Abby really loving the train ride. 
Lastly, life has been FINALLY getting a door on our bathroom. That's right. A door. Showers are so luxurious now. (thanks to my dad who installed it.)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 6 more weeks to go!

How Far Along: I am now 34 weeks along. Only 6 weeks left. 6! That is a manageable number. And these next 6 weeks are busy busy so time is about to fly!

Weight Gain: Well...lets just say two appointments ago, my doctor used the phrase "your weight is creeping up there." I had eaten my face off the previous weekend. Since then I have watched what I have eaten and the last appointment I didn't gain any. Phew. 

How I am feeling: For the most part, I feel great. Being super gaggy is returning. Also, I am getting heartburn from simple things like water. I am tired all the time, and I am hot all the time. Just the usual pregnancy symptoms. I've noticed lately if I have gone a while without eating, I get really shaky and sick. At least I haven't thrown up for almost 3 months though!!!

Exercise: Again, mostly walking and yoga (although I had to return my yoga dvd to the library and haven't checked out another one yet) but I've also had more opportunities to swim, which makes me feel so light I love it, and I also have done a Zumba class. I was proud of that one. Even though a skinny lady told me I was huge and must have huge babies. Thanks.

Cravings: Besides slurpees, I have been craving sweets like no other. Especially this Oreo dessert pizza we had on the 4th at Pizza Pie Cafe. Also, Saturday night I was craving a hot dog from Reams. The sign said they closed at 7. We were there at 6:40 and they had closed up. I was a pretty upset pregnant girl. 

Hows Abby: She is doing so well. She went through a very frustrating phase of never eating, but this week she has been eating a ton (for Abby anyway.) She is also getting smarter and cuter and naughtier. 

Highlight of the past week: My BFF8 Mel came into town and we got together with other college best friends. It was so much fun. Oh how I miss these girls. We ate, laughed, gossiped, and just had fun. I will ever be grateful I went to SUU and made such wonderful friends! Also, Abby had a blast with Landon. They played so well together. It makes me wish they could always have play dates. 
Me, Tifanee, Mel, Erika, and Jess

Famous pose

Abby is not afraid to kiss the fellas
What I am looking forward to: Abby's second birthday coming up in just 2 short weeks!! When did she get this old? 

Friday, July 5, 2013

July 4, 2013

Yesterday we had a great 4th of July. We slept in, met Sam's side for lunch at Pizza Pie Cafe, rested for about an hour and then spent the afternoon/evening at my parents for swimming and a BBQ. Later that night we were going to go see fireworks, but Abby was much too tired. So we came home, put her in bed and watched fireworks outside our house, ending the day with watching Independence Day.
Being silly at breakfast

33 weeks!

 Hope everyone had a great 4th and have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Daft it was my birthday!

Yesterday was a good day. I turned 27. I don't know how I am all the sudden that old, but it happened. The morning started out a lazy one.  Abby let me sleep in til 8:30. Oh it was wonderful. We mostly lazed around the house all morning. I did get to open my first present-a fantastic card from my BFF8 with a gift card in it. So sweet of her. And check out that card. That is why she is my BFF8. She gets me.
 I met my mom later for lunch at Johnny Rockets, a delicious new burger joint in City Creek. It was so yummy. After lunch, I had a doctors appointment and got to hear Madalyn's heart. Always a joy. It would have been even more cool to have seen her. Oh well. After the doctors, we picked Sam up and came home and got ready for our first date-and i'm not kidding when I say this-since our anniversary date almost 2 months ago. Way too long if you ask me.
He took me to Olive Garden, even though he doesn't like it that much. (we did have a bday gift card to use after all from my BFF8) and gave me a voucher to pick out a pearl necklace. A real pearl necklace! Thank you KSL deals. I have wanted a real pearl necklace for so long. Pics to come when I get it. After dinner we went for a lovely summer drive, and ended the night at Fro-gurt. It was a perfect simple night. That man of mine. I sure do love him.
Don't mind my washed out tired look. I was washed out and tired.
Oh yeah, and earlier in the day, I caught Abby singing and rocking her baby. This girl is going to make a the best big sister ever! (ps, don't mind the unmade messy bed. It was my birthday. I didn't want to do anything)
(I don't know what is up with the sound half way through, or if it is just my computer, but you get the idea right?)

I have a feeling 27 is going to be a good year. Especially with two sweet baby girls to be with and a handsome, handsome husband.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer: It's official!

One year, Sam surprised me with the best. birthday. celebration. ever. It wasn't on my birthday, it was the weekend before. That morning he took me to breakfast, then we went horseback riding. Later that afternoon  we watched a movie, and then he fixed me a delicious dinner, and after we went to Taylorsville Dayzz for the fireworks. Ever since that birthday (pre mission) we have gone to Taylorsville Dayzz every single year. It has become our tradition.  I feel like once we have Taylorsville Dayzz, summer has officially started. I know, summer really did start a while ago, but my favorite time of year is now. We went to Taylorsville Dayzz Saturday night after Sam got home from Youth Conference (him being gone for youth stuff is done for the summer. Woot woot!) and it was a blast. We went much later than we normally do. This pregnant lady isn't handing the heat very well. (plus, Sam was pretty tired from yc) We mostly just sat, hanging out with friends listening to the Abba cover band while Abby ran around playing with her cousins. I even caught her kissing a strangers baby at one point. However, she wore out quickly seeing as she didn't get a decent nap that day (due to helping throw my sister in law Ali a baby shower) but then it just met we didn't have to keep our eye out for her.

Once the fireworks started, Abby went from scared, to dazzled, to asleep.
This was her trying to hide from them.
 Next year, perhaps she will like them more. I swear these are the best fireworks of the summer. This year proved me right. They had 2 finales. TWO! So much fun! Afterwards, we parked far enough away that once we got to our car, traffic was nothing. Thank goodness.
Now for my favorite month to begin: July! More fireworks, birthday celebrations (mine, Abby's AND Harry's) holidays, 2 new nieces coming, and seeing my BFF8 and other college friends this coming Saturday. Can't wait!

Oh July. How I love you!