Tuesday, April 28, 2015


There is never a dull moment when having a conversation with Abby. I could listen to her sweet munchin voice tell me stories forever. She is so smart and so cute and absolutely hilarious! She says something that makes me laugh everyday!! Here are just a few of the hilariously cute things she has been saying lately:

  • After pulling herself into a sitting position using her arms to grab onto the crib, (because she likes to hang out in there with her baby sis) Abby exclaimed: "I have the strongest muscles!! I have strong beautiful muscles. They are purple...with a little bit of pink." (this one was a few months ago, but I love it!)
  • Reading a book in sacrament meeting one Sunday: "Dear Heavenly Father, I love you, but I have the chicken pox." Please note, she in fact didn't have the chicken pox. :)
  • Abby made a castle out of toilet paper and two toy necklaces. When I asked her who lived in it she replied with "a bobby pin princess." The girls imagination is adorable.
  • The other day as she was using the bathroom, she yelled to me: "My poop looks like a hot tub. A stinky hot tub where monsters live!"
  • "Her head is just like a bongo with a face on it." Abby referring to Madalyns head. This one had me cracking up every time I looked at Madalyns bongo head. 
  • And lastly, my very favorite thing she has said EVER: The other day when we were driving to preschool, she said her wrist hurt. I asked her why it hurt and she said "because Heavenly Father stuffed too many bones in my skin." I about crashed because I was laughing so hard. 
Oh Abby. Thanks for the laughes. You are one of a kind!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter and Conference Weekend

This weekend , despite Sam working both weekend nights, ended up being a lot of fun!! Friday, Sams CEO let everyone go at 2:00 to start off the weekend, so the girls and I met Sam downtown and we hung out before he had to go to Litzas. We went to Target (thrilling, I know. But I love Target) and then headed over to the dinosaurs at the food court and let the girls play until Sam had to leave. One of the highlights is I ran into my friend John. I haven't seen him for years and it was so good to talk to him again.

That night the girls were in bed early and I spent the night watching my shows and a grown up movie to my hearts content. It was excellent.

Saturday we spent the day listening to conference, and then Sam went to work and I met my mom and sisters at Leatherbys for dinner and ice cream. We then went to my sisters and watched "Into the Woods." Not sure how I feel about it, except that I didn't care for it. I liked the music, but not so much the strory line. On the way to my sisters, my nieces drove with me and "Let It Go" was never sang more loudly by the 4 of us. (me, Tiaree, Bree, and Abby)
So regal. So girl.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. We had Jake over and listened to conference, found our Easter baskets, had an Easter egg hunt, dyed Easter eggs, ate candy galore, and napped. I love that Easter and General Conference were on the same day this year. :) After conference, we went to my parents for another egg hunt and a delicous Easter dinner.

The girls love Jessie. Particularly Madalyn.

It was a wonderful weekend. I am so thankful for my Savior. I am grateful that he died so we may live again. Becuase of him, I get to keep my family forgever!! And I am grateful for living prophets here on the earth that teach us what we need to do so we can make it through this life. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Life Lately: About a month ago lately that is

I have been wanting to do this post for two weeks now!! I need to start fitting in time to blog again. Its important to me and I love it!!! Yet, I put EVERYTHING else before it. But not anymore. This is my journal and I love looking back at our little life. So, without further ado, here is our Life Lately!!
 Life Lately has been Madalyn eating her spaghetti and loving it too. (and ruining her shirt in the process. Why don't I remember bibs?) Its been trying to get on the roof with daddy and taking a bite out of some sidewalk chalk. And, life has been adorable girls watching a movie together. (Aladdin is their current favorite!)
 Life lately has been watching more movies at night while daddy is at work, and Madalyn loving Tangled so much she has to be right next to the tv. Life has been being jealous of my parents new bikes. Life has been cuddles with Abby and looking at Venus late at night. Abby has been studying space in Preschool. Unfortunately, I thought it was way cooler than she did.
 Life lately has been cold lunches and girls that need blankets. Its been getting Lola back good as new from the shop after I hit a curb in it and damaged it quite a bit. Life has been dirty summer feet in spring, and its been feeling good in some new clothes.
 Life has been playing at the park with some friends, and its been a cute face helping me work. Life has also been a toddler that won't stop climbing on things and its been the dirtiest girl you have ever seen!
 Life has also been healthy, with oven baked fajitas and other clean good foods. Its been waiting for Abby to get out of preschool, long enough hair to do braided pigtails, and cute girls in their matching green St. Patricks day shirts!
 Life has been a much needed, long over due date night for mommy and daddy, while the girls played in a box at Grammy and Papas. Its been going to the pool and everyone enjoying it, and its been delicious, fresh, strawberries.
And lastly, life has been family walks on a Sunday with my favorite people in the whole entire world.

Its a busy, hectic, crazy life, but is my life and its a good one!!