Monday, July 8, 2013

Pregnancy Update: 6 more weeks to go!

How Far Along: I am now 34 weeks along. Only 6 weeks left. 6! That is a manageable number. And these next 6 weeks are busy busy so time is about to fly!

Weight Gain: Well...lets just say two appointments ago, my doctor used the phrase "your weight is creeping up there." I had eaten my face off the previous weekend. Since then I have watched what I have eaten and the last appointment I didn't gain any. Phew. 

How I am feeling: For the most part, I feel great. Being super gaggy is returning. Also, I am getting heartburn from simple things like water. I am tired all the time, and I am hot all the time. Just the usual pregnancy symptoms. I've noticed lately if I have gone a while without eating, I get really shaky and sick. At least I haven't thrown up for almost 3 months though!!!

Exercise: Again, mostly walking and yoga (although I had to return my yoga dvd to the library and haven't checked out another one yet) but I've also had more opportunities to swim, which makes me feel so light I love it, and I also have done a Zumba class. I was proud of that one. Even though a skinny lady told me I was huge and must have huge babies. Thanks.

Cravings: Besides slurpees, I have been craving sweets like no other. Especially this Oreo dessert pizza we had on the 4th at Pizza Pie Cafe. Also, Saturday night I was craving a hot dog from Reams. The sign said they closed at 7. We were there at 6:40 and they had closed up. I was a pretty upset pregnant girl. 

Hows Abby: She is doing so well. She went through a very frustrating phase of never eating, but this week she has been eating a ton (for Abby anyway.) She is also getting smarter and cuter and naughtier. 

Highlight of the past week: My BFF8 Mel came into town and we got together with other college best friends. It was so much fun. Oh how I miss these girls. We ate, laughed, gossiped, and just had fun. I will ever be grateful I went to SUU and made such wonderful friends! Also, Abby had a blast with Landon. They played so well together. It makes me wish they could always have play dates. 
Me, Tifanee, Mel, Erika, and Jess

Famous pose

Abby is not afraid to kiss the fellas
What I am looking forward to: Abby's second birthday coming up in just 2 short weeks!! When did she get this old? 

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  1. i think you look fantastic! i love that red dress. it was so much fun seeing everyone and esp the kids playing. hes still asking for abby